Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 — Reply to Arnie Rosner

By Anna Von Reitz

Stop putting words in my mouth!  I never said there was no Constitution.  The original one is still in effect—so long as there are any actual American nationals and State Citizens willing to hold the rats accountable. 
Read Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.    It grants Congress the plenary government of the District of Columbia.  So they created the Territorial Government of the United States, and following the Insular Tariff Cases of 1900-1904, they created the Territorial States of States. 
Within the District of Columbia also exists the Municipality of Washington, DC—- which the Congress also enjoys plenary control of.  So they created the Municipal Government of the United States, too. 
And each of these has “citizens”—- Territorial Citizens and Municipal citizens. 
We are not naturally citizens of anything.
“Citizens” as I have too often tried to explain to you serve the government.  “Nationals” are the people the government is obliged to serve. 
But you all stupidly claim to be “citizens” and are proud of it, too.  Well, so long as you claim to be “citizens” you have no Constitutional rights and never did have in the entirety of the existence of this country.
So far as it goes, everything that they have done, they are allowed to do by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.  That’s what you and the rest of the flatheads down on the farm don’t get.  And that’s how you get in trouble.  You constantly mistake their territorial and municipal governments for the republican form of state government that we are owed, and which no longer operates because we are deluded and confused and have been defrauded into not operating our own government.
Though it is our right and duty to do so. 
I am so frustrated with you and with them that I could slap you all silly.  You are like drunks staggering around raging and butting your heads against the wall and talking nonsense. 
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25 thoughts on “Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 — Reply to Arnie Rosner

  1. Mike V

    “”All of us are US citizens. The Constitution does not mention “Nationals” as you do.””

    LOL so where does it also say “US citizen” since we ALL are one?
    Funny the Passport application seems to recognize a National so you should possible give them a call and point out their error also.

  2. cubesphere1

    The word baby can't be found in the vital stats act, which is the act used to leverage the people to conform to the Will of the one ring to rule them all. The chorion is a ring, coincidence?

  3. Free Soul

    We are not citizens, they are Cestui Que Trust Estate accounts located at the treasury in D.C. and in Puerto Rico used to do money laundering by so-called government. We all either need to control and use the name as a DBA w/state and federal tax exemption or expatriate our names. The only problem after is dealing with statelessness. We will not be able to function unless they honor the Constitution but evidently they will never do that. That is the people's only two options at this point in time. We need a large enough group of expatriates​ working together before we get our land rights back.

  4. james pansini

    We have come full circle, right back to Egypt, and the Pharaoh. We are the new slaves(old Hewbrews) making bricks with straw and mud for the CORP. ELITE. These so called, enlightened ones, get all their power from symbols. They have known for centuries the power of a symbol. If you look back throughout the centuries, the same symbols being used in modern times have been used before, for example….the swastica, developed centuries before Hitler used it. Even the symbol for Google and Microsoft can be found in the past. And that is why the “feds” use the occult symbol of the pyramid with the all seeing eye of Horos(the sun God) on every single dollar bill. Dont underestimate the power of a symbol….all profession sports use it to get people to defend their favorite team, like we all used to do for “freedom”. They have successfully divided us up into thousands of groups, who will never come together again. How did they do it….using SORCERY. No, not the disney version of “Harry Potter”, who waves his wand and magically gets results. The true definition of sorcery is the clever use of words that only they control by using different definitions and grammer to create “semantic deceite” and thereby control of entire societies. But it can only be accomplished through a complissid judicionary. Thats why the bible specifically mentions the exact people who will without a doubt be judged much harder than everone else…..judges and Attorneys. God help them on judgement day.For they held the keys of truth, but kept it from my people with intent to deceive.

  5. AirCarvings

    Here in a court a few years ago a man asked a Judge for the return of his civil privileges, after release from prison. Since he waited too long the Judge said he could not have them back, he could no longer be a citizen. No bank access, no voting, several privileges citizens get including holding government office amongst other things citizens are allowed by the more recent so called government. Read the orginal 13th amendment. You lost your ability to be a citizen, could not hold office or serve in an honorable capacity having shown you were untrustworthy at the least. Does not say you had your home confiscated, had no nation to live in, were not still an American, only that you could not hold office. Quite clearly it is foisted upon people that everyone is a citizen and therefore responsible and liable for holding an office of the United States. However just like Anna says this is making a deal to serve the Congress creation called United States, what has no such authority to make everyone on the land one of their employees and if you choose to be one you give up your rights for the privileges citizens are provided while in service which can be stripped away leaving you as you were before you became a citizen right after you were born, my certificate says several days.
    Today there are more US Citizens like Microsoft and other corporate persons than there are people who want to be or act as persons and unwittingly claim they are of the same family of US citizens. It is something that needs to be correct no matter what does or not know it since it is correct grammar and at the root of our birth rights versus privileges issued by others, unless you are a child, mentally ill or otherwise incompetant and actually under the protection of you mom, dad or someone who can take care of you.

  6. Mr. Gerrit Hendrik Schorel-Hlavka

    As it states “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” this means that if you are not subject to the jurisdiction due to living abroad or whatever then you might not be a citizen. As a self-educated constitutionalist (Australia) it should be understood that being naturalized and being a citizen are 2 distinct different issues. A citizen may gain political rights to vote (if this was in accordance with relevant legislative provisions, but being a national doesn't itself provide for this, as a child just born might be technically an citizen but fails to have a right to vote, even so being a national. As such, citizenship is including political rights whereas a nationality is an allegiance. See also Calvin’s 7 Coke Report
    If a child is born outside the jurisdiction of the United States of America to American parents then the child might still be granted USA nationality, but may never actually reside in the USA and as such never become a citizen. This as to become a citizen one has to be part of the community as such residing within the Commonwealth (being the USA).

  7. cubesphere1

    Sounds about right except, the State administrates as temporary custodian for(moms biological) property in trust to the church/county/parish. (Alien property custodian) Baby is not a word you can find anywhere in legal land for good reason, lost at sea/see. Passport and such only allows transport of this property held in protective custody by a trustee de son tort. BTW, trustees are entitled to be paid………

  8. penny4yerthoughts

    YOU are a living soul and have a day of nativity. Your PERSON was BORN in the U.S. (just like Budweiser's BORN ON date, they shove it in our faces haha)and IS a U.S. Citizen, it is your doppelganger. Jesus is private, day of nativity in the manger and Cesar is your PERSON/Infant/Public side, b(e)irthed in the foundling hospital and then abandoned (its a crime, which is why your mother informed the STATE of the Crime and they even published it in the newspaper that the Infant was abandoned but your parents never claimed the Infant) so you were adopted by the church and your Estate/Trust probated in the Court of Ordinary or Orphans Court, and never the twain should meet. J.C. and J.C.

    Everyone has a twin somewhere.

  9. Charles Cox

    You cannot be “born or naturalized in the United States” but are typically born in a hospital in a city and county of a State. Now if it said “born or naturalized in one of the United States” that would be different.”

  10. penny4yerthoughts

    depends on who you are asking. a proven, non-citizen, foreign, indigenous national or 99.9% of the people reading this blog, a U.S. Citizen? born on foreign land in a foundling hospital, who was then privately placed by the physician, to STATE custodians, ie your parents, (think again if you think you own your children) whom a informant informed on (mother) who then registered the child abandoning it to the STATE, an orphan, minor, INFANT, lost at sea, the Father never having recorded the event, (dont blame daddy)so baby brad doesnt exist on land, the feet never touched the earth and the foundling hospital (jesuit church) took the soul of the baby (DNA blood prick in the left tiny baby footprints) who then voluntarily applied (involuntary servitude is illegal but voluntary servitude is not) and registered/continued to gift and pledge its unalienable rights for benefits, opportunities and privileges of the STATE, by obtaining a U.S. Passport and a STATE DRIVERS LICENSE, VOTER REGISTRATION AND BIRTH CERTIFICATE? a franchisee, agent of the Principal, Franchise Agency? claiming the Mark of the Beast, the NAME and NUMBER they were given from the County/State?

    of course they need to pay their franchise fee as per their corporate charter the Constitution of the United States; they are from the DISTRICT like Hunger Games; one definitely has to pay their franchise fee. the other does not. good luck with that argument in court. haha you owe me $300,000 ill take that in franchise notes please, 300,000 of them federal reserve notes (and you thought only indians were on reservations, tee hee hee)…oh yea, do they also place their federally earned direct deposit, in military script, in their federally protected banking institution that they volunteered to give their STATE ID AND Mark of the Beast, SSN to open that they have NO ownership of? hmmmmmmm, seems like actions speak louder than their words. Ever wonder why they consider us of unsound mind and lunatics and make people professing this in court to get a psychiatric evaluation ;o)

    Sounds pretty crazy to me too…kind of schizo if you ask me


  11. penny4yerthoughts

    not YOU your state agency/Registered Organization that you were given when your vessel was berthed. Two separate entities. Here is something i wrote on an earlier post to show how deep it goes

  12. penny4yerthoughts

    it is a matrix so deep, with so many layers it has just about everyone confused on some level. it is a quagmire of half truths. we are playing checkers while they are playing 4D Chess. You have NO rights under the Constitution as it stands. that is for the private people and everything they own, freeholders, that organized the bankruptcy reorganization via the Queen and Pope, they are bankruptcy charters after every bankruptcy or reorganization/reconstruction. there are about 5 or more so variations of them over time.

    and why would you want revocable “rights”, benefits, opportunities and privileges when you have unalienable substantive rights (equity looks through the form and into the substance) under God and Dominion over the Divine Estate that you are joint beneficiary and heir of?

  13. Mystic Scallywag

    Confusing:Amendment XIV
    (Ratified July 9, 1868)

    Section 1
    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

  14. earthdweller

    The so called “government” has not been operating under the constitution since Abe Lincoln declared martial law in April 1861. That declaration has never been rescinded. It is a military government operating under martial rule. A “citizen” is a “subject” is a “slave.” Anna's articles may be information overload for some unless they have been researching law for years. Give it time. The day will come when we will all see the complete picture.

  15. Don McGinn

    Anna, your understanding of the Constitution is contradictory to the framers. All of us are US citizens. The Constitution does not mention “Nationals” as you do. You give no sources for your claims other than you know. Expatriation from US citizenship as you instruct would accomplish nothing other than we would have no rights under the Constitution. What good is there in being a National. What logical and actual purpose would that serve?

  16. james pansini

    Just out of curiousity judge Anna, how many court judges(superior or otherwise) know or understand the difference between these two different jurisdictions and the difference between the “The State of the Forum” and oir de jure Republic. From my experiance, not many. They have become lazy and stupid as the people they are dealing with because no one ever challenges their authority. And because of that they have been conditioned themselves just to say “denied”, even though they must know not everthing neing ruled on is a motion…What about a “Demurrer”, which is the first thing mentioned under pleadings in the civil and penal code , representing a challenge to the courts jurisdiction, without giving the court the right to proceed unless answered. And it can only be “sustained” or “overuled”, it cant be denied. But i can guarantee you that whenever we we bring in a demurrer, the first words out of the judge is “denied”. When you catch them on it, they rarely have an answer for it and simply say i will send you my answer in the mail….Right!! Sure you will. If you have no answer either way, than i object to the court going any further and move for immediate dismissal of all charges , with prejudice. After years of dealing with the living dead, giving the same question and receiving the same response everyday, they simply become conditioned themselves at the same old responses….How does the defendant plead…not guilty your honor. Case, will be on calender for such and such a date….NEXT!!! All day long.


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