Thank You, and No, I Can’t Keep Up…..And Did You Know You Are in The Service?

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I looked in my email inbox and saw 50,410 unanswered emails blinking at me.  There is no way on Earth that I can answer all or even a small fraction of these. It just isn’t possible.  If I had a full-time staff devoted to answering emails for me, they might keep up.  As it is, it would take 50 people working over 1,000 emails each today.
Realizing— and finally admitting—- that I am never, ever going to be able to get through all those emails, I just had to hit the “delete” button and hope that the ultimate answers to the mysteries of government and life were not part of the overload.
I also had a heartbreaking question forwarded to me by my Webmaster — a friend who has been sending $10 a month since September and never got a thank you from me.  Did it arrive?  Did it make a difference?  I burst into tears.
We could never come so far, so fast, without the good wishes and help and prayers and $10 donations.  This has been a very, very hard winter for everyone on my team, including me.  There have been deaths, accidents, illnesses, injuries— you name it, we’ve had it.  It’s as if Satan himself took an interest in making our lives miserable the past four months, and with all those setbacks, we wouldn’t have survived it without all of you coming forward and sending us money for gas and copy service and stamps.
I had to sit back and shake my head. I can’t even keep up with thanking all the people all over this country who are and who have been loyally supporting the research and the efforts of our Living Law Firm team.  Again, it just isn’t possible.  I would have to spend all day every day on nothing but correspondence —- and then I wouldn’t get the actual work done that you want me to do.
So, yes, your PayPal donations to do matter, and so do all the checks and money orders and other gifts sent to me in care of Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.   You have all helped lift the burden and make it bearable and though I admit to many sins, ingratitude is not one of them!  I do get the mail eventually and I bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Here is today’s strange but true tidbit that we all need to know:  your SURNAME is that of a Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marines known as a Withholding Agent; HE is under a services contract which makes HIM responsible for paying the DEBTS of the government. 
Isn’t that cute?  All these years they had you convinced that you were paying debts that you owed, but in fact, you are merely a faceless military services subcontractor tasked with paying off the debts of the UNITED STATES and its franchises. As long as you retain a SURNAME, you are presumed to be operating in their foreign system and to be obligated in this way.
So one of the key points to make and prove is that you are no longer in any form of military, quasi-military, or civil service employment.  And if they think you are, then they need to produce the contract and the dates and the amounts you have been paid and the name of your supervisor and your job description and all the rest of it.
Once again we find that this entire system is built on nothing more than deceit and self-interested lies.  Pure bunko. 

So the work excavating the manure pile goes on, and this is what occupies my time and the time of many others every day.  We are now at a point where we can begin pulling together the actual pleadings to bring suit against the rats in international courts.  Stay tuned for more to come. 
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13 thoughts on “Thank You, and No, I Can’t Keep Up…..And Did You Know You Are in The Service?

  1. james pansini

    Bear northpole go to your city hall and talk to your assembleman. See if he will intervene and help out. My brother and i did in hemet, Ca when we were having no luck talking to the FTB. It wasnt even him that made the call. His secretary made it. She was really nice and went out of her way for us. She made a call to the agent in charge of our accounts. She left a message and within 30sec. while we were still in her office he immediately called back. We were trying to get him to call us back for 2 weeks with no results. These people do not like getting calls from our representatives. They have more power, appearantly, than we think. Talk to him or someone in his office. They are there to help us. Take court cases with you and govt. agencies that have sued them and won millions, including the comptroller of currency, All Attorneys Generals offices, and many private people with good attorneys that won against the banks. They dont listen to us, but they sure as hell respect them. It couldnt hurt. And while you are there, they can tell you where all the shelters are, who serves free food and when, etc… And dont forget to pray to our lord for help. He is listening and he will help you like he did with us. Trust me, it works. He just might have something better in mind for you.

  2. steve fpmek

    While I completely understand the sentiment of this, it is an “Orwellian Doublethink” style quote. To give means it can be taken away, and the option of death gives an easy out. Try to think in terms like,”We're free people–and we don't fear death! Any length necessary! You will recognize these truths, like it, or not!

  3. A A

    Do u have ANY relatives or friends you can stay with? What about emergency services facilities, organizations in your city, or region? I'm sorry to hear about your circumstance. I really do hope you find the assistance you need.

  4. A A

    Do u have ANY relatives or friends you can stay with? What about emergency services facilities, organizations in your city, or region? I'm sorry to hear about your circumstance. I really do hope you find the assistance you need.

  5. penny4yerthoughts

    well in truth that was done circa the “civil war” when the southern states were forced under military occupation/taken over to pass the 14th amendment (which was rejected lawfully) and so on. its very clear in the congressional records, Congressional Record: June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646, the states' were taken over through military rule and force i.e, circuit and district courts and forced to follow the north's lead. hence military tribunals etc., Nothing has been lawfully passed since right…?

  6. Olddog

    We can delight in the fact that we have an all mighty God who will use some of us to put in place justice and recompense, and then woe to the Banking Cartels and their puppets who will burn in hell forever.THANK YOU ANNA, AND ALL YOUR HELPERS AND DONORS.

  7. Unknown

    Multi headed hydra.senor executive service a shadow government of over site .Thair SERCO.the actors guild of face flag actors thair CIA, ICE, and Wallstreet ,K. street ,DEA,who shot randy weavers wife in the head ad she held her baby. Pack of rats!!!

  8. james pansini

    I recently found out the same thing from sites dedicated only to remedy, but very little history behind it. Thats why your site should be hooked up with sites specifically for remedy to get the full picture of how things got so out of hand and how and where we can get remedy….The problem is that remedy is constantly changing because of constant history distortions, and the false media bombardment of “Constitutiional Rights” , especially under our new president, when we all know now that we have none (treaties overuling all constitutiona..using the ultimate sorce of international law…..”the UCC”), and creating nothing but illusions of freedom and made intentionally confusing because of semantic deceite and mirror images of everything and everyone, to the point that only the very persistant of us insistant on getting to the TRUTH in relentless ambition until we get it, which is why they target us so hard in court. Twenty years ago, we still had some good judges that realized they needed us to correct things they needed corrected using the proper arguements and proceedures. Sadly, i dont think we have those anymore. They were just about to unlease the presence of aliens(ET's) if Hilary had been elected, for nefarious , self interest reasons, with most likely a global agenda finally being accomplished. Trump is somehow going to release this info in a manner that wont create a panic of the public, like they were planning to do. Its getting very interesting….to say the least..!!!


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