The Doctrine of Scarcity — Calling Out Pope Francis

By Anna Von Reitz

For many generations the Doctrine of Scarcity has been enshrined in the politics of the Roman Catholic Church. It has been a core teaching of the Church that the poor are blessed and that there is something precious and noble about the suffering of poverty, starvation and deprivation of all kinds.
Being poor was thought to be a virtue, indeed, a necessity of virtue.

Everything related to a healthy human life– the need to eat and drink and have sex and even wash our bodies— has been denied in the name of the Doctrine of Scarcity.
You have said that you want a “poor Church”. That’s fine. Divest it of its riches, its pomp, its self-adoring and venal glories. Make of it what it was meant to be, a simple fellowship bound together by the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Jesus. Let all the Orders stand in awe of the Franciscans and the other Mendicants, who have placed their faith so utterly beyond the grasp of Mammon.
Indeed, Francis, if there is any virtue in poverty it is simply this—that by being poor, the poor give us the opportunity to grow beyond our own selfishness.
They give the rest of us someone to give to, someone to help who needs help.
And that is a great service to humanity.
I don’t miss the point, I simply know that the same lessons can be learned by other means and that there is no reason to cling to the Doctrine of Scarcity any longer.
That is why I have placed the Credit of Jesus on the books of the Vatican Chancery Court, declared the beginning of the Thousand Years of Peace, authorized the payment of any debts held against any Names or NAMES, and have initiated the Doctrine of Abundance.
There is no longer any logic to the idea that many must be downcast in order for humanity to be lifted up.
The Doctrine of Scarcity has been a manure pile and yes, from it our Father has grown roses; but the Doctrine of Abundance is the truth and the law of our Father in Heaven, who has provided far more than enough for all his children to have health and happiness on earth.
So let it be that peace reigns instead of war. Let the truth of abundance overwhelm the lie of scarcity. Let true knowledge of our Father fill the earth as it has been decreed. And let us enter into the Thousand Years of Peace.
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4 thoughts on “The Doctrine of Scarcity — Calling Out Pope Francis

  1. Julie Oliver

    Joseph claimed Jesus and kept the Romans from REGISTER him. He REGISTERED himself and Mary. But he didn't register Jesus he was born in a stable. They left to Egypt. So he technicaly was in his Trust with Abraham as sovereign and holding TITLE TO HIS ESTATE. HE WAS KING AND THE EXECUTOR OF YHE TEMPLE I/e Treasury. When he got baptized the debts JOHN and Credits Jesus met to be cleansed in the Jordan and all debts were cleared from the Family Trust that HAROD held legal title to.Thats why Harod went Ape Shit and killed all the baby's. Because the covenant with God was now free and Jesus was king of Isreal because held the titles of his family. And thats why he extended us the temple and why he said it's our body….We are the Estate our bodies and minds. We all have to claim our Estates and realease our debts THE DEAD PERSON STRAWMAN and then use Common law and indict them from your now LAWFULL authority in The united States…God bless you all. Forgive most of them but not the Leaders… Heaven on Earth is when we claim our Estates as Jesus did we are free and in law..God bless you all


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