The Final End of the Fraud – Hail, the Emperor’s New Clothes

By Anna Von Reitz

The problem as I see it, is not lack of action— but lack of effective action— and also lack of understanding of how the fraud has been accomplished.

We now have it completely dissected, the entire mechanism scraped down to the bone for everyone to see.
What it amounts to is commercial fraud resulting in inland piracy and unlawful conversion of assets, all based on copyright and trademark infringement and identity theft.
The vexing question has always been, how to put an end to it?  How to deliver an answer simple and inexpensive enough for the poorest and most ignorant people to benefit—- for if we leave anyone behind, we leave open the door for our own eventual re-enslavement. 
Remedy has to be simple, cheap, easily understood, and easy to access.  What is it?
For Americans I believe it is as simple as “surrendering the PERSON” provided by the UNITED STATES, INC., thereby releasing oneself from any presumption of voluntary participation in the scam.
But to whom?  That is always the rub….. When one revokes an election to pay federal income taxes, one must notify the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and the Commissioner of the IRS and now also the Commissioner of THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, past, present and future…..
Who do you notify when giving back the odious “gift” of a PERSON?  
The absolute source of the PERSON(S) is the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, so it makes sense to notify the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE— but would you “surrender” a dangerous securitized PERSON to the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE?   Isn’t that a bit like handing Charles Manson over to Porky Pig? 
No, a notice to the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE who creates these noxious fictions and a notice to the SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE who holds the liens against them—- that makes practical sense as a “due notice” but they cannot logically be the official responsible for cashiering the PERSON.
The answer is in the 1934 Emergency Banking Act—- the Secretary of the Treasury, used to be Jacob Lew and now, Mr. Mnuchin.
So that is the official responsible for “depositing” the PERSONS and we are the Bounty Hunters responsible for collecting and surrendering them as in “surrendering” a criminal or prisoner or in some cases, a coupon, voucher, or certificate……ah, a certificate, an insurance indemnity receipt……
This all goes back to whether you want to operate in commerce or in trade. 
You are “gifted” with the PERSON, for example, JOHN MICHAEL DOE, to enable you to operate in commerce and thereby become subjected to federal regulation and federal taxation.  Oh, jolly!  We all wanted that, right?  We were just never told anything about it and forced into it when we were still babes in our cradles and didn’t have a clue what was going on.  Our Mothers were never told, either, so they couldn’t tell us.
Our identities and our property were stolen literally “like candy from a baby” and the bastards got away with misrepresenting our political status, too.
That’s how little John Michael Doe became a ward of the UNITED STATES and became identified as a US CITIZEN operating the commercial “vessel” JOHN MICHAEL DOE. 
That’s how we were press ganged and enslaved by the Queen of England and the Roman Pontiff, even though they are both supposed to be acting as our International Trustees. 
The filthy vermin. 
This is how we were forced to operate in commerce and fraudulently subjected to the foreign federal government under delegated powers.  We granted them control of our commerce— not our trade— and this is how they contrived to beat us and rob us. 
The absolute bottom-of-the-barrel criminals operating as ELIZABETH II and FRANCISCUS are still profiting from this, and we can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  They used their undeclared Foreign Agents, members of the Bar Associations, to implement this vile fraud against Americans and then also to collect the resulting unjust enrichment—- and we can prove that in spades, too. 
They funneled their ill-gotten gains through the Bank of New York Mellon, laundered it through the Vatican Bank, and then after the Pope got his cut, sent it back via the Bank of Canada so the Queen got her bit of the heist, and left the remainder for the politicians in DC to cut up and parcel out bribes and kick-backs to the Territorial “states” and “counties” as “federal revenue sharing”. 
Are you angry yet?  Title to your home and land and businesses has all been stolen by these vipers, even your DNA and your name has been stolen and copyrighted by these vicious prigs for their own benefit. 
But there IS a remedy.  You get an authenticated STATE OF WHATEVER copy of “YOUR” BIRTH CERTIFICATE and shove it up their rear by writing a few things in red ink on it and sending Mr. Mnuchin a Notice of Fiduciary Relationship otherwise known as IRS Form 56.
And that is the end of JOHN MICHAEL DOE and all “HIS” bogus debts, which you have been forced to pay off all your life.  You have returned him whence he came and there can no longer be any presumption that you are knowingly, willingly, “voluntarily” playing this game in which you give them everything and receive nothing but their debts in return.
When “JOHN MICHAEL DOE” goes down the tubes, so does the JOHN M. DOE (bankrupt) Public Transmitting Utility set up by Mr. Obummer.  Be sure and tell Mr. Mnuchin that you want the entire “US CITIZENSHIP ORGANIZATION” liquidated and credited to The United States of America account without recourse. 
And what is the Red Writing that you need to apply to the authenticated BIRTH CERTIFICATE? 
Without disturbing the rivets connecting the BC with the fancy authentication certificate from the Territorial “State of” Secretary of State, you need to take a red ink pen and on the upper left hand corner of the BC print: Accepted by Drawee— by: Your Signature and the date. 
Then on the back print: Pay to the Order of the United States of America, U.S. Treasury. Without Recourse. by: Your Signature and the date.
Send a cover letter along with the IRS Form 56 “Notice of Fiduciary Relationship” to Mr. Mnuchin and instruct him to open your credit account using the Registered Mail Number used to send him your packet containing the Form 56 and the Authenticated BC as the account number. 
This credit is what is owed to you and your ancestors who were bilked.  When you do this, the so-called “National Debt” is offset by the actual National Credit.
The Internal Revenue Service is the agency responsible for returning your credit and titles to your land and all your other property and is also responsible for prosecuting the rats who promulgated the unlawful seizure of your private assets to pay their public debts.
Tell Mr. Mnuchin that your claim is indemnified under subrogation by Private Registered Indemnity Bond  AMRI00001 and Payment Bond AMRI00003 RA393427653US.
Send it all to Mr. Mnuchin via Registered Mail, keeping a copy and all receipts for your records.
An effort needs to be mounted to force the immediate issuance of credit cards related to these accounts to the people who have been defrauded and abused all these years so as to expedite their timely receipt of credit due and put a stop to any further false claims and inconvenience resulting from the continued billing of utility and other bills to JOHN MICHAEL DOE and JOHN M. DOE and whatever other fictions they can dream up and offer as voo-doo doll DEBTORS.
Mr. Trump and the members of the “Congress” need to be truly lit up with the news that this fraud is at an end.
As for all the rest, report it to the Internal Revenue Service.
In Foreclosure?  Facing criminal “charges”? 
These vermin have been double-dipping and robbing you and not reporting the “extra” income.  They’ve been making false claims on abandonment and seizing hidden escrow bond accounts held in your NAME.  They’ve been “securitizing” you as a slave, right down to your DNA and your name and selling “YOU” on the open market.
If you aren’t ready to spit, you surely ought to be.
The Roman Pontiff’s private Bill Collectors duded up and impersonating judges so as to provide “an appearance of justice” under “Federal Rules of Civil Procedure”—har, har, har!—-have been eating out your substance like moths for decades and not paying their taxes. 
Imagine that?

Sounds like the Internal Revenue Service ought to be notified. 
See this article and over 400 others on Anna’s website
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46 thoughts on “The Final End of the Fraud – Hail, the Emperor’s New Clothes


    Anna, are we required to send the packet REGISTERED MAIL (instruct him to open your credit account using the Registered Mail Number) if we prefer Express or faster service??

  2. K-Dog

    If you want to learn about all of this I suggest going to send site and get ready to read and be educated. I already knew about this but in order to authenticate a birth certificate there are some steps and money needed. You see your birth certificate has to go to the secretary of state of the state of issuance of birth certificate. Then it has to go to Washington D.C to be authenticated there. There is only one way I know of to authenticate your birth certificate and it is not easy per say.some states may not do it and if the country is in the Geneva convention you will get an apostle instead of an authentication. Just my thoughts

  3. K-Dog

    If you want to learn about all of this I suggest going to send site and get ready to read and be educated. I already knew about this but in order to authenticate a birth certificate there are some steps and money needed. You see your birth certificate has to go to the secretary of state of the state of issuance of birth certificate. Then it has to go to Washington D.C to be authenticated there. There is only one way I know of to authenticate your birth certificate and it is not easy per say.some states may not do it and if the country is in the Geneva convention you will get an apostle instead of an authentication. Just my thoughts

  4. K-Dog

    If you want to learn about all of this I suggest going to send site and get ready to read and be educated. I already knew about this but in order to authenticate a birth certificate there are some steps and money needed. You see your birth certificate has to go to the secretary of state of the state of issuance of birth certificate. Then it has to go to Washington D.C to be authenticated there. There is only one way I know of to authenticate your birth certificate and it is not easy per say.some states may not do it and if the country is in the Geneva convention you will get an apostle instead of an authentication. Just my thoughts

  5. Big Blue Ocean

    a key element quickly zipped over is:
    “Tell Mr. Mnuchin that your claim is indemnified under subrogation by Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 and Payment Bond AMRI00003 RA393427653US.”

    writing these items with proper wordsmithing with proper language, is from what I've seen, a tricky thing requiring a solid comprehension.
    Is there any guidance on constructing these two items?
    thank you for what is posted here.

  6. COREY Hawkins

    Hello Robert. I am slightly confused as to the meaning of this post. Are u saying that you reside in N.E. Ohio? I only ask because I do as well and a post of yours a few posts up really caught my attention and let me know that you would be a wonderful man to talk to if indeed you so chose to converse. I am currently researching and trying to understand all of this as well as seek out other truths of our world and I have yet to find a single source that is not simply me researching various topics online and it would be absolutely wonderful to finally have someone to talk to about these issues instead of it just being me reading or listening to someone's YouTube lecture. Naturally no one in my family or close loved ones is even close to being on the same page and therefore there's no one to converse with and discuss these things and I'm sure you realize the importance of real man to man or woman to woman conversation as opposed to the constant never ending dull & boring stare into the electronic screens of the smart phone or computer. Anyway, no harm or foul or any hard feelings/disrespect should you choose not to reply, I totally understand ones hesitation in simply accepting a perfect strangers invite to have a conversation but if u indeed do decide to contact me I can't tell you how grateful and appreciative I would be to finally have an actual real human being to talk to about all this instead of just my own self. Either way I thank you and I appreciate what you have learned and are learning and tying to spread to those who remain ignorant. Although my knowledge base almost certainly lies far behind your own concerning these matters, I have reached the point where I have recognized that it just maybe the only logical and non violent reasonable actions for us to take in order to restore things back to how they should be. Study, learn, and understand the history of both the Republic and the corporate fraud, learn their legal system as well as what should be the real lawful system and then after properly understanding it all then begin the process of re-establishing the true American non-incorporated States, counties, and jurisdictions as well as dismantling the corporate fraud while also maintaining all natural born/etc…rights and not allowing them to get away with not returning to the people what is owed to them. In my current perseption of things-which is always up to change as new information is absorbed-I can see no other way to go about restoring the real and lawful American several states and their proper status and jurisdiction as well as all the people, than going about this way, unless of course you wish to add in the element of violence and war and death and suffering. And in my opinion that battle was already fought for 8 years almost 250 years ago and for today we must go about it differently yet just as effective if not more should we truly get our act together and do this right. So please if you have no reservations about contacting me, then you can send me an email at, or if you so chose, you could send me a text at(330) 647-3462. I prefer text as I'm not much of an email guy but I certainly understand the extra reservations when phone numbers become involved. So again thank you in advance no matter your decision and I hope to one day soon finally be able to have a real conversation with someone about all this. I wish you and yours all the best and God bless you and yours!


    Going to COURT is suicide. Here's what I did that worked. I wrote a HANDWRITTEN note to the BAR attorney (the woman, stripped of any costume TITLE). “Dear Mary, if you have a claim against me, write me up a bill and I will be happy to pay you.” I had it stamped by the court clerk and entered into the court record. I also placed a copy of Anna von Reitz's Public Notice to Law Enforcement, Sheriffs, Elected Officials and Bar Association Members, April 5, 2015, stamped and entered into the court record. That was the end of it until it was assigned to another BAR attorney who tried the same thing. Again, I repeated the process and was done with it. “The involvement of any Bar Member automatically voids all proceedings pretending subject matter jurisdiction related to the actual land or its assets –including the people of the Continental United States. The Titles of Nobility Amendment adopted and ratified prior to the American Civil War has not been repealed.”

  8. DelawareBabe

    Would it be helpful to have a template of what you have described herein on YOUTUBE video for all to get a visual picture of what to do?
    Is there a link that you can provide us with to download a “SAMPLE TEMPLATE” of what you are describing herein for us to use and submit to also?
    If you are too busy, I can put it together with your help and approval as to whether or not I have done this correctly so that others are able to copy and paste what I have and use it for their own intentions. (adding/omitting what fits their situation. Please respond and thank you!

  9. Paul Stramer

    From Anna Von Reitz

    I find it curious that you post this but are answering your own questions? Are you just “writing out loud”??

    The answer to all this is to return the PERSON they created to them, direct where it goes and is disposed of, and make them responsible for it. Not you.

    When you return the PERSON to the Treasury nobody can say that you have any further responsibility for it.

    You have directed the Fiduciary to dispose of it by placing it in the United States of America account.

    That is where we need these ACCOUNTS to go and that is the vehicle so to speak that we have at our disposal to remove ourselves and our property back to the land jurisdiction of our own country.

    Otherwise we are indeed in a push me and pull you conundrum.

    All the paperwork, liens, transfers, etc. have already been set up by our team. Now people need to take action by the millions to return these PERSONS, pay off the public debt, and be done with it.

  10. Paul Stramer

    Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz:

    Really? Doesn't work? Well, then, rest assured that you are doing it wrong. I have had the extreme satisfaction of seeing corrupt judges lose their homes, their ill-gotten pensions, their careers and their good names at the hands of the IRS.

    As you clearly know, what they are doing is a crime, but nothing happens if you report it to the police or even the FBI.

    No, enforcement related to these crimes is through the IRS.

    Anti-intuitive as it seems, collar the highest ranking IRS official you can find and tell them everything.

  11. James Alan

    The Definitive Treaty of Peace is a charter from the Crown. Since the so-called Civil War the Crown has been running the UNITED STATES (Inc.). It's all contract; all orchestrated by the Vatican and the Crown.

    We sent the accepted BC and a bond to the Office of Secretary of Treasury, along with a power of attorney so that the office can use the bond (registered mail with proof of service from a Notary Public). It was all accepted by acquiescence (no response).

  12. penny4yerthoughts

    what about the Chief Executive Office where your agency was created?

    and what exactly did you send to the sec. of treasury? exactly what anna said done with your authenticated bc written on front and back with same/similar wording?

    did “they” take an oath to the definitive treaty of peace?

  13. penny4yerthoughts

    agreed. if you do not know who you are which she obviously does not, they will let you know as they did. you should only be there to object/challenge to personal and subject matter jurisdiction IF you know why you are there.

    you need a certified constitution entered into the court with judicial notice, FACTS, and preferably their oaths of office, otherwise it is all hearsay, like EVERYTHING they say but you do not question…

  14. James Alan

    Many of us did this process years ago. We never heard a word back or saw any change in how we are treated. I even took the additional step of notifying the IRS and offices of Secretary of State, Commerce and Treasury of my expatriation/repatriation and withdrawal of consent, along with additional accepted BC certified copies, acceptance of the Definitive Treaty of Peace as Free Sovereign and Independent and a copy of the bond delivered to the office of Secretary of Treasury back in 2008. We have demanded action, but there has been no response.

  15. Unknown

    Try contacting justice hamelton at a .
    he starts off under plantiff. After filing you counter claim case.
    Here comes Micheal Hamelton of sound mind opean a court of record.
    he as a sovereign can switch any name his porogative it's still his court as a sovereign . .
    Note the name is not critical in your court.

  16. margy serre

    Everyone who keeps shouting about “their” courts doesn't understand what courts are. The plaintiff establishes what kind of court an action he brings forward will be heard in, and it should ALWAYS be in a court of record. Go to and learn this important aspect of courts and how you can make them work for you. But first, you must shed the “person”.


  17. Unknown

    Courts you have to be up on your game speak little the will try to associate you we it the all caps you must say I am here on the matter . If the force an attorney on you fire them the are thair to sink you and show you a incompetent that is a ward of the will find the attorney not doing his job and letting the DA. railroad you.file you paperwork and tell everyone it's in the paperwork .
    file immediately counter claim that way you can opean your court of record submit you bill for restitution . Don't let the judge rule on shit if he does issue a rit of error. Study all bill Thornton videos and justice hamelton Web site

  18. Unknown

    This will throw a wrench in the gears .the use of our name Ken Dost has tracked this .they closed off fidelity investment access to the public but at one time you could go thair and see your account balance of your corperate name on world equity markets ( cattle ).
    Amazing detective work takes a while like playing monopoly with international charlatans . The tables are turning scillia ' s replacement flipping it back our way DOJ.under sessions good .I hear CNN band pending FBI investigation . And the military opening 9/11 investigation . They the kasarian.mob bankers are trying to finish off the dollar countries dropping it.
    states are making gold legal. tender so we can use it with out getting locked up.

  19. Robert Stringer

    Great morning, my name is Coach Bobby. I'm responding to Angellica's belief in her Constitutional rights. The Court can't be at fault for her failure to establish her status before the court. The court skipped over her failure and went to Adjudication and then sentencing. They followed their published rules of court.
    She entered a foreign corporate administrative tribunal posing as a court, where only fiction accounts are CHARGED, Adjudicated, and sent to a CREDIT FACILITY (PRISON/PENAL) for she showed up as Trustee for the Account named ANGELLICA, Judge as Executor/Executioner, DA/Attorney Administrator of the ESTATE (Bankrupcy/Probate court as (BANK). She made an Appearance (Dead Thing made alive) giving life to the ACCOUNT without first challenging the jurisdiction of the court.

    I've been to jail facing 10 years and a $10,000 fine if convicted on two separate false claims. The most important decision I made was to not hire an Attorney, they only practice law they don't have knowledge of the law. Read Luke 11:52 and hear what the Teacher had to say about them. You will overstand.

    Both of my cases were “Nolle Prosecuti” which means no prosecution. I moved the second case to Federal District court the Friday prior to trial the following Monday morning. There and only there can you use the Constitution. It confers protection against rogue judges and Attorneys who take a Oath Office to protect you in States courts where the truth can never enter her darkened doors, only facts. It wasn't the name game, its about Status and Jurisdiction. Your Account was being litigated in court, not you. Sorry for the length, I'm passionate about this important opportunity we're in. My mission is credit card debt elimination for the millions of my brothers and sisters who are struggling to make ends meet and consistently they are finding their backs against the wall. There are lawful remedies against the vile third party debt collectors.

  20. Danika isHere

    The Hague is located in the living compound of King William Alexander of The Netherlands, who happens to own Manhattan Island and the East India trading Compay. While we are all looking at the Queen of England and the Vatican, an even more controlling Dutch entity is an even higher position of knocking off business.

  21. robert

    The devil is in the details. It appears that civilly dead entities are attempting to mix public and private on the public side of things???

    Private men and women cannot be recognized in a public COMMERCIAL court, so it appears that no amount of petitions or arguing will change anything having to do with public fictions.

    The existing 'paperwork' states that 'you/i/we' are COMMERCIAL fictions and that is all THEY are dealing with.

    If what i comprehend is so, 'Sovereigns'or man do not enter the BAR of a COMMERCIAL/ADMIRALTY/MARITIME jurisdiction COURT and that is the ONLY issue and only purpose for the existienxe for said courts……

    Is not an 'Association' of whatever, a commercial fiction?
    i've yet to see or find any contradiction in anything Anna has posted.

    Imho, it appears that a million or so men and women completing ALL the steps and following thru with ALL would be much more effective than a petition from a million commercial entities stating that they do not like or wish to participate any longer in the COMMERCIAL system will continue to fall on deaf ears and the 'system' will continue as it has..

    Education and comprehension of the entirety of this criminal fraud, semantic deceit, mis-characterization and mis-representation will not end until we comprehend the basics of what it is we are dealing with and what we were dragged into with the appearance of our consent.

    Judge Anna and her friends and colleagues have done a masterful job in laying it all out….. Granted, it is not for the faint of heart and is not a remedial task to remedy.

    But, i have found myself reading everything from multiple sources in addition to paying much closer attention to everything i see read and hear. i find myself paying particular attention to every commercial entities 'small print/terms' FOR EVERYTHING! Its all commercial and ALL are attempting to contract with 'ME' and just having me there as a surety…

    Again, the devil is truly in the details.

    robert: Carr
    on The Pennsylvania common wealth

  22. Skip Unsworth

    “A housing cooperative, or co-op, is a legal entity, usually a cooperative or a corporation, which owns real estate, consisting of one or more residential buildings; it is one type of housing tenure. Housing cooperatives are a distinctive form of home ownership that have many characteristics that differ from other residential arrangements such as single family home ownership, condominiums and renting”
    There it is in the first sentence, “legal structure”
    As soon as you signed the con-tract ,you gave them jurisdiction over you. Similar to the HOA's popping up everywhere. Boycott these two legal structures at all costs.In my opinion these are to remove property rights from people.
    I'm so sorry for your trouble.

  23. DelawareBabe

    I don't understand why we all can't sign a petition putting all of this information that you have provided to us and have everyone sign the petition. We will need more than a million signatures to get this going. I've mentioned this before and no one has responded to me. Petition is our right! We all must challenge this process to be heard first. The problem is the judges and the Bar Association acting and posing as a help but they are not a help to us. We all need to come together to UNITE us all instead of individual representation of each one being monopolized by a system determined to undermine us, which in theory is a divide and concur conquest of the USA INC division to stop us one by one!

  24. Nick Monroe

    Why not try to take an extra step and do something that will affect the ones not following their law. Maybe mess with their pocketbooks such as what they do to us? Fuck em they are mostly soulless pieces of shit anyway and they need to get some of their own medicine.

  25. Angellica Goodson-Lord

    For all your affective words Anna they DO NOT WORK. I live in a shareholder town home complex. We formed a committee to expose fraud and racketeering by our board, office and management. Our committee has been evicted by the court system today. Our leader who is a member of the I AM A MEMBER OF THE MAJORITY MOVEMEMENT has been exposing the fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud now for 3 years along with myself and others using the language of the Republic. The problem is that once we wound up in court, as these things always do, we have to deal INSIDE THE AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM. The legal justice system ignores our efforts and even retaliates against us for using words like “I DO NOT CHOOSE TO GIVE UP MY GOD GIVEN CONSTITUTIONALS RIGHTS.” Instead of fraud and corruption being the topic, our methods in court become the issue especially in that we can't afford to hire an attorney and came up against there attorney in court. Our committee was split apart into different groups and had to go through the Admit/Deny and Trial phase with out an attorney because we are poor. Every one of us except for myself who spoke as my own attorney, is being evicted because the issue became our lack of knowledge as to how to function with in the Legal Justice System the way it is and like it or not THAT'S WHERE THESE THINGS GO, TO THE COURT ROOMS.

    IT DOES NOT MATTER IF OUR NAME IS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS OR IN LOWER CASE LETTERS, what matters is that if we don't operate using THEIR form of law we are the ones who are punished.

    I can't afford to go and have my name changed to lower case letters and even if I did it would have made NO DIFFERENCE IN COURT. Your movement is going to have to move to a game plan two because we the little guys are being slaughtered here using the logic of the Republic you are trying to bring back.

    If you want to respond to me Email me at: because I don't read this blog because it does not bounce back into my Email inbox as an incoming message.

  26. james pansini

    Now we are getting somewhere. But Donald Trump is intentionally being blocked by anyone that try and contact his site with good information coming from us, especially when exposing all the fraud and how to correct it, by his own cabinet. I hope he isnt pressured into a conflict with Russia who has been trying to meet with him on diplomatic terms before he becomes brainwashed by the traitors around him who seem to still be loyal to the BANKERS. Maybe its easier to contact Putin and let him know whats going on and tell him to expidite a meeting between them even if Putin has to come here to do it…!!


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