The Capper — What ISN’T There 5.0

By Anna Von Reitz

We aren’t “there”.
Not even in the so-called Civil War.
Our States and our lawful Federation of States doing business as The United States of America were never involved in the Civil War. We were Third Parties throughout. The entire action involved The Federal States of States, not the States.
That is, the Civil War was fought over and by the Confederation of States, not the Federation of States.
Georgia never fought in the Civil War. The State of Georgia did.
Note that it is the original Federal State of State — “The State of Georgia” we are talking about, not the Territorial franchise doing business as “the State of Georgia” –which did not exist prior to the Civil War. And should not have existed afterward.
Two different Unions. Two different jurisdictions. Two different populations.
And they, Britain and Rome, knowingly came in here and pretended that we were part of their mess and subject to their debt collections. They “sponsored” their commercial mercenary conflict on our shores without our participation or consent and then blamed us and billed us for it, as if we were parties to any of this.
Then they just continued their abuses and “presumptions” through the First World War and the Second World War and all their endless warmongering ever since.
It had nothing to do with us, then or now, except that we have been unconscionably presumed upon and imposed upon by the most obnoxious guests — pirates and con artists — ever since.
So all the miseries that have been visited on us as innocent Third Parties being dis-served by treaty partners who owed us far better, are crimes. Pure and simple. It has nothing to do with politics, though it does have something to do with diplomacy — or lack of it.
As a Christian nation — which we are, and they aren’t — we could forgive them, but only if they repent and stop their reiteration of crimes: put an end to false claims against our assets and our people, properly discharge their duties and obligations, hand over the physical assets and profits naturally belonging to our States and People and stop interfering with and misrepresenting and imposing upon us.
The United States of America is a unincorporated Federation of fifty noble State republics, the lawful government of a generous and gallant and peaceful people.
The U.S. is a Confederation of States of States that went off track a long time ago under the guidance of the British Monarchs and the Popes of Rome and treasonous members of Congress.
The original Confederation of Federal States of States disbanded in 1860 and the members, all Federal States of States, fought the Civil War. The surviving Federal States of States entered a process of “Reconstruction” that has never been completed. British Territorial States of States usurped at this point and began a rampage of criminality and Roman Municipal STATES OF STATES joined the fray.
Our country has been in a crisis ever since because our Hired Help can’t obey their treaty obligations, the Public Law, or find their butts with both hands.
Time to wake up, Virginia. And that includes the General Staff, the President, and members of Congress.

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What ISN’T There 4.0

By Anna Von Reitz

One of the things that “isn’t” there is any conscious agreement by our Mothers or Fathers consenting to any of this.

The entire process is predicated on forcing unknowing women to sign away their children into lives of debt slavery, and doing it under color of law — pretending that there is some mandate by their lawful government demanding this, while on the other side of their lying mouths, the miscreants responsible are claiming that this is all “voluntary”.

It’s not mandated by our government. It’s not allowed by our government. It’s against our Public Law and against the Geneva Conventions and against at least a dozen United Nations Declarations.

Maybe someone should inform the Government of Westminster what their American Bar Association and United States Bar Association members are doing here?

Oh, wait, we did that twenty years ago….

Maybe someone should tell the Roman Catholic Church?

Oh, wait, we did that twenty years ago, too….

Maybe someone should complain to the U.S. President?

Ah, yes, well, did that more than twenty years ago….

It’s racketeering, identity theft, and credit theft on a vast international scale, carried out by private, for-profit governmental services corporations and members of the Bar Associations, and all supported by the treasonous and/or clueless Generals and Admirals of the U.S. Army and Navy and clerics of the Roman Catholic Church.

So let’s look for some other missing elements.

Does anyone have a peace treaty ending the Second World War with Hungary or Bulgaria? No? Curiously, they are both named as “enemies” in the Trading with the Enemy Act and are the only parties that could still be considered “Enemies”.

Which means, baldly, that these animals have been knowingly preying upon their friends and Allies in gross breach of trust and violation of their commercial contract obligations— exactly as our Final Civil Judgment of 2014 finds.

It means that this is the thanks that we get for saving Britain’s butt in World War II, and the thanks we get for our religious tolerance of the Roman Catholic Church, too.

So, Campers, are you inspired enough to sit down and write some nasty notes and take action to clean up this mess? Peaceful actions of course. They’ve only killed us on paper so far, so it’s time to return the favor and take out the entire B.E.A.S.T. System.


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What ISN’T There 3.0

By Anna Von Reitz

So we continue our investigation into missing pieces of history and also missing pieces related to the present circumstance. 

We left off with the fact that FDR’S Banking Holiday has never ended, with the affect that what we know as banks aren’t really banks— they are deceptively operating under the names of old banks, but in fact they are securities investment, trading, and holding companies. 

We briefly discussed how these “banks that aren’t banks” have created securities to trade by “securitizing” living people which is grossly unlawful, and how they have profited themselves by false advertising and undisclosed mortgage escrow practices.  

So let’s look at how they have contrived to do all this.  

Go back to the Trading with the Enemy Act and 50 USC 4307 (d) which allows the “voluntary” donation of property belonging to parties who are not enemies to the Alien Property Custodian (now the U.S. Attorney General).  

Now add that exactly such a contract is “offered” to your Mother at the hospital under color of law.  She is coerced under false pretenses to sign a totally undisclosed and repugnant contract donating her child as a ward of the British Territorial State of State.  

So, the U.S. Attorney General takes the new “donation” and “enfranchises” it and copyrights its Name.  As a result, the Trade Name our parents gave us is now “interpreted” as the name of a British Territorial Commonwealth Public Trust, instead of the Trade Name of a living American. 

All the assets attached to the Trade Name are now dumped into the Public Trust. 

And since Your Name is now registered as a Public Trust and no longer recognized as the Name of a Living Man, it can be “securitized” — so they unlawfully convert Your Trade Name into the Name of a Public Trust, and that then ends the prohibition against slavery and involuntary peonage. 

You can do whatever you want to do to a corporation.  It’s just a legal fiction after all.  

What they try to ignore is that the legal fiction is now attached to a living man and a living man’s assets, and they then act as Executors de son Tort to administer and manipulate both the man and the assets via the unlawful conversion of his  American Trade Name to the name of a British Commonwealth Public Trust.  

This is a known crime called “personage”.  

It gets worse.  They don’t stop there. The U.S. Attorney General then spins off two more primary corporations under variations of your Trade Name.  There’s a British Commonwealth Public Transmitting Utility operating under Your Name in this form:  Michael R. Doe and a Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust operating under Your Name in the form:  Michael Ransom Doe. 

Then the Roman Catholic Church gets into the act and spins off its own versions of corporate municipal franchises operating under your name.  And here, if possible, is where things take an even worse turn, because they define “your” Municipal PERSON as a criminal.  

And under the 14th Amendment of the British Territorial United States Constitution, criminals can be enslaved.  And they can be subjected to Bounty Hunting by the British Territorial Government and its assigns.  

So here you are, hapless Joe American, naturally an innocent Third Party, being ruthlessly subjected to all this fraud and confidence crime by foreign governments that are both under obligations public and private to protect you and which are instead conniving to pillage and plunder and enslave you.  

Perhaps the only question in your mind right now is — why isn’t President Trump nuking Rome and London?  

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What ISN’T There 2.0

By Anna Von Reitz

As I have noted before, many of the most interesting discoveries in the long bunny hole romp come from what ISN’T there…. that should be.
We have discussed the missing Declaration of War related to the Civil War and the lack of a Peace Treaty ending it. We have noted the lack of an Executive Order ending FDR’s “Bank Holiday” before, but let’s examine that a bit more. What does it mean?
What it means is that the banks we are familiar with aren’t banks.
They are securities investment and holding companies.
And what have they “securitized” to promote their business and trade?
Securitization is a process of assigning a value to an asset and then trading certificates, stocks, bonds, mortgages and other “tokens” of ownership interest.
As our research into the Birth Certificate issue and our research into Foreclosures has yielded, the “U.S. Attorney Generals” have “securitized” the living people of this country and all our private property, too.
But “securitizing” living people is against the law and is both illegal and unlawful, because doing so enslaves them.
Both the international law and the Public Law of this country very clearly forbids it.
Not only is slavery forbidden, but since 1926, voluntary peonage is also forbidden by Public Law. You can’t volunteer yourself into indentured servitude, even if you wanted to.
So how is it possible that since 1934 America has been the site of a booming slave industry based on “securitzing” living people and their private property?
Answer: FDR’s Bank Holiday, which is still in effect. You are all challenged to find any action anywhere rescinding or ending the so-called “Bank Holiday” via Executive Order (by which it was created) or Congressional Act or by any other means.
The Bank Holiday ended “the normal course of business” in this country. Imagine that you are playing a game of checkers, and without overtly changing the playing pieces, the game is converted into a game of chess instead —- all without any fully disclosed explanation or warning?
That’s what happened in 1934.
And that is what is still going on today. We are led to believe that normal business practices and procedures and assumptions apply, but in fact, they don’t.
When these banks that aren’t banks offer “home loans” what they are really “offering” is that you “voluntarily” loan your home to them for their benefit.
They then conveniently create credit on an accounting ledger — all out of thin air, with nothing but the value of your home and labor at risk — and set up an escrow ACCOUNT in your Name, without telling you. They charge you on average five times the value of any loan as interest and demand an unearned security interest in your labor and assets on top of it. Then, when you mysteriously fail to come forward and collect on the escrow ACCOUNT (that you know nothing about) they declare the funds “abandoned” and take all the mortgage payments that you paid to YOURSELF for their profit, too.
This scam has been going on since 1934 and it still is. And that’s just the mortgage-foreclosure scam. It gets worse. Much worse.
See the next article for more.

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More Smoke and Mirrors from Manna World Holdings Trust

By Anna Von Reitz

So now Kim Goguen aka “Kim Possible” is going all the way back to Ramses to try to justify her position. 

Ramses was my Uncle.  We used to call him “Ram-bubba” behind his back.  Take a look at my slanted toes and the gold flecks in my eyes.  No, that isn’t a sign of liver trouble.  It’s royal Egyptian DNA . 

But nobody cares and neither do I.  

When people die in actual fact — as opposed to dying on paper due to government-led legal chicanery — they leave behind their earthly possessions. By laws long established, their assets are passed on to their heirs.  And that’s that. 

If their heirs lose those inherited possessions by fair means, there is no recourse for that.  

If their heirs are the victims of fraud, however, there is recourse.  

We, the American States and People, have been the victims of fraud.  

Ramses and his Heirs just had bad luck.  

They ran into the Romans, remember?  And then the Romans ran into the Visigoths? (They were also my ancestors, BTW.)  And then the Visigoths married into the French Celtic Kingdoms and that gave rise to the trans-English Channel Kingdom of Camailoth circa 500 A.D. ….. and that gave rise to William of Normandy…. who controlled both England and large sections of France…and that led to the Amoricans settling in England and Ireland and to their eventual migration to guess where?  


Oh, who knew? 

And as interesting as all this is, it doesn’t have a thing to do with the price of beans in China, except in terms of intellectual property rights and whatever physical assets actual heirs have been able to maintain.  

Please note that Elizabeth II isn’t an actual heir to the British throne.  She’s a German married to a Greek. Go figure.

So now the children of Hiram Abiff, King of Tyre, come forward with their long, long story of how they should have the right to everything on Earth and I say– it’s just more crime and piracy. 

Many of the trusts that Kim and her buddies have “seized upon” belong — and I do mean, legitimately belong — to families and people that live and breathe and have the right to their assets just like you have the natural right to own your Great-Great-Grandmother’s diamond ring. And all the excuses otherwise don’t matter. 

She and her buddy Thomas have used computer keystrokes and programs to steal the bulk of the world’s private wealth, which they now proudly claim to control.  But whose wealth is it?  Not his.  Not hers. Except in the sense of them getting a share of the purloined goods, they are just thieves and despots once again.   

Most of the private assets they have stolen are American assets, including gold owed to the American States and People.  

Which means that Mr. Trump should be holding both of them upside down by their heels and shaking hard, not bowing down to their B.S. 

There is always a right way and a wrong way to do anything.  

The right way is to concentrate on getting back the 10 million metric tons of American gold (granted, a good portion of that is gold that was simply on deposit here, but it is our responsibility nonetheless)  that the U.S. Army and Navy deposited “for” us in the Philippines, and recouping our share of the $950 trillion dollars worth of “Life Force Value Annuities” that Prince Philip absconded with, and also go after our estimated $387 billion worth of gold being held captive in the World Bank’s drop box.  

It’s not as quick and dirty as stealing from the mouths of Navajo Grandmothers or defrauding people from Spain, but it’s the right way to do things, as opposed to using some computer program to steal private assets held in banks and then trying to justify it with some cooked up story about trusts existing thousands and thousands of years ago. 

There may be assets among the assets that Kim and her group have stolen that belong to Bad Guys or which are in the possession of Bad Guys as a result of earlier acts of piracy.  If so, both Kim and the U.S. Government should be able to prove that the heirs involved actually committed crimes and they should then be brought to trial and if found guilty, convicted and punished.  

That’s how we do things in a lawful society operating under Public Law.  Otherwise, we are just criminals ourselves, doing the same thing that we are accusing others of doing to us. 

Harming thousands of legitimate trustees and potentially billions of people who aren’t Bad Guys can’t be condoned on the basis of “suspicion” or vague historical claims.  

The United States of America, the American States, and the American People have been grossly defrauded and that is a matter of both public and private record.  There is no doubt about what we are owed, including the private assets that Kim has claimed control of.  Those assets need to be returned to our own  National (State) Banks and to our International Banks— that is, banks operated by The United States of America and our States, for our People. 

At which point we will gladly fund our restored government the honest old-fashioned way — with actual American silver and gold and credit that is owed to us by the rest of the world.

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The Missing Republic Found!

By Anna Von Reitz

The prize goes to my friend, Tom, a long-distance trucker based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  You gotta watch those truckers.  They have a lot of time on their hands to just sit and think…. 

Many good theories were proposed, many people drawing a connect between the old Roman Republic and the Municipal Government, but still, nothing very conclusive in terms of any official singular “Republic” associated with any level of our Government. 

Until Tom said to himself…. well, what else is missing that should be there? 

The original Confederation of Federal States-of-States is missing.  And sure enough, if you dig around a bit, you find that the Confederation of States was sometimes referred to as the “Federal Republic”.  

We still have to be very careful to define what we are talking about.  

Just because there was once “a” Federal Republic doesn’t mean that there is one now, and it doesn’t mean that any organization calling itself “the” Republic has any relationship to the original Federal Republic, either.  

It all depends on how such an organization is structured, what its articles are, what its purposes and leadership and ownership interests are.  Is it American? 
Is it really our Federal Republic being restored?  Or another look-alike, sound-alike Ringer trying to sneak in the back door? 

Obviously, a French commercial corporation calling itself “The Republic of the United States of America” is no more our Federal Republic than a Scottish commercial corporation calling itself “The United States of America, Incorporated” is our Federation of States.  

And any foreign government infringing on our copyrights and promoting any such confusion needs to have its ass kicked, Mr. President.  
We’ve been fooled before with this kind of hooliganism and con artistry.   

As we have seen, a lot of fraud has been based on similar names deceits in the past and the same Bad Actors are most likely to try to pull the same.

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Manna World Holdings Trust — Fraud and Piracy Explained

By Anna Von Reitz

First, the crime of fraud has no statute of limitations. If I discover a fraud that happened in 1860 (and I have) and I report it and take exception to it today, the crime and all the subsequent history tainted by it, is still very much alive, still actionable, and still deserving remedy, cure, and divine service.
As a result, when something begins in error and fraud, it ends in the same status. No progress toward any actual and honest solution is made until the fraud comes to an end.

As long as FDR’s “Bank Holiday” continues, the fraud continues. As long as the “State of Emergency” continues, the fraud continues. As long as the “United States” continues to run amok, so does the rest of the world. And there is no way to fix this or end this condition absent the end of the fraud itself.
Second, the crime of piracy also has no statute of limitations. If my great-grandfather’s gold was stolen by pirates (thieves of any sort acting in international jurisdiction) he is still the lawful owner and I, as his heir, am still owed the return of that gold from Interpol or any other international law enforcement agency that obtains custody of the stolen property.
Now those who are responsible for this ongoing Mess have sought to make things easy on themselves and difficult for the rest of us by trying to seize all private assets and to dump our private assets into trusts, which are then combined and commingled into larger trusts—-all controlled by them.
While they try to justify this as the act of valid Trustees, the actual owners and purported donors never elected them to the job and this is in fact just more piracy, more unlawful seizure of our assets in international jurisdiction, more false claims of rights and interests that do not exist.
The fact that the theft is more sophisticated and accomplished by paper transactions and keyboard strokes instead of cutlasses or broad axes, does not change the nature of the theft itself. Nor its affects on actual people.
In the case of actual private assets (gold, silver, jewels, etc., ) that were deposited in Good Faith as Special Deposits in the banks, Manna World Holdings Trust is trying to claim control of those accounts and those assets with no valid authority at all. It’s simply more piracy, more commandeering of assets, rights, and responsibilities that belong to others.
Those assets belong to the people and/or organizations that deposited them.
Is that concept somehow suddenly difficult for everyone to understand?
And most especially, is it difficult for the bankers to understand?
Because if our deposits are not secure, what do we need banks for?
As holding tanks serving to make consolidated theft easier on the criminals?

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