Until the New Bank Comes

By Anna Von Reitz

What can you do to help get through the transition safely and not have everything at risk in corporate banks? 

1. There are IRA/401K options that allow you to buy gold and keep it at home or wherever else you like in your own keeping.  Consider transferring your IRA/401K into physical gold and simply keeping it in a home safe.  
2. Remember— always—- that Postal Money Orders are backed by gold and are easily exchanged for any form of currency on the planet.  A Postal Money Order is like the “cash of all cashes”.  
Unlike physical gold, a PMO is as easy to transport as any paper currency.  And although it is totally fungible like a currency, you can — if you wish — restrict who can use it similar to a check, simply by filling out the information sections or not.  
I have always liked Postal Money Orders and often use them for my own savings, even though there is a nominal fee to convert FRNs to PMOs. The gold-backing, the freedom from confiscation, the ease of transport and storage, and the universal ability to convert into local currency is well worth it.  
But, but, but, BUT…… I hear some of you saying——what about the interest I can accrue on my savings account in a commercial bank?
Considering that none of your PERSONAL accounts actually belong to you and that they are subject to confiscation by the bank at any time for any reason I would think that the danger posed to your savings as a whole would mitigate against leaving it for the taking in spite of the petty annual percentage of interest gained.
There is also this to be said— the value of your savings kept as digits in a savings account is constantly being pilfered and eroded by inflation.  Inflation is an unseen tax.  At the same time as the value of your savings account in terms of buying power is being eroded, the value of asset-backed currency and gold and silver is increasing.  
So if your savings is in a bank you are continuing to lose to inflation everything and more than what you gain as interest, plus the risk of being confiscated.  
Whereas, if you go with a gold IRA/401K  you don’t gain interest in the conventional sense, but the value of the actual asset increases by whatever the rate of inflation is, plus whatever the gold market will bear. 
And if you pay the fee to translate your paper “legal tender” into Postal Money Orders, the same is true.  Instead of losing value to inflation, you gain value. 
In both cases, your money is no longer in the clutches of a bank and made subject to confiscation as an account belonging to a US GOVERNMENT franchise PERSON.  
Until ASAN banks are up and running in your state, using gold IRA/401Ks is admittedly not as convenient and you can’t draw conventional credit from the asset.  
Similarly, Postal Money Orders don’t translate into debit or credit card accounts. 
Convenience is lost.  Safety is gained.   
Interest is lost.  Inflation is stopped and recouped. 
The choices are there and they are up to you.
If you want the advantages of gold and the convenience of a credit card, there are options available in the world.  I have recommended Karatbars for this purpose and anyone interested can investigate for themselves on the web.  The conversion is steep, but if you want the advantages of gold and the convenience of fiat— it may well be worth it to you. 
I maintain my own savings apart from any banks (no, I don’t keep it under my mattress) and keep only a running account for checking and credit card purposes in my private small business account.  
Every year I send the bank CEO a little reminder letter that my private business account is exempt for tax purposes and that all funds deposited and transferred must be denominated as lawful money. 
The banks are required to denominate your money as lawful money if you request that and doing so then forces them to recognize your account as a private account, creating an obligation on their part to set it aside from any confiscation of “public” accounts and — whatever form of lawful money is deemed to be in your account — they can no longer presume that you are voluntarily using the government’s private FRN script and that that is what is represented by the digits in your accounts. 
So I take that precaution, too, and recommend it to all of you who have small unincorporated businesses.  It is to the bank’s advantage to presume that you are operating as a PERSON and that your account is a PERSONAL account and not a private one—- left to their own, they will always make this presumption.  It is up to you to rebut it and give them other directions.  

Still, if the government sends jackboots to the bank and orders the confiscation of all accounts and safety deposit boxes—and we now know that the government is run by thugs and operated by gangs of foreign commercial mercenaries kept in check by nothing more or less than public knowledge and opinion— what’s a local bank president supposed to do?  Hire his own private army? 
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33 thoughts on “Until the New Bank Comes

  1. james pansini

    Also, if it is to pay a fine or ticket, i have started to demand that if they endorse and cash the MO that i demand a copy of the accounting, because being real money, it does not go under “accounts receivable”, it must go under “accounts payable” which decreases their books, not increase it.

  2. james pansini

    Postal money orders have always been considered “lawful money” even in our current situation of using only FRN's. However, i still write on the front of the M.O. the lawful money demand at 12USC411 just so there is no doubt…!!!

  3. precious #1

    Anna, When you say gold back money orders do you mean lawful money. I have never heard of gold back money orders. Also some post office money orders expire in
    180 days. If this is so you wouldn't have anything after that date.

  4. precious #1

    Anna, When you say gold back money orders do you mean lawful money. I have never heard of gold back money orders. Also some post office money orders expire in
    180 days. If this is so you wouldn't have anything after that date.

  5. bubbapatric

    First James I like to keep things brief .I am here to gain a broader knowledge of how to unravel this mess and a way to defeat the system .other than that some civil until I get attacked . I care less of your education I have heard you Bragg endlessly how smart you are .if you say so.dig that brother!

  6. james pansini

    Thankful….they talk all about “Trust” on that site also, and the proper way of doing it. The reason i like that site is because people share a lotvof their experiances, wins and losses, that help to narrow down a process that either gives complete remedy or at least some, in the case of foreclosures, which is almost impossible to get these days. We have to network real close these days with people who have been in this fight for years who know that remedies for us is getting harder everyday because we are uncovering the fraud, while they are right behind us with a bulldozer to cover it up…..even if it means taking out a judge..permanently. Thats what happened to supreme court judge Scalia. He was found with a pillow over his head, but the news media reported it as a heart attack…really!!! Dont underestimate the “DEEP STATES” agenda. They will only let us get away with so much, so dont get greedy or over self-confident. They now have quantum computers that work on a level that is unimaginable. Try little things at a time to test the waters and see what works or not and share it, so we can tweek it or keep it and move on. Thats the only way we are going to be able to stay ahead of them. We need to communicate better with each other. That goes for all of us…God destroyed the world in Noah's day with less evil and deception we have today. It looks like he is just going to wait until it gets to an extinction level event, before he steps in this time…!!!

  7. Thankful

    Got it. Thank you. Any good “how to” advice or direction on Common Law Trusts with intent to own nothing and control everything. Bill Thornton had directed me to Bob Schaefer who was masterful but to my disappointment he died before I completed commitments. I hope to find recordings from him.

  8. james pansini

    Remedies these days, become old ideas almost overnight because of the speed of communication inhanced by the internet and computers. The govt. have people and agencies in place just to monitor the latest patriot jargon. As the “Fraud” becomes more and more exposed by us, they simply become less concerned about law and just resort to full compliance through “leathal force”. Whats the remedy for that…!!!

  9. james pansini

    Alien property custodian…
    The Office of Alien Property Custodian (APC) morphed into and became The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). The Treasury website as well as Wikipedia explain it.

    You can find OFAC here https://www.treasury.gov/about/organizational-structure/offices/Pages/Office-of-Foreign-Assets-Control.aspx

    Such an Office will always be necessary as long as the U.S. has “enemies”–an administrative more than a military term–and as long as Presidents declare or continue to maintain existing “national emergencies” which just about President has done since FDR. And some would argue going back even further than FDR.

    “National Emergencies” are an ADMINISTRATIVE tool / remedy used administratively by the Executive to trigger certain additional administrative remedies, etc. Declaring a national emergency does NOT mean the nation is under literal physical attack or threat.

    In short, once our status was changed under FDR in 1933 US Citizens are “aliens”(foreigners) on our own land, to America, and therefore considered “Enemies of the State(Corp.) and have no right of ownership in anything. All you can possibly have is an “equiteable interest” in property but legal title belongs to the Corporate State in Trust.
    I wonder how many Americans realize that we are basically seen by our own govt. as being no better than illigal mexican aliens being US Citizens and therefore can only have “civil rights” and not “unalienable” rights guaranteed under our original constitution. Americans have fought in numerous wars with many casulties and death, only to have our own govt. betray that trust and loyality to country, and turn it over to a foreign principle. We need to bring back the “gallows”. …Get a Rope!!!!!

  10. ra string

    penny4yerthoughts. My Karatbars account has been very good, since 2014. Always a good place to store or take in physical custody, and I do both.

  11. GW

    I believe you are mistaken about an individual having the ability to keep a gold/silver IRA in their home or anywhere that is NOT a registered “govmt” facility. Those rules from the feds were put into place to keep those claiming PM IRAs from “selling or disposing” of those assets prior to maturity AND because there are no feasible ways to verify proper storage.

  12. penny4yerthoughts

    Does anna have a karatbars acct and or does she have.any personal experience or friends that have/are using them? When you google them some pretty negative info comes up on especially their premium conversion rate and multilevel marketing structure.


  13. Chef Jem

    Greetings James!

    What or who is the “alien property custodian” referred to at “Title 50 U.S.C. §4307(e)”? Title 12 USC §411, §95a(2) had clear language but the second site needs decoding (IMO).

  14. james pansini

    Thankful….here is the site. It is called…”savingto suitersclub. Saving to suitors is a “remedy found at 28USC1333, that gives a suitor(us), a way to remedy through “diversity” of our true status. Its a diversity case under admiralty rules, accessing a common law court(art. 3, not art 2). The nice thing about Admiralty(not these quisi superior courts), is that absoluty NO ONE has immunity from prosecution, not even the judge. You either come in with clean hands and “good faith” or your going to jail. The court of “oringinal jurisdiction” for a diversity case is united states Distric Court(not District Courts of the United States), like they are all labeled outside.

    Anyway here is the site. You may have to join, but thats not a big deal. Especially for this site. This site is dedicated just for “Remedys” that work and involves other topics, like foreclosures, Refusals, Dealing with the bank, etc. Read the whole page. It should be the 14th out of over 25 on just this one topic. The people on this site are incredibly smart and more than willing to help you with a question. Especially David Merrill. Read through all the different “forums”. You wont regret it. Appearanty, none of the banks were ever prepared for a “lawful money” demand, because they cant fractionalize your account or claim your account as theirs. The same goes for the IRS. They are all set up only for “commercial debt instraments” which require a “slaves” indorsement to be valid.

    Heres the site…

  15. james pansini

    Thankful…this is the statement you want to put in your letter of underdtanding at the county recorders office..

    lawful money and full acquittance/discharge is demanded for all
    transactions, Title 12 USC §411, §95a(2) and Title 50 U.S.C. §4307(e)
    (transacting absent accommodation authorized per U.C.C. 4-205)

  16. james pansini

    Thankful… the answer to your question is easy. Just keep doing what you have already neen doing all your life, with one exception…your no longer going to endorse(with your signiture), their private debt instraments anymore, because you are going to be using your lawful right at 12USC411 and 95a to demand “lawful money” and therefore all your instraments by “operation of law” by implication can only be viewed as lawful money and not as private debt instraments of the federal reserve. I went on to elaborate on exactly what you need to do, but for some reason my phone just stopped and returned to the home screen and of course when i went back to this site, it was all erased…..Instead, ill just gibe you the site that will explain it perfectly. Yes, there are some downsides too this , but there can be some very good advantages too, like your true status being recognized since you are no longer using or endorsing their private credit anymore, but “paying” your debts in full without creating more debt ny merely “discharging” it, which only increases the total US Debt. The other advantage that some people have gotten(but i dont know if i would try it) is that if they fill out a tax form they only list two things. The total amount they made by working, which was paid to them in “worthless” debt instraments, so they demanded a refund for the same amount on the form. So if they made $50,000 that year, people who have been making their “lawful money” demand all year got a refund for the same amount. Anyway let me post this before i lose it again, and ill give you the site after this…ok.

  17. james pansini

    “Big boys have privilege cattle zero”……what the hell does that mean. You always talk in code babbapatric. Your trying to use shorthand or something that doesnt get your point across in a clearly understandable sentance structure. I hated English too throughout high school and college. In fact the first year at Cal Poly i got a “D” in English. The only “D” i ever received there in 5 years of college. But that had more to do with exact grammer and puctuation, and a lot of “dangling partaceples”(lol), than the content of what i wrote…you have good input, but i can never fully understand your narrative. Can you dig it, brother.

  18. Thankful

    Postal Money Orders have a dollar amount rather than a silver or gold weight so how is that an investment or stored labor safe from inflation? As the USD looses purchasing power, labor looses purchasing power and already stored labor loses purchasing power. I find no truly safe place to store labor. Gold is not spendable. You pay to convert to gold and again to convert back to something usable. Further, after restoring identity and no longer a fiction, Where does one get loans? Borrowing imaginary money increases personal wealth/security/property/liberty. Demanding Lawful money has brought such investment opportunities to an end for me until I figure something else out. I prefer not to support the fraud at the same time, how do the young build asserts? How do the established continue?

  19. bubbapatric

    Swiss banking is nice the British complained and demanded no undisclosed banking the Swiss upped thair minimum amount to first 250,000.to now 500,000.usd. the British have the camion islands and Bliez offshore hypocrisy . One bank is envious so they blow the whistle . And the IRS a global collection agency according to fruit from a poisonous tree . Big boys have privilege cattle zero .

  20. james pansini

    The “lawful money” demand at your bank does one more very important thing…..the bank is “estopped” from using your deposit to hyperthetocate it under Federal Reserve Rules. And to make sure that you dont co mingle your account and the banks private federal reserve script, never endorse your paycheck, or deposit or withdrawal using your name….if they want it endorsed, simply sign it “lawful money”. I kind of scribble it anyway, like i did with my name, so 99% of the time, they wont even notice or say anything. If they do notice, just tell them legal termenology between currency and money is to complicated to explain here, so that is why the UCC (at 3-401 )defines a signiture on an instrament as any word, mark, or phrase in lieu of a persons signiture. Leave it at that. Dont make a big deal about it or cause trouble. The less importance you give it, so will they. They dont have the time to run to someone everytime there is a minor problem with a check, especially when you just gave them a “confident”(i hope) answer as to why you signed it that way. They have already identified you already anyway by your DL or other identification, so the teller has no more liability. In worse case scenarios, if someone insist on your signiture, simply but a line through the “lawful money” and sign your name. It still serves as evidence of your initial intent. So dont worry about it. I go to UNION BANK right by me, for talking cash out of my SS and the receite she gives me is a cheap version of a grocery receite…an ink pen can hardly write on that paper. She is so frustrated with it, she doesnt even check the signiture. She is doing other things on the computer while she notices me just signing. Thats good enough for her. But its funny to find a banking site online like i did which is for anyone in the banking business only, because you have to have the banks code(password) to make a comment, but you can still see what they talk about. The tellers are fully aware of this new remedy and talk about it all the time with associates of another branch. Its funny what they think of us. Quote : “I just had a customer come in today and demand lawful money. What do you guys do when someone says that.?? Other teller : I just cash out their entire account and tell them good luck at the next bank you go to sir. These people are crazy. They arent worth keeping their account.” End of disscussion. Well, there it is. Thats a typical Calif. response to what they consider, or taught, that these so called patriots are nuts. Thats why i say dont stick out at the bank. Keep it on the “low, low”. Be stealth. Act like any other customer and you wont stir the pot…..!!!!

  21. Tiavette

    Praise the Lord and thanks, Anna! This is so excellent … just what I needed to know. Some of what you suggest, we are doing. However, PMOs and the “little reminder letter” to my bank CEO have been missing. Your work is so worthy of our support.

  22. Coach 2640220

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is a brilliant money management safety suggestion. It is simple. Anyone can do it using any amount of money. It protects vital assets in these times of turbulence.

  23. Danika

    Anna is 1 person, remember…and busier that a one armed paper hanger. She already gave us the info above. We can and should do for ourselves.

    Thank you Anna and Paul!


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