8 thoughts on “What We Know About "YOU"

  1. Wirkin Dawg

    OMG! (no pun intended)
    Well, i'll be a son of a beehive!!!
    Amazing research Anna! Any references that may be provided would be extremely valuable/useful!
    i perceive that were one to become conversant with these facts, one would hold the upper-hand with his adversaries. i'm jus sayin…
    Much obliged!
    All The Best,

  2. Patrick J Thomas

    I’m not trying to step on any toes and I believe Judge Anna will agree that the issue of status applies to and defines jurisdiction. For example; you can call me Patrick Thomas but PATRICK THOMAS is not me. Patrick Thomas is a flesh and blood man, creature of God, born in one of the fifty union States, an American man of land jurisdiction. PATRICK THOMAS is a fictitious entity created by the Federal Government and recorded as a taxpayer by the IRS. While I may answer to Patrick Thomas of Land Jurisdiction I am NOT PATRICK THOMAS subject to the Jurisdiction of the Sea. Every document issued by the government that is addressed to PATRICK THOMAS, a corporate fictitious entity is subject only to jurisdiction of the Sea. These are two different entities involved in two different jurisdictions. Remember the old phrase “Which One Are You?”. Only the corporate fictitious entity is required to comply with a directive to increase the size of the “their” corporate pocketbook.

  3. Patrick J Thomas

    My comment regarding rum distillery and/or for an arms dealer was only to show that these internal Activity Codes are updated yearly. The general IRS information manual is titled Document 6209 and is found on the internet. These are updated yearly. Currently a researcher will find the Activity Codes relate to monetary amounts. At one time the Activity Codes were defined as commercial activities. Current intent the Activity Codes as defined could be for commercial activities. The Document 6209 is a very difficult manual to read however I have found if you start at Chapter 13 you may find your research to be easier. I have been reviewing these IRS records for more than thirty years and while the meanings of these internal codes remain the same definitions are always changing. A book could be written on how to translate these internal codes of the IRS.

  4. james pansini

    When did that happen Patric. It used to be exactly what judge Anna said…..all under ATF codes. No wonder no one is getting remedy. Nothing but mirror images even within there own agencies. What a mess. If Trump tries to clean up or drain the swamp to fast he'll wind up clogging the pipe. And its going to take something powerful to unclog it…!!!

  5. Patrick J Thomas

    Judge Anna, the “Activity Codes” for running a rum distillery and/or for an arms dealer has changed. The codes found on your IMF now refer to a monetary amount. Also so you know there are several hundred “Adjustment Codes” used to adjust the IMF software that was written to be in accordance with the US Constitution. Their “Special Codes” used on the IMF are used to keep the average party in the dark.

  6. Unknown

    Lincoln broke pratically.all our ammendments,Roosevelt did what the bankers wanted evoke war powers and confiscated private gold because all other gold was stolen and they need more. He also set up pearl harbor .


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