Ten Important Facts for Americans

By Anna Von Reitz

Fact One:  The states each retained the right to keep their own “well-regulated militia” as part of the constitutional agreement.  
Fact Two: There is no provision for any state to operate multi-state armed forces of any kind under state authority.
Fact Three: The United States of America operates the undelegated powers of the states and people in international jurisdiction—that is, the union of states operates those powers and offices, not any one state.
Fact Four:  The Continental Marshals operate in behalf of the United States of America (the whole union of states) to enforce their retained undelegated powers in international jurisdiction.
Fact Five:  Public offices belong to the public, not to the office holder.
Fact Six: Office holders are not free to define or redefine their offices.
Fact Seven: The only people owed the public offices of the States of America, united or otherwise, are Americans born in one of the states of the union who claim their birthright political status as Texans, Minnesotans, Californians, and so on.
Fact Eight:  No United States Citizen or citizen of the United States  can hold a  state office.  None of the states allow dual citizenship.  
Fact Nine: Those who fill vacated state offices must take the specific oaths of office for their state and follow the organic and Public Law to the best of their ability. 
Fact Ten: Those who fill vacated state offices and who have not surrendered their federal “PERSONS” to the Secretary of the Treasury prior to assuming office are acting in Breach of Trust. This must be corrected or they must be impeached or recalled.
Be not like dumb, driven cattle. 

Those who work to restore the lawful government must act lawfully, with clarity, logic, due diligence, and honor. 
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8 thoughts on “Ten Important Facts for Americans

  1. Galactic journeywoman

    I don't wish to hold office. For those who wish to 'call out' others wrongfully planted there, give us a format. Since you already “know” how we should proceed, then simply help facilitate. Fair enough Einstein?

  2. steve fpmek

    Christ's main point He tried to drive home to all that would listen was to take action. Be the Christ as He is within you, and you within Him. Go to your local Law Library and start reading about the office you wish to hold. Anna can't do everything for everyone. She can help you spark the fire that is within you. Know the requirements and limitations of the office, learn what needs to be done to facilitate it and start doing it.

  3. steve fpmek

    The “birth state” is District of Columbia dba United States. A birth is essentially a commercial claim for a product. Your mom unknowingly registered the name she thought she gifted you as a product in commerce.
    Turning in the PERSON with proper instructions, is being purported to end the fraudulent claim of United States Citizen and subsequent claims of citizenship of the United States. You would then be recognized with your original status as an American State National of the land you were born on(Washingtonian, Californian etc.) Once you take the proper Oath for whichever office you are holding , you will be a Citizen of that State for the time you're in office.
    Say you return the PERSON, and were born on nevada, but plan to hold an office on arizona. You are a Nevadan, but will be an Arizona Citizen as long as you're in office. Leave the office and you are a Nevadan, even if you choose to live on arizona after you've left the office.

  4. Galactic journeywoman

    Empty suits who have spent career lifetimes in law apparently don't know this stuff or aren't sharing it, so how are we to know. Get a plan, Anna, and be the good soldier of Christ you claim to be. Thanks for mining the truth, but what good is it without the larger picture of how to bring about reform that can be reality based.

  5. Galactic journeywoman

    So we need formatted LEGAL document forms we just fill out and submit to designated office or location. We can't just fart and cry wolf, and give the finger. Give us a format / plan Anna, and stop being stupid about your approach to enlighten us.

  6. bubbapatric

    Little derogatory , and a swipe at bruce .we are gods children and bound by no surreptitious treaty a deface official imposes . Dot they have us out gunned unless donald acknowledges our legitimately .

  7. The Light and Truth

    If one was to surrender the federal “PERSONS” to the Secretary of the Treasury, prior to an office would this arrangement have to be made with their birth state? Or doesn't it have to be. Thank you


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