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At this point, considering who he has appointed to his cabinet and other positions, I think the answer might be yes.

Found here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ccwWh39P2E


13 thoughts on “Was Trump chosen by FREEMASONS ILLUMINATI & JEWS ZIONISTS?

  1. bubbapatric

    Answers to this question is variable ,seasoned alt right thinkers belive trump is more a nationalist than a globalist . The very fact he is attacked by all the usall suspects yes a lot of his cabnet is directly from the globalist . We say give him 6 months . Then judge.

  2. AirCarvings

    I don think a dictator or any few people even acting as one agreeing despite each other having differences can rule the world. It is people doing it. 99 percent people, 1 percent rulers. Waiting for angels, saviors, dictators, presidents and the like to do it for you is not gonna get it. Has it ever. I think like that others and all things are a part of me. Would I cut off my own hand? Do harm to myself to weaken and damage myself? Why any utopia or alleged goal is envisioned by destruction of things is insane. Working together via a simple plan like people governing themselves with care for each other only makes sense for starters and the laws already in place to do just that, only need to dust off, learn and do it right and quit expecting hired contractors, angels or idols of any kind to pull magic out of their hats.

  3. bubbapatric

    Minnesota republic thanks the Torah has to be the guide and Noah or noahide.law that the zionists jewish that's slowly genosideing. Palestine and Europe no thanks were it's ok to rape a 5 year old gentile but not ok if she's jewish .rabbi snearison.leading rabbi regularly pops off that the best goyim don't deserve to live. Ya right jewish no Israel for jews .
    they killed enough for it.

  4. james pansini

    Well, im not really sure what Trumps ultimate agenda is, but it doesnt include the “elitist” who have been in control for the last 150+years. In fact, both David Rockafeller and a major Rothschild have recently passed away. And one thing is for sure….no one in congress respects or likes Trump, and no amount of acting classes can teach an entire congress to pull off the absolute distain and hatefullness they show outwardly toward Trump. I have also learned that Trump has given orders to release all previously non released secret “patents”(for reasons of National Security of course) to be released. There are at least 1000 of them mostly relating to anti aging technologies, and other things. But there are some dealing with “free energy” devices which will be the death toll for the big oil companies and the Bushes(as in George Bush). Of course the State Dept. told him that it would take them 10 years to release that info. But Trump told them he wants that info released no later than 2 to 3 years. He is also about to announce that biggest corp. tax break for large American Companies, many of whom have moved abroad for tax reasons, not only to bring them back, but to get them to release funds they have been hiding from the IRS for years now in secret and very secure places so it wasnt confiscated. But in so doing, the money cant be spent without being flagged to our authorities and law enforcement and then earmarked for collection. By Trump drastically cutting the Corp tax rate(as much as 15%) and giving them amnisty from IRS actions against them, it is reported that these companies are about to unlease over $9 quadtrillion into the US economy. Where did this president come from, and who is he really. He has even proported to have taken control of the “Equalization and Stabilization Fund” that is over the FR, the IMF, the BIS(Bank of international settlements). The far left may hate Trump and his policies, as well as mainstreet, hollywood, and “fake news” media, but he has the entire industrial military complex behind him. And they have already been warned (the CIA, FBI, the NSA and others) that if Trump is Assassinated they will use military might to forcefully close down their offices and arrest them all. Now i know why he keeps close ties to all these military cheifs of staff. He knows that none of those agencies is a match for all four brances of our military complex, which even they rely on. Trump doesnt want to be labled a “dictator” in public, but in private, that is exactly what he is because like i said before, its going to take a dictator in order to correct the problems we all created over the last 200+years. I just hope that power doesnt go to his head and smart enough to step down once he makes America Great Again. That kind of power, even though he needs it now, can be very corrupting if not kept in check.

  5. Minnesota Republic

    AGAIN This is why the ONLY law in America MUST be the Torah followed by the Courts of Jethro & Moses better known as the Common(Royal)Law Courts Deuteronomy 16:18 Judges and officers shalt thou make thee in all thy gates, which the LORD thy God giveth thee, throughout thy tribes: and they shall judge the people with just judgment. 19Thou shalt not wrest judgment; thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous. 20That which is altogether just shalt thou follow, that thou mayest live, and inherit the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.
    (This law is for Hebrews(Americans) and not the False Ashkanazi Jews)

  6. Chris Robideaux

    I agree that Trump was installed as yet another shill of “hope and change”, playing the right-wing pendulum swing to Barry's left, leaving us swinging between extremes of totalitarian globalist piracy.

  7. bubbapatric

    Understand they are from malta.and have repelled muslims . The pope has attacked them I have lisen ed to thair leader and he is not in no way for world gov.ans is 100% like us.a nationalist . The pope is a jueisit.jewish side globally were benidict.was not jewish.

  8. The Light and Truth

    I tend to agree with what you said. I am wondering exactly what is enclosed with this NASA- thing he signed. I have the feeling it might be OK. I am aware also, of this trans-dimensional war, also. I have to trust what he does, until I am proved wrong..My thought

  9. penny4yerthoughts

    pretty well known knights of malta are behind him…go back and watch the dinner roast where he and hillary were at and look who you can see throughout and at his inauguration with maltese crosses on. pretty apparent people.

  10. Angellica Goodson-Lord


    Yes it does look like this is the direction and I hope that “The Donald” is NOT going to be that clueless however I have another thought on the subject. Bible Prophecy, as all prophecy, is the DARK SIDE warning us what they are going to do. They are required to warn us before they do there evil deeds. Prophecy however is fluid meaning that if the “Sleeping Sheeple” wake up we can CHANGE PROPHECY. This is why Jesus Yashua spent so much of his time warning this followers about what is going to happen TODAY if the public does not stop it.

    There is way more going on then the Zionists plans for WW3 with Russia, they also intend to introduce the Giants and Chimera who are the beasts of the field (Dogman, Big Foot, Goat man etc.) that will kill 2/3rds of the population of the world if we don't stop them. I wonder, knowing what we do today, if “The Donald” is gearing up INSTEAD for a battle with aliens and the evil entities that live inside the earth. America is left out of prophecy with the exception of the VIRGIN WITH THE CROWN OF 12 STARS. In that prophecy, as the pole shifts and the coastlines become inundated with water, the people are warned to move inland to the Corn Belt ESSENTIALLY. I believe Trump might be in the process of saving the U.S. from WHAT IS UNDERGROUND and from what enters our world from other dimensions.

    Notice what is going on in the Antarctic and let's keep our eyes there instead of on Russia.

  11. Unknown

    If this is the case, then Trump is to fulfill Albert Pike's evil vision of 3 World Wars, of which the last one is shaping up according to the “plan”!!! Explains why Trump sent troops to Syria, not to destroy ISIS which the CIA funds, arms and supports, but to attack Russia when the appropriate time comes to kick off the last war to bring in Pike's Luciferian paradise. What the deaf, dumb, and blind sheeple in the US refuse to see and understand is that our gov't is run by those that are pure evil. Sure, there are exceptions but Masons and Joos run the place and control us totally. Better wake up and get ready folks as these evil soulless ones are bringing hell to a neighbor near us soon!!!


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