The Very Short Explanation of Everything

By Anna Von Reitz

In March of 1933, a bank operative elected as President (FDR) declared the United States of America, Inc. insolvent.  A process of debt assumption expedited by the use of similar names fraud was instituted as a means to seize assets and bankrupt millions of Americans and their states of the union. 

In November of 1999, this bankruptcy ended.  The United States of America, Inc. emerged from bankruptcy the same way you might, battered and worn and clipped clean, sporting a bad credit rating, but still alive even though its enemies had gratuitously vacated its public offices and shanghaied its people into foreign jurisdictions. 
In March 2009, the purported “successor” to the United States of America,Inc.– another governmental services corporation dba UNITED STATES, INC. declared itself insolvent— but amazingly, the banks continued to loan it vast amounts of money even after it declared insolvency.  
This was done to (1) create insurmountable debt to force liquidation (not just bankruptcy) of the UNITED STATES and all its sureties including the STATE OF______ and ________COUNTY and JOHN HENRY DOE, and (2) give the banks an excuse to claim virtually all private property in America without paying much more than the administrative cost of doing so. 
The banks had cause to know they were lending money to a bankrupt entity.  They also had cause to know that more than $20 trillion has been embezzled out of this country.  
Faced with this reality, I complained to the head of this whole corporate shooting match, Pope Benedict XVI.  His response?  “Nobody told me!”   He promptly retired from his office as Roman Pontiff and handed the heavy lifting to FRANCISCUS.  
So, I claimed back my property and good name and claimed all the fifty states owed to the United States of America, Inc. and put the entire country back on the game board.  Then, I rolled the entire thing back into the flag ship, the united States of America Trading Company.  
Then I followed up and in the name of Jesus, the Nazorean, acting as His Fiduciary, I placed His Credit on the books of the Vatican Chancery Court which is the bank for the Holy See and the highest Equity Court on Earth.  
Mr. Obama is meeting with Pope Francis on April 15.  It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out the topic of conversation.  Mr. Obummer and his mostly British pals will be asking the Roman Pontiff to find in their favor and commandeer the United States of America, Inc., once again, so that their fraud game and false claims can continue. 
The Roman Pontiff no longer has a say. 
The united States of America is a Trading Company and always has been.  It doesn’t deal in commerce and isn’t subject to the Roman Pontiff.  I already by-passed the United States of America, Inc. and placed the actual assets of this country back in our undelegated international domain. 
Francis is also precluded from assuming any ownership position with respect to the United States of America, Inc., (which is a derelict corporation owned by the Holy See) because of the records placed before the Holy See and my claim against the value of the entire Unam Sanctam Trust.  
They claimed to own everything in Jesus’ Name—- Corpus Christi, the dead body of Christ.  Fine.  So we placed the infinite credit that they self-admittedly owe to Jesus squarely on the books of their corporation and demanded full settlement and closure for the next 1000 years. 
They don’t own the United States of America, Inc. anymore.  Jesus does.   I am his Bondswoman and Fiduciary. I have called their bluff with a Royal Flush.  
So Mr. Obummer’s begging trip must fall on deaf ears and Pope Francis’ prediction that he would not be in office— as Roman Pontiff—for very long, has indeed come true.  
Behold, I am the new ‘Roman Pontiff’ and I am dispensing with all this fraud and debt in short order. 
Last but not least, we have already figured out how to diffuse the so-called “Debt Bomb” that the perpetrators left behind in an effort to cover their tracks— and do so without harming anyone.  

The way is clear for Mankind to have a glorious future and the long-foretold 1000 years of peace has come. 
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22 thoughts on “The Very Short Explanation of Everything

  1. Mike Travis

    I agree Cher-ie. Even Judge Anna had her home foreclosed and stolen from her despite her knowledge and all the paperwork she labored to prepare for years. How is a common man/woman to prevail when an expert like Judge Anna has her home stolen?

  2. Robert Owen

    it's simple to bring a baby into the world. You do not need a hospital.
    I am a former paramedic, and its a simple procedure than anyone can learn how to do.
    All you need is a husband and or the father to help with a person who knows how to make sure it goes alright at your own home. You don't need vaccinations either that are now being used as implants to not only track, but can be used with nano technology and wave signal broadcasts to control your children at the DNA level.
    Take the time to follow the NCBI on what they are doing and Pattie Brassard a former NASA communications engineer and now whistleblower
    People need to realize what's really in the works at Monsanto, Baylor Univ and off planet ET's who use and steal our DNA to make hybrids.

    Alfred Lambremont Webre
    Resetting Earth's Organic timeline for God Code DNA Healing & 5th density Ascension: Pattie Brassard

    NASA Insider Tells All (Planet X-Space Wars-Battle Planets) part 2 on LNM Radio 03-22-17

    Sgt. Pattie L Brassard, Karen Lucyk MacDonald, Aug Tellez – Galactic History of Earth and Humanity


  3. LifeCoach Cher-ie

    If you don't register your child and have baby in hospital for hospitaly.. authorities come and take away.. need to have it in another country so they dont take jurisdiction.. i think church can provide live birth or do self and have four witnesses same as queen


    james pansini – I agree with you fully, and what you said supports the point I was trying to make. I would even be happy with personal remedy, if we could just nail down a basic model that actually works(more than once). At least then we would have a starting point and perhaps if enough of us were able to gain such remedy, we could begin to build some momentum and mass that might lead to some sort of deliverance. However as recent history has shown, each time any sort of success has been reported, it seems that the path to such redemption is quickly blighted, OR in many cases the individuals reporting the initial success actually meet with some sort of reprisal or demise.

    I actually made a second post yesterday where I explained that years ago when the whole OPPT thing came to light, I was able to access a government web portal for the UCC, and spent the money to download the OPPT related UCC filings, just so I had proof that the paperwork truly exists, and has still never been rebutted. Back then there were many reports of success, but as I researched further, the folks that made the claims seemed to either be non-existent, or those that did exist met with retaliation later in their journeys. (I see that post has been removed for reasons unknown.) Anyway, don't get me wrong, I applaud the work that Anna is doing, and I hope something great comes from this. Unfortunately I have only fettered hope of any success, due to the fact that ego and the inability to work towards common ground in the various groups, always seems to lead to their own collapse.

  5. Robert Sandberg

    History (for those more fully aware of the facts) should record that you were not the first female pontiff but hopefully you will be remembered as the most honest! Here's to your success! . . . Bob

  6. AirCarvings

    I was wondering about doing things in the name of Jesus Christ, the name of the lord, also we have our own christian name. That name is in God's domain. Sure see it in the scriptures a lot to do things in the name of the lord, not some other name out side of God's.

  7. Free Soul

    The only way I see the people ultimately being free is to recognize we are the creditors and not any government full faith b.s. We must do our DBA and use that birth certificate to our advantage to buy America back, not borrow from government what is ours. Anna has already stated we have been using the wrong name, the credit account is under Surname, First and Middle name. If they won't listen, we will buy up everything with their false credit (truly ours). When we make major purchases then we need the people's contracts not theirs. If they refuse our right to contract, we don't do business. Adhesion contracts are for debtors and we are the bank. Also no need to use a SSN for work or bank account when we own it. The IRS are fraudsters, the SSN is not an EIN number and taxes are not due. The All Caps Names are public charitable organizations and therefore tax exempt. Look up Anna's articles, What We Know About YOU, and 12 Steps To Reclaim Your Estate. Also, Stop Registering Your Babies!!! These articles tell the truth about so-called government crimes against humanity.

  8. james pansini

    Yea. You know why? They, the obamas, had a yacht built called the “Michell” that was filled with like 20 tons of cocain that was layed incapcitated by some form of EMP wave from a US military plane and boarded right after. Trump has cut off all of obamas last orders giving himself a couple of billion dollars, and forced to make money illigally now anyway he can. This whole thing is going to turn ugly when Trey Goudy replaces the current FBI director, Comey, which Trump finally fired. If you know Trey, he wont stop until he clears house, including the Clintons.

  9. Don McGinn

    Any form of documentation or source proving anything you said Anna would be appreciated. That is your problem, no sources for most of what you have said. You are the source. Do you see the problem with that???

  10. Unknown

    Benjamin Fulford just posted that Obama is being held in a military prison for drug trafficking. He may not be able to make his meeting on April 15th.

  11. james pansini

    SEEKnLIGHT , I heard and read the same thing about OPPT. And that was way before i found this site. A number of people have claimed to have freed America using “commericial leins” , etc. and yet no one is getting remedy from these so called patriots who have seemed from their paperwork to have broken the chains of our slavery. But the reality of our situation is no one in positions of authority seem to recogonize or care, ir even know that this paperwork even exsist. Thats why i keep saying paperwork is secondary to “force of law” unless it comes from govt. People might be able to get “personal” remedy, but only affecting themselves. Person remedies, no matter how good their intentions are, give absolutly no extending remedy to anyone else, whos records are often sealed and not for public review. A single person is simply incapable of giving a “blanket” remedy to everyone else. It would have to be brought in front of a very public congressional inquiry with the whole nation watching and the result actually reported by our “fake news” channels that the case has been resolved in favor of the people who now have a choice to either be US CITIZENS, or actual wo/man as Americans under no contract, save that of their maker. No rules or contracts will ever be lawful when they deal with Corp. fictions. The only contracts that can be legally enforced is with US CITIZENS….period.


    This sounds very similar to the “One Peoples Public Trust” that was theoretically created in 2012. That process was supposed to foreclose on all corporations acting as Government Services. Yet, here we are, nothing has changed, and this appears to be more of the same. Can you tell me what is different this time? See the link below for more detail: One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems


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