Montana Natural Man back in court again!

Ernie Wayne terTelgte, The Montana Natural Man,  first gained the attention of patriots across the nation when he amassed millions of views on YouTube with his actions within the Montana court systems. The event that went viral was due to his being arrested for fishing without a license and then resisting arrest. We covered his last court appearance he had for driving without a license. Ernie was arrested last month and has a new Omnibus hearing Thursday January 5th, 2017. We will also be covering this as well. Check back for more video updates.

This video brought to you courtesy of Jason Van Tatenhove of Liberty Brothers Radio.

Here is the original video that got over 7 million views.

Check back to this blog for updates. The omnibus hearing this morning will be published later today if everything goes right. Ernie is preparing for another hearing in February and refused to enter their jurisdiction again this morning.  Quite frankly, they don’t quite know what to do with this freedom loving American State national living lawfully on the land jurisdiction in Montana State.

To get the whole background of what his stand is based on, as he mentioned in this video, get the book by Anna Von Reitz called  You Know Something is Wrong When…..: An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”  at her website here:


21 thoughts on “Montana Natural Man back in court again!

  1. Jim Kopecky

    Mr Pierson is absolutely spot on, a democracy always has and will turn to oligarchy, it has repeated itself over and over in history. Look at the democracy in mass confusion, democrats want a popular vote that is a republic where each one people his own king Queen vote is counted, (Jury) the represented Kings and Queens relying on their person to do the voting for them always leads to no good. (Bench Trial Bench is latin for Bank) Oligarchy is the Bank running the show for its own purpose. A republic we each our own King Queen manage our own estate and trust our own estate and affairs. The Bank is out the kings and queens have something in value to pass on. Why work when it has no value? Why support the bankers on welfare in our office houses that are quartered with their standing soldiers with out we the owners of those houses that pass all those bills without we the kings and queens permission. republic forever stomp out democracy its out of control.

  2. Keith Pierson

    the Republic is not a corporation, it is a Trust. And what is wrong with every man and woman having authority over themselves? That is the way we were created to live and now you want to throw the Creators plan out too? We are either governed from within or without. YOu have been experiencing the without for about two hundred years and the whole country hates the government. The Republic is the within and is the only solution to a world with Godly order to it. So far God has not intervened to stop anything the dark lower lords are doing to humanity. You know why? Because it is our responsibility to make the necessary changes one at a time using the remedy house in public policy. There is no law for cryin out loud. And there wont be if you get your way. What do you mean forget the Republic? Forget the Republic? FORGET THE REPUBLIC? I say, NEVER GIVE IN TO DEMOCRACY, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER. It's got the whole world upside down. The Republic is the right side up. The trouble is people like you with no substantial basis other than your own very ill informed opinion. Listen to you! Forget the Republic? What the hell is wrong with you. There is a correct and right path but you are too thick headed to even consider someone else might have a solution. To proud to admit that you are the problem along with all the rest of us. the Republic is the answer and one day if we do it right we will be able to respond to our children when they ask 'what have you given us?' and we can proudly respond 'a Republic if you can keep it'. It can be done but not with stinkin thinkin religious attitude such as the one you routinely express on this blog.

  3. james pansini

    Hardly anyone knows that in order to a valid claim or authority to foreclose on anyone , you have to prove you have a lawful title to the property which requires two things….The first and most important of all is the “ORIGINAL PROMISSORY “NOTE” with “wet signitures”(copies wont cut it) and bearing the words on it…”paid to bearer of…” and second “the mortgage”, which simply represents the “agreement”(contract) to make monthly payments. Those two documents should never be separated, because they are both needed to lawfully sell, assign, or transfer the property. And heres the real kicker…without that original NOTE no one can lawfully foreclose on anyone, because without the NOTE there is “No Real Party of Interest” (FRCP 17(a)) with the authority, having first hand knowledge of the original agreement. And the original NOTE will always be the only NOTE created for that property ever. The NOTE represents the property. So when you buy a used home, you are essentially buying the original NOTE which represents the property and shows “clear title”. When the courts finally caught on to what was going on there was an avalance of lawsuits against they banks starting with the comptroller of currency, and the US Attorney, followed by a ton of private people,finally causing the banks to commit even more fraud to cover up the fraud that the original paperwork was all lost, leading to the banks just creating them using “robo signers” , unlawful assignments and transfers, MERS, and the list just keeps on going. The banks finally got so pissed,they finally gave the courts an ultimative…you either take our side, or you might as well declare the the United States is totally bankrupt and see what happens.

  4. james pansini

    Bear Northpole i feel for you greatly. I lost mine at the end of 2013, just before Christmas. Yes, they are heartless. But we both know its not our fault, like they get everyone else to believe that are ignorant of what we know. You at least can take comfort in the fact that they may have taken your house, but not you consciouse. Always remember, that they are the ones dealing with “unclean hands” and in “bad faith”. And quite frankly, it has come to the point , because of the amount of “greed” which is epidemic now, not only by the “banks” and “wall street”, but because the people themselves have become totally corrupted and materialistic. And because of that, it doesnt matter how much law we know or how good we are in court, the banks and wall street made it impossible to walk away from millions of foreclosures, even though those forecloseures were all paid for in full by “TARP” funds and “Quantitative Easing” legislation, they were still forced to foreclose on those homes for two reasons…they still needed more money to survive their own bankruptcy, and two, to resell all those homes to someone else in order to replace all the “oringinal NOTES” that were all lost in the “Securitazation of those NOTES” which were all bundled into mutiple complicated derivitives, and criminally labeled a tripled A rating in order to be sold as “secure instraments” around the world, especially China who bought the majority of those “securities” representing them as good and safe investments, when they knew all along they were nothing but worthless junk bonds, which the US didnt want to get stuck with. And we think we are pissed. How do you think an entire country(the biggest) felt when they realized they were taken by extremely clever U.S. wall street con men all working in collusion to pull it off. You know what the Remedy for that is called…..WAR, screw the courts. The U. S. more than likely had to make a ton of consessions to China in order to avoid WW3. Not only did the banks cause our own bankruptcy, they singlehandly almost destroyed the entire economic structure of the entire planet…and in the process destroyed over 400 years of real estate law here which will never be the same again.

  5. bear northpole

    Natural Man, bless you keep up the good work and been watching your videos. I'm at a disadvantage because I'm disabled and yes they just STOLE my house of 26 years. Now nowhere to go. The treason in our country is unbelievable.

  6. Rog

    James is right, Ernie, if you're reading. You make it too complicated. Go to Talkshoe radio and listen to Batman57 school Dean Clifford. No need to show anyone what you know. Simply do not answer to the name, and demand to see the contract which binds you to their system. Ask, does anyone here have a claim against me? If not, I'm leaving and then leave. I live down the road, Manhattan. I'd like to talk.

  7. james pansini

    If the judge ask you why are you objecting before she even said anything yet to object to…because, your honor, its been a widely excepted theory now that the easiest way to tell if an attorney/prosecuter is lying is when you see their mouth moveing…lol. Its always a good idea to get a judge to laugh at a cheap shot at a prosecuter he probably doesnt like either….hes seen plenty of ones that are outright arrogant and cocy and “wet behind the ears”. He is already aware that you are not the “normal” dumbshit he sees on a daily bases and boring. He may not like you, but if you keep your cool, stay relaxed, and act professional…he will “respect you”.

  8. james pansini

    First of all the statement he made , telling the judge he “does not choose to give up his God giving constitional rights is flawed and an oximoran…We do not get our rights from the constitution except for the first 10 amendments…”the bill of rights”. Like judge Anna has always said we were never a party to that contract. That was a contract between THE PEOPLE(collectively) and their govt. to make sure they respect those rights. We get our rights from our “creator” and no one else. What he should have said is …Your honor, i am not hear willing. I was brought hear unlawfully by force and under color of law. Therefore, this appearance is not general. I am appearing “Specially” as a “man”, not a person, and without predjudice, and without waiving any rights or remedies ever. And furthermore, this “man” is dragging the “LAND” with him in this court….and if there is no one in this courtroom that has a “valid Claim”(not charges, you dont care about the charges because without a claim they dont exsist) or provide lawful evidence of it against me, I DEMAND (remember your in charge not them, so this is not a request) summery dismissal , with prejudice and a “counterclaim” against the “prosecuter and my arrestor(the sherriff or policeman) for “unlawful imprissonment” and fraud , and criminal malphisance of office under color of law. Do you have any objection to what i just said or can you provide evidence of a valid claim “right now” not later at the courts conveinence to prove you have any right to hold me in custody. This is the most important thing to do in court. You are not in court to answer the judges question. Hes there to answer yours….always, always, remember that. If you forget, your already losing. Dont let the judge “deny” your demand before he answers your question about having any objection to what you just demanded from him. This is 95% of courtroom stratagy. He is trying to get you to answer him before he answers your question. Pretty much, the first person to answer a question officially has won, even if it is fraud, because without getting the judge to answer your question he has no “liability”. He only has immunity because you never once got him to “LIE” to you in open court making him “liable” for that lie. So what , he said that he doesnt waive any of his constitutional rights….big deal. All he made was a statement. How is the judge or court in general liable for that?? He isnt!!!! If the judge ask you if you are Mr Doe, ask him which one..the “person” or the “MAN” living on the “land”. You can be smartest most lawfully educated patriot on earth, and still lose everytime all because you never got the judge to be “liable” for anything. All you did was answer all his questions, and made a lot of statements, which although true, did nothing to help you. Thats why they always say…”the study of law and the practice of law are completely different.” Thats why we always loose in court. And if the judge or prosecuter say anything derogatory about you or any of the proceedings in court, immediately “object”(a word that is litterally your “only” friend in a court). Use that word judicially every chance you get. Over use it. If the prosecutor objects to anything your asking, than object to her objection. In fact, as soon as a prosecutor tries to make a statement to the judge about your case, object to her after one word comes out of her mouth.

  9. Jim Kopecky

    Important Important Important
    United States of America USA /// United States US Federal District Columbia are two to oranges in difference. US cannot operate out of the DC ten mile radius except for described in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17: in 1889 South Dakota North Dakota Montana Washington is said to be unionized by an act. South Dakota became USA instead. The 1889 constitution Article 1 The name of the “state” is South Dakota Article 2 The boundaries of the “state” of South Dakota are minnesota to the east and west is the Ocean. Article 6 sec 2 then has a Due Process right to work, this is the 14th Amended Due Process gateway to incorporate, and contract, USA incorporated North Dakota and West virginia with a contract and due process. SD is USA southern District ND is northern District WV is Western District. All 96 federal US courts start with an indictment as United States of America and the papers end in United States. Due Process appeals fail always it is in the 1889 bankrupted USA constitution that should be South Dakota. This USA is taking the land and giving it to US federal, All 96 US Federal Courts are not USA SD ND WV. The Bundys indictment I would bet say United States of America not United States, Talk about outside of the law this is way off the platform. Now What? Any One?

  10. mtman2

    The more that can do it the better.
    It may go viral and then just like filming an actual abortion/murder so it can be seen for what it is “The Folk's” will be upset and phone lines+cell towers will have a meltdown in DC, State capitol's, and congressuonal offices.

    Be to maofficesus to just “disappear” or die mysteriously esp in one day's meltdown. The fear of losing their political heads would motivate both the clueless+complicit politician's in the Inc. scam- downloaded on us for all this time.

    What a great day in the neighborhood- maybe the UK starting with Canada and Australia would be next in the meighborhood, eh ~?

  11. Unknown

    I hear ya, videos like this keep us out of the land mines. Understand , hire a attorney and loos your right to speak, plea and your in thair game. This guy is pretty good.

  12. earthdweller

    Forget the Republic. It's just a corporation created by men with no authority over anyone other than themselves. You can not give what you do not have. You are a child of God. Stand in his kingdom under the universal law of the Creator.

  13. Angellica Goodson-Lord

    Hi Paul,

    I belong to a small group of venerable people who are fighting a AshkeNAZI take over(buy out) of our cooperative. We are all about to be evicted for refusing to cooperate with illegal activity. Our leader uses or is attempting to use the laws of the Republic which is what I believe you are using. These are not simple issues. As Ernie is saying this is complicated to do. We had to hire an attorney. I mention this because as we attempt to stand for the rights of ordinary man as patriots we wind up being thrown into the court system anyway. Our leader uses the statement; “I DO NOT CHOOSE TO GIVE UP MY GOD GIVEN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS” which are being ignored by our legal justice system. He was actually thrown in jail for using it because the system claimed he was refusing to cooperate.

    These Serpent and Reptilian bloodline Global AshkeNAZI Zionist elite have their tails wrapped around more than the caduceus. We are forced to be thrown into the den of snakes once we stand up for our rights.

    The AshkeNAZI Zionists are not going to release their grip without a large number of Patriots exercising our God Given Rights of the Republic so be prepared to deal with the snakes. It's a nightmare.


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