Public Notice of Gross Judicial Misconduct

By Anna Von Reitz

This Notice is issued to the Public in regard to the activities of Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton taking place as an unverifiable conference call March 22, 2017 claiming to have authority to alter Public Law, commandeer Public Offices, have ownership rights to the name “Continental Marshals” which has been an office of the lawful government of the united States of America for over 200 years, claims to have authority granted to them to change the nature, duties, authorities, jurisdiction, and chain of command of the Continental Marshals a fiat by an unrecognizable multi-state group merely calling itself a “national assembly” when the only true national assembly is vested in the Continental Congress—-let all be made aware that this is an act of gross judicial misconduct amounting to criminal negligence. 
Insomuch as these men have agreed to honor the office of State Justices and have not honored the Public Law and have not proceeded according to Due Process and have not made a Good Faith effort to ascertain the facts and take the oaths of the offices that they have occupied and have not corrected their political status and have not deserved the respect and the trust that they have been given, let all free men and women who value their freedom be advised that no authority over the Continental Marshals belongs to any single state assembly, to any Grand Jury, to any State Justice or any State Militia leader. 
Continental Marshals operate as Federal-level officers employed by the states and the people to defend and protect their un-delegated rights and material interests in the international jurisdiction still owed to us.  As such they are officers and members of the Federal Postal District Courts and are not subject to review by any Grand Jury unless they are accused of a crime. 
Chief Marshal Bella Haywood has not been accused nor found guilty of any crime, but she has been the victim of a great deal of ill-founded gossip and false assumptions made by others.  Any action taken by those appearing on any conference call will have exactly the weight and authority of any phone call made by gullible people gossiping among themselves and attempting to usurp powers beyond their lawful offices. 
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9 thoughts on “Public Notice of Gross Judicial Misconduct

  1. steve fpmek

    How positive are you that you in fact hold a driver license? Every purported driver license I've seen is nothing more than a rectangular piece of plastic, covered in DOG-LATIN symbols. I've seen nothing that evidences these plastic articles as a driver license in grammatical English as would be required.
    As you have implied above; the State has used your mother as an informant. The State claims ownership of the surname, and because a surname is over, around, and creepeth from below, it has captured your given name. Anytime you use their surname you become the holder (Legal title holder/Trustee) and have the person annexed to you.
    We're all looking for a way out of this mess. I registered their surname as an unincorporated sole proprietorship business entity (person) as the admiralty/maritime courts only deal with corporate entities and presume the person they summons is a corporation. I simply did something to prove the person is not a corporation, but an unincorporated business. Now I'm trying to figure out how to properly return their, now unincorporated, person to them and resurrect my given name.

  2. Danika

    I can hear the drum-song beating louder as each day passes. The world's people are awakening and answering their call to action.
    We do live in the most interesting of times.

    Thank you be to ALL and each who assist in the reclamation of
    the birth-right of the sovereign who, until this NOW, have been deeply asleep.

  3. Wirkin Dawg

    i agree with you & Anna. Thanks for the due diligence!
    Regarding the BC, i might add, better to try & fail than not try at all. Perhaps a few more copies of the security may be needed but, small price to pay. Isn't it?
    Unless, of course, someone here on the forum has already done so successfully & is willing to pass along the method or steps to take. i would prefer to do it right the 1st time as well!

  4. leak Sources

    I have a drivers license: definition for licenses: privilege to do something otherwise deemed illegal! Thereby, I have the privilege to be void of all government and state law. I am the authorized representatives, of the Corporation created without my permission but with the permission of my guardian my mother.

    However, she did not have the wherewithal to know that she was involving herself and child trafficking, enslavement and slavery! Nor was she given assistance of counsel to advise her that she was involving herself in the aforementioned: child trafficking enslavement and slavery.

    State officials and Federal officials involved in this birth certificate: (certificate award to come before the official or a court) do not have the authority to involve themselves in child trafficking enslavement and slavery.

  5. margy serre

    WE can check most of what is said here ourselves by going to the afreecountry website where it is actually admitted in a recent post that they don't want to restore what was lost, they want to change it to something else “for our own good”. Changes may be needed, but these people don't have the authority to make the change. First we must “right the ship”, then we can seat a continental congress, and then make the changes. Anna is right on point in her analysis of all of this, and it's a shame it's happening at all. Wouldn't we all think there are bigger fish to fry? Anna, please don't argue this any longer with this group of people. You've done well to distance yourself from them, and put out the warning, now let's get back to business…like, what specific verbiage should be written on a BC to send to the Sec. of the Treasury to cancel the PERSON? What you've said so far is too vague. Maybe I'm sounding dense here, but what I don't want to do is mess it up and have to do it all over.


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