Claim Your Name and Estate — the EZ Way

By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine the situation — 

You are the heir of a vast fortune, but suddenly, you “disappear”.  

(For the moment, we won’t delve into how.) 

Your British Cousin, Bubba, says to himself — “What ho!  No sense in letting all this property sit idle!  I have the keys to the boathouse and the mansion and cars and everything, so I will just move in and make myself at home in Cousin Joe’s absence.” 

So he does.  He settles his ample rump in your armchair, props his feet in front of your fire, and begins directing all sorts of business operations using your assets as collateral for his enterprises.  

He rents out your boat for ferrying and boat rides and sightseeing and makes a killing.  He buys another boat using your credit, and expands upon this business. The money is rolling in.  

He does the same thing with the mansion — turns it into a B and B, rakes in the dough, then uses it as collateral for a loan to start a hotel chain.  Things are going great guns.  

Cousin Bubba is rolling in it, wearing custom-tailored suits, sipping the very best Hair of the Dog, and having the time of his life—- but as time goes on, it all seems rather empty.  Boring.  So, he decides to have a little “fun” and up his profits some more.  

He starts running guns and drugs and other smuggled contraband using your boats.   Pretty soon he is in bed with a host of unsavory underworld characters doing all sorts of bad things, in your name, of course.  

Bit by bit, Bubba picks up some bad habits of his own.  He’s not only running drugs, he is taking drugs.  He isn’t just supplying arms, he is causing wars so he can sell and smuggle more.  He has become a soulless, addicted, dissolute rake, all based on his use and often, misuse, of your assets. 

Finally, it all catches up with Cousin Bubba.  The police catch on.  The soldiers catch on.  The other relatives wake up and begin questioning—- “What’s Bubba up to?  Why is he claiming that Cousin Joe’s stuff is his?” 

His creditors and all the people Bubba has harmed with his nefarious dealings come forward and sue him.  He is forced into bankruptcy, and everything that (almost) everyone now assumes is his, is put on the auction block to pay his debts. 

And at that exact moment, you stagger in and say— “What is this?  That’s my boat!  And my house!  And my …….” 

So just substitute “Cousin Bubba” with the “British Government” and  missing “Cousin Joe” with the actual “American Government” and you will have a very good idea what is going on here.  Substitute all the bewildered “relatives” with the other nations of the world, who basically know what Bubba has done, but don’t know that “Joe” was missing and wasn’t involved in this whole rampage at all. 

And now, what does all this mean for you, and how can you come home? 

Many of us already have.  We are operating the actual American Government — the unincorporated United States of America, not USA, Inc. 

It basically comes down to this: the copyright to your Trade Name has not been recorded, it has only been registered (as chattel belonging to Bubba, which he borrowed against). 

To reclaim your Good Name, you need to go back and acknowledge, accept, and re-convey your Trade Name to the land jurisdiction of your birth (Deed of Re-conveyance), then your Common Law Copyright to your own name/NAMES and variations thereof, effective with the day you were born, and permanently domiciling your Name/Name on the land and soil of the state where you were born.

These two easily recorded documents correct your public records, so that you can be identified as Cousin Joe, and your assets can be held harmless and returned to you from the bankruptcy Slush Pile that Cousin Bubba is offering his creditors.  

The Deed of Re-Conveyance is just a simple statement to the effect:  “I acknowledge, accept, and permanently re-convey my lawful given Trade Name, (for example) John Michael Doe,  to the land and soil of Florida, where I was born, effective (for example) January 3, 1965,”  that you sign in front of a Notary Witness.   Attach the Common Law Copyright (example provided) as a separate “Extension” to the Deed of Re-Conveyance.  And you are done.

If you want to be extremely explicit, you can additionally attach an Act of Expatriation as another “Extension” to the Deed of Re-Conveyance. 

“You” are now officially established and standing on the land jurisdiction of the sovereign State — in the above case, — Florida, and so are your various Names/NAMES which derive from your given Trade Name.  

As such, you are now recognizable as a Protected Person and as Cousin Joe, the Priority Creditor of Cousin Bubba, not just some unknown strange guy called Joe who looks kinda familiar…..

The bankruptcy Trustees have to dig your assets out of Bubba’s bankruptcy and set them aside.  Notify The United States District Court for the District of Columbia,  US Bankruptcy Trustees, and send them certified copies (obtained at the time you record your documents) of your Re-Conveyance and Copyright.  Do this via Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested. 

We have tested this method of securing your name and estate and it has worked 100% of the time with much less muss and fuss than other methods, including methods we used ourselves in the past. 

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So-Called Republic of North America

By Anna Von Reitz

Anyone who believes any bull put out by anyone called “Rautshild” — which means “Rotten Shield” needs their heads examined.  

These criminals have been preying upon us for 150 years and they think that they are so smart and we are so stupid that they are going to be able to make false claims of “abandonment”—- saying that we “abandoned” or “gifted” or “donated” our assets to these criminals—- and come in here and displace us as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of virtually every incorporated entity on this planet INCLUDING all their banks.  

Alaska and Hawaii like all the “states” supposedly added to the Union after 1860 are not actually states, but states-in-waiting because there hasn’t been a sitting Continental (land jurisdiction) Congress since then to enroll them.  But they do have contracts known as “Statehood Compacts” which are legally binding Treaties ultimately signed off on by the British Monarchs.  

This means that while none of these Western States are actually part of the land jurisdiction Union, they are nonetheless owed all the same rights and guarantees.
And as the actual Constitution was not vacated as the perpetrators of these crimes anticipated— because we got busy and issued new Sovereign Letters Patent and forged agreements with new “federal” partners—- these pretenders are all “Secondary Creditors” and SOL (Shit Out of Luck for those younger than 40). 

No “Republic of North America” and no more Commercial Feudalism.  

End Game.  Checkmate.  

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger


By Anna Von Reitz

Rothschild is dumping “US” assets this morning because he realizes that the titles he claims to own to all these assets are based on fraud — worthless — but he is trying to sell them anyway.  I have never seen a more flagrant example of Bad Faith since the Florida Real Estate Swindles.

The banks have been involved in a multi-generational fraud scheme in which they have created, bought and sold interests in property in which they have no valid interest. 

Pure and simple — they don’t have a valid interest in anything they are selling. They are selling the equivalents to Quit Claims to property they don’t own.  Those “US” assets belong to and have been claimed back by the American States and People.  All Secondary Creditors including the Rothschilds are out of luck. 

WARNING – Do NOT Participate in Any “Free Speech” Rallies or Protests!

by IWB (Investment Watch Blog) · August 26, 2017

The media and George Soros are all in on starting a civil war, or widespread civil unrest. The rallies are scheduled and set up by fake right wing activists, then paid Antifa protesters are sent in to start fights. Soros pays both sides. They are then joined by fools who think the whole thing is real.

The goal isn’t to remove a statue or protect free speech. The goal is violence. The goal is to destroy the fabric of our society. They don’t care if it’s about monuments or free speech, all they care about is destroying the constitution.

If civil war, or widespread violent unrest breaks out:

1. Guns will be confiscated. Houses will be searched. Think Katrina. Think Boston Marathon.

2. All conservatives will be declared terrorists.

3. Conservative websites will be declared hate sites.

4. Trump will be blamed. McCain and McConnell will join the media and call for his removal.

The entire Antifa and Neo-Nazi protest issue is fake. Both sides are seeded to kick it off. It’s designed to strike the emotions of peaceful people and make them join a side, then attack the other side. The media is the paid cheerleaders who freely advertise the locations of the action.

Don’t be fooled. Do not join in.

If Trump doesn’t do something about George Soros, his entire Presidency is at high risk. Soros is the money and muscle behind all of this. It’s treachery and sedition. Blatant sedition.

A Reply to Concerns

By Anna Von Reitz

Trump would have been forced to leave office when the Municipal United States quits operations for lack of insurance and capital. 
Many senior officers of that government haven’t been paid since February.  They have continued to come to work as volunteers. 
Let that sink in. 
But it obviously can’t continue like that forever. 
So the struggling Territorial Government will attempt to take on the employees and the other functions during “reorganization”, but during this “reorganization” it will not be in control.  As things stand, Trustees appointed by Secondary Creditors— international banks—- will be in control. 
That leaves the American states and people at the mercy of foreign creditors of the old federal corporations that mismanaged everything into this situation.
They — the idiots in charge of “Congress” have long ago pillaged all the pension funds and used them as operating capital.  There is no public Social Security Fund.  No military pensions.  They spent it all and/or inflated the value of it all, away.  The pension funds today that manage the so-called “private side” of the pension funds — funds owed to individuals like you who never worked for the federal government — are heavily, almost exclusively invested in “commercial paper”—- Treasury Bonds and the like, which are essentially useless and worthless when they are issued by a government that is broke and which had next to no assets to begin with.  How much is the 10 square miles of the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and a handful of other islands worth?
They were only ever advanced all those massive amounts of credit because the bankers, like nearly everyone else, believed that they represented us.  And they did, but only in a very limited way— as service providers.  Their delegated “powers” don’t include defrauding and selling us down the river.
As I have explained in my other writings, this leaves us in a position in which we have to find other “federal” service providers, if we want to keep the actual Constitution and its safety guarantees in place.   In the past when the perpetrators pulled this crap, they simply booted up another corporation, named it something similar like “USA Republic” and set up shop, “assumed” the service contract, and left us on the hook to pay for it. 
Not this time. 
This time we took things in our own hands and deliberately chose other service providers, said thanks but no thanks to their “New Republic”, and have stepped back from the table. 
Because of all the bad things they did to us, they had to compensate us for “borrowing” our assets under international law, to make it “legal”— not lawful, but legal.  So they declared us all “missing, presumed dead” and set up three trust funds for us—- one to hold the land, one to hold the sea, and one to hold the air assets.  The bastards even bought, sold, and traded our souls.  But according to their rules, we had to be compensated “equitably” for all their wrong-doing, otherwise it wasn’t allowable. 
So they set up all these trusts and gave us cuts of all the profits they made, all held safely in exempt tax shelters—– they just never told us a word about it, so we could never collect a penny from our own accounts.   They then managed these gigantic pools of investment capital “for” us and basically enslaved the entire rest of the world—- all the other Municipal and Territorial Governments— and all their “franchises”, too.  We own them.  We receive taxes from them.  We have unimaginable wealth, but we have lived as slaves. 
The plan was to leave the Holy See as the only unincorporated land jurisdiction government on Earth.  That way, at the end of the day, when it all collapsed, the Holy See would be in control and they would be rewarded for all their guile and effort with Positions of Power — 144,000 of them, all controlled by the Pope.  In this way, they meant to fulfill God’s prophecy and rule for a thousand years.  This was to be the new Holy Roman Empire— also known as The Fourth Reich or the New World Government.
There was just one little problem—- what if we woke up?  The government of the United States of America (Unincorporated) was dormant, but still “alive”.  They considered the possibility that we would wake up and revive after a 150 years extremely remote, so they concentrated their efforts on seducing, overwhelming, bullying, and capturing all the other land jurisdiction governments on Earth.  By the time we took over, they had succeeded in taking all of them down except for North Korea, Iran, and a handful of Pacific Islands. 
Their intention was simply to place themselves in bankruptcy and then pretend that we “abandoned” all the funds due to us.  The Secondary Creditors — the international banks that colluded to set this whole thing up — would then be in total control of all assets on the planet, through all these bogus “franchises” that they already controlled.  And they would own it all, lock, stock, and barrel: our bodies and our souls, our land, our intellectual property, our names, everything. 
But we did wake up. 
And we have come home. 
And we are bringing forward our claims. 
And we aren’t subject to their fraud. 
And we are the lawful owners of all the various corporations on this planet, including the criminal banks, which makes each one of us richer than Midas.
So, the worm has turned, and a couple weeks ago, the Holy See made it clear that they are beating feet back to the safety of the Church and not asserting any claim to rule the world. 
That leaves us, the unincorporated United States of America, in charge.  We are by far the wealthiest people on the planet.  However, we have a lot of housecleaning to do and a lot of mending fences.  We have to clear away the bogus, odious debt.  We have to try to transition everyone smoothly back to their natural land jurisdiction government.  We have to distribute wealth to all people so that they are no longer suffering, going without food, shelter, medical help, schools….. all of that is our burden, because we own it all. 
You can imagine the kind of Draconian, bitter existence people would have had at the hands of the bankers obsessed by greed and bound by corporate charters to consider profit and only profit for their shareholders, to be the goal of their banks—- so I don’t need to tell you that this is a good turn of events. 
I also don’t have to tell you that everyone on this planet has a stake in making sure that our claims are honored and that the American people — not the “US” and not the “UN” corporations — are in charge of this situation. 
We can indemnify and bond Donald Trump to serve in the unincorporated Office of the President of the United States of America, and he can stay in the Oval Office and we can all be spared the upheaval of having the Territorial Government President, Paul Ryan, take over.  This would cause a lot of confusion and unrest and misery that is unnecessary.  Trump can then work with us to pay the government workers, we can guarantee their pensions and services, and everyone goes home happy at the end of the day. 
We have it in our ability to end the crushing worldwide debt, to create a system based on worldwide credit instead, to de-fang the banks, to provide for everyone worldwide, to clean up the planet, to put an end to war-mongering and war for profit, to turn this Hell Hole back into a Paradise.  We, the American states and people, can do all this and all we need is the Will and the Vision to do it. 
I can guarantee you that there are millions of Americans yearning to breathe free and have the capital to build good dreams.  It doesn’t matter what the dream is, so long as it benefits the Earth and the people and the animals on it.  Maybe you want to start your own little small engine repairs shop?  Done.  So be it.  Maybe you want to develop new medical technology.  So long as you have a rational plan and goal, why not?  Maybe you want to build an organic farm using vertical gardening and Biodynamic techniques to help feed the world…..
Can you imagine a world in which everyone has access to money that they can use as a tool, and simply return to the “tool shed” when they are done using it? 
Think.  What would you do? 
For many people having access to money and being able to buy a home and food and school supplies for their children, to have clean water, to have the basics of life— will be better than any dream they now imagine. 
And for many Americans, not having to worry about money and taxation will lift the yoke right off their shoulders. 
We, our country, has talked endlessly about “freedom”, well, now it’s time that we had some— and also time that we set everyone else free, too, from the shackles and limitations created by the “Doctrine of Scarcity”.  We shall now work from a Doctrine of Abundance. 
Instead of constant war and threats of war, we will have peace. 
Instead of pollution and waste mis-management, we will have cleanliness and ecologically sound farming and mining and energy generation.
Instead of just a very few being able to live and thrive and grow to their full potential, these opportunities will be made available to all Mankind. 
Our decision to include Trump is not just political, to make the transition back to the land jurisdiction easier and to prevent confusion and unrest, it’s also a matter of having watched him in office for the past seven months. 
He is sincere about wanting to drain the Swamp and restore a good economy. He has been misled about some things, but, in the main, he is very intelligent and an astute, experienced businessman and dealmaker.  His heart is in the right place in terms of wanting common sense goals, and he is not ungenerous or petty in his soul— however arrogant and impatient he may be. 
As part of a leadership team, he is a great asset, if he agrees to serve in the office we have offered him.  Doing so will force him to do some things that he has perhaps never considered before, and will also require setting aside his private corporate offices– something that to date, he has not been willing to totally do.  So, he has been elected.  It is yet to be seen if he will serve. 
I personally hope that he does.  We are all on the cusp of an unprecedented time in the history of Mankind.  I can’t imagine Trump wanting to sit on the sidelines. 
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