Time Line of Territorial Fraud

By Anna Von Reitz

1860 – An attorney, Abraham Lincoln, is elected to the limited position of CEO aka President of the United States (Corporation). The last land jurisdiction Congress adjourns sine die. The original Constitution which is a tri-lateral international treaty, national trust indenture, and commercial services contract called “The Constitution for the united States of America” is set-aside.
1861 – An undeclared illegal commercial mercenary conflict begins on our shores. It is never declared as a war by any Congress.
1865 – Southern states in ruins and Northern states are bankrupt. Foreign bankruptcy trustees take over and the “Territorial” Congress acts as a Board of Directors for “The United States of America” (Inc.) An Armistice comes, but no actual Peace Treaty– proving again that the whole “Civil War” was never a war.
1868 – Congress publishes the deceptively similar looking and sounding “Federal” Territorial Constitution called “The Constitution of the United States of America”. This is a corporate charter for a foreign governmental services corporation.
1907 – The United States of America (Inc.) goes bankrupt and claims our land jurisdiction state lands and private lands as surety for their own debts. Nobody is told about this process of taking titles to land under color of law, so nobody can refute it.
1924 – The last actual United States Treasury closes its doors. From now on, we will be in the thrall of foreign central banks and banking cartels.
1932 – A second governmental services corporation dba “the United States of America” (Inc.) goes bankrupt. [Notice the very slight difference between “The” and “the” United States of America, Inc.] FDR claims that all our lawful Trade Names are the names of Foreign Situs Trusts standing as sureties for the debts of the United States of America, Inc. More color of law titles are taken to our labor, our private property assets, our children, and everything else. Again, we are never told about these nefarious claims and have no opportunity to refute them.
1934 – The Gold Reserve Act creates the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” and puts the Secretary of the Treasury [of Puerto Rico] in charge of this gigantic Slush Fund, which is used to buy and sell foreign currency so as to distort and control the world’s money commodity markets. The Federal Reserve becomes a de facto storefront for this illegal activity and the New York Fed becomes the broker for it.
1944-46 – The Municipal United States Treasury is rolled into the International Monetary Fund and takes over as the government of the Territorial United States. The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury becomes the head of the IMF Board of Governors. The Government Accounting Office adopts Dual Accrual Bookkeeping and uses it to hide vast amounts of income in slush funds monitored by the States of States and STATES OF STATES being run as franchises of both the Territorial United States and Municipal United States corporations.
1953 – The bankruptcy of The United States of America [Inc.] settles and the land is released. The vermin lie and say that they don’t know who the land belongs to anymore, and use this as an excuse to roll up all the titles they seized under color of law and deceit and non-disclosure into a giant land trust and make themselves the presumed beneficiaries of it.
1998 – We woke up.
1999 – The bankruptcy of the United States of America [Inc.] settles and the same schtick is played with the gold confiscated from our grandparents and great-grandparents by FDR. The banks who were responsible for the bankruptcy in the first place lied and said that they didn’t know who all that gold belonged to. So they took it on a claim of abandonment.
2001 – The Bush/Vanguard/Saudi/Mossad group stages the Twin Towers attack and destroys billions of financial records and uses the disaster to steal large quantities of physical gold kept in repositories under the WTC.
2008 – Pope Benedict XVI takes action to give Notice to the World and rein in the perpetrators. The Paradigm Project gathers steam to bring foreclosure on the incorporated quasi-governments of the world.
2010 – James Thomas McBride issues The Universal Postal Union Treaty of the Americas, establishing the demand of living people to receive back their assets and denying the fictitious titles taken under color of law to land and given names of living people.
2011 – The Notice Process is completed. All the government services corporations on Earth are given full disclosure and demand and due process; final findings of Breach of Trust and Violation of Commercial Contract are issued.
2012 – Accelerating effort to locate and claim back assets belonging to the American states and people, including the posting of international notices and liens extracting the living people and their assets from the incorporated government registries.
2013 – 2016 – Ongoing work to claim back and establish clear records of land claims and identities of people from the so-called Civil War onward as a means to establish standing for private administrative and commercial processes to return the assets and establish the American states and people as the Principal Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES and its heirs, successors, and assigns and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, its heirs, successors and assigns. In 2015, Obama creates millions of bankrupt Puerto Rican public transmitting utilities named after living Americans in a bid to keep the old fraud system going.
2017– Here we are. The new banking system is scheduled to come on line very soon and it promises to be transparent, user friendly, and self-correcting. We shall see. As we write, millions of Americans continue to be harassed and misidentified as either Territorial United States Citizens or Municipal United States CITIZENS and millions are wrongfully incarcerated as part of a vast “Prisons for Profit” Scheme.

Despite all this there are signs that the walls are beginning to crack. The attorneys who have been so singularly responsible for all this fraud and legal chicanery are feeling the heat and the people, once awakened, are finding their feet and remembering who they are — and bit by bit and piece by piece and day by day, they are beginning to take action.
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25 thoughts on “Time Line of Territorial Fraud

  1. james pansini

    Thanks Nomi, it just occured to me to do exactly that after this last dissapointment. And yes Paul, i have figuted out how to split up my comments that are to long. But no other site, except this one, gives me a time out after im already on the site then shows up right when i want to post my comment. Every other site i comment on, if there is a time out on me, shows up immediately, before i can even access the site again until i sign in, not after im already allowed on the site. Only this one acts that way. Someone involved in the setup of your site..”fu#!@d” up..!! But i think i will try both of your advices. Ive calmed down now after taking a couple of “valiums”. Pills from God…!!!

  2. james pansini

    Its a good thing there is no limitation on Fraud…..Why!!! Can you live long enough to expose it let alone get remedy for it. Can you live longer than 100 to get your remedy. Until attorneys get their “pink slips” to work here, nothing is going to change. It would chqnge overnight if Trump would just get rid of them. They are the “undisputed” kings of deception through language and definitions of words.

  3. james pansini

    Unknown…..the reason people blame Isreal, the country, is the same reason why Muslims hate America , the country of infideles, because the “elite program controller/deceivers of the world own “Mainstreat Media” lock stock and barrel to create any “narritive” they want to employ to achieve an agenda they alone only “know”, and they do it without any “compitition” because no one can get in except through them. I can go to Isreal tommorrow, and find plenty pf jews that cant stand their nrxt door neighbors, just like here. This is not about races or religion. Its about a small group of people that control the entire narritive of information with the main controllers right here in “hollywood”. They control the NEWS and they control most of the “billion dollar industry of Movie Making which although intertaining, they all have an “esoteric” narritive complimenting the mainstreat news media. Why havent you done something about that. They are the ones intentionally dividing everyone, wheather you believe it or not. No one should have a monopoly of that. They have beat to death the “antisemetic” narrative, so now its the “radical muslim” agenda…ISIS, AL QUEDA, ETC. And dont forget their most powerful distraction of all….professional sports. I would bet my life your a fanatical sports fan, and watch plenty of TV and hollywood blockbuster movies. Get rid of the sports(which is glorified pornography as far as im concerned) , get rid of the TV and all other controlled media info, then maybe you can see what is really going on. And Why is it that only a few families in the world control all the money/currency of nearly every country, which we all have to work for in order to survive. Governments should never be in control of money. The People of the countries should be controlling that. Thats why everyone hates both America and Isreal. Its because the people dont seem to give a shit in those countries as long as their lifestyles arent affected they arent interested about the evilness of “politics” or so distracted by sports that they are guilty by association of their own countries politics to even care about what their govt. are doing to the rest of the world. Thats why…!!!

  4. james pansini

    Just one more thing guys. I did at least file “An Intent to Preserve Interest” in the property and the amount of injury owed me if anyone tries to foreclose on the property other than the “Real Party of Interest”(FRCP 17(a) which is immpossible after selling all the “Orinigal wet ink NOTES” on Wall Street. Unfortunately, instead of filing that notice which is directly involved in that property and should show up on the very first page that comes up with all other property filings, the CR office saw fit to file as just a “NOTICE” and buried it under a document number filing only. So if someone wanted to know that anything else was filed on my property, scaring them off from buying it, now you would have to be a private investigator to every find that filing and link it to the first page priority filing. The banks tell the attorneys who tell the CR how to file their own paperwork. Can you say “conspiracy”?? Sure, go ahead and fight a foreclosure….good luck. But you have way more information than i did now if you follow through and start investigating the CR office. Banks can simply get away with things that would give the rest of us long prison sentences. Their 25 page morgtage contracts are intensionally missing a critical lawful remedy required by law to be on every loan….”the right to “resind” the contract under the 3 day “Truth and Lending”Rule. Do they get in trouble with it…..you already know the answer to that…..!!!

  5. james pansini

    There contracts these days are 30 pages long. At about page 20 or so, there are two very important clauses which none of us even realized were on there or the importance of those clauses….1)The Power of Attorney clause and 2)The Power of Sale clause. In other words, you just gave them the right to do anything they want to file on your property just about anything without your approval or even notifing you they did it. And it wasnt until just recently(2013) , since all the fraud was finally exposed that their was no requirement for the county recorders office to notice you either that things were being filed on your property by the banks and morgtage co. attorneys behind our banks….the system was intentionally designed for “FRAUD”. Of course, the county recorders protect themselves up front that they are not “liabile” for anyones filings since they arent attorneys. But they make it clear that “YOU” are if its found out later you tried filing a false document. What a system. So now, before you can even file that “acknowledgement and acceptance of deed, you first have to resind those two clauses of the morgtage contract, POA and POS at the CR before any of your paperwork will be recoginized by any court. I tried to tell all of you how important it is you understand that the CR office is being used as a weapon of mass destruction. How many times have i told all of you to go there and get a “printout” of that page. It can be anywhere from 1 or two pages to 5/6 depending on how many times you sold and bought properties within the same county. A property in another county will be listed only in that county recorders office and no other. You guys will not believe how much paperwork has been filed on your property without your knowledge. You(i mean all of us gave the banks “carte blance” to Assign, Transfer, Sell, and Foreclose on your property. And we wonder why its damn near impossible to stop a foreclosure. And if you show up without an attorney, forget it…..judgement for the plantiff(the banks)…they dont want us involved in “private matters of Fraud”. Thats between all the attorneys. Unfortunately, the one simple thing we could have at least done is “Refuse”(with or without cause) the acceptance of the Unlawful Detainer. They are never properly “served” because we live “without the United States” and not “within it”…. Spelling out out state completely, and zip code exempt. But also because of “Personage” and “Barratry”. I wonder how many of you, after what i just told you, will go to the CR office and find out what is on it.??? Now i know hpw judge Anna feels by constantly telling you the same thing and you still dont do it. A copy of your property listings will cost you all of a couple of dollars for a million dollars worth of information….and you dont have to be in foreclosure to motivate you to get it. Its just good financial advice. An attorney would have charged you $5000 or $10,000 for this info. If anyone is listening, if any of you finally get the gumtion to actually go to the CR office and get your property printout, will you please post that you did it on this post so i know at least one person understands the importance of having that paperwork.

  6. james pansini

    Earthdweller….believe it or not, the county recorders office works just the opposite….they are not allowed to “refuse” to file anything, even if its a fraudulent filing, as long as it meets “their” minimum requirements on a form to be filed, like naming the parties, their address, and what kind of document it falls under which seems to be up to them how or where it will be filed. If they deceide to file it as a “notice” instead of the first page that shows up when you punch in your name, giving anyone looking at filings under your name immediate access to only your properties and anything to do with them including tax leins, foreclosure actions , etc. Do you think banks dont know that county recorders never have to validate a filing as fraudulent…!! They know only to well. They also know they are not trained in law, which is why they cant deny a filing as long as it appears to have all the required properties the form calls for. And yes, i have read about the “certificate of acknowlegement and Acceptance of grant deed”. The problem is their morgtage contracts are almost “iron clad” because it is a “unilateral contract”(the ones judge Anna talks about) which haves you waiving all your rights if you want the loan, including your right to “Protest, Remedy, or Recourse.

  7. Paul Stramer

    There is a time out timer that kicks in when you start to post and it only runs for so long then logs you out.

    Try writing in another application like Notepad, then copy your article to the reply box, or the add a comment box all at once.

    You should also remember there is a limit to the amount of text you can put in one box, so you need to split your comments so they don't go over the limit.

    This is a google blogger applications, not my own programming.

  8. Nomi Effiah

    Hi James, Appreciate your comments😊. Had same experience as you when commenting before signing in 🐦! So learned to start reply first just with a letter or word whatev then~signed in~ then completed comment. Chosing this helps and will be interesting to see if Paul has additional info. Have a great evening/night.

  9. james pansini

    Paul….I just spent an hour texting about the entire real estate fraud from first hand experiance with it to enlighten everyone how it started and why it couldnt be stopped, and as soon as i went to post it, i was redirected to sign in again. When i did, everything i wrote was “ERASED”. DID you set this site up or google. This is the 10th time its happened. Im not going to reprint it this time. No way. What can i do about this problem. Can it be fixed so im never redirected to sign in “after” i have writtem my post. Why doesnt it ask me to sign it before i post something…not after..!!! Im using an android, not my laptop, bnecause its more comfortable texting on my bed instead of a chair in gront of my laptop… Please help. Im so feed up. It has done this to me too many times. If it happens one more time, i simply wont post anymore. Sickning!!!

  10. Unknown

    Well, that is what you are told on the internet, still doesn't make the innocent family people in Israel part of this. There are many Americans in the military who had a part in this, many Americans go along with the military droning innocent children in Iraq. That doesn't mean that the entire country is behind this. This is a small group of insiders that are behind everything and the whole blame it on an entire country of just innocent people is dark ages. This is how they get us into barbaric, primitive behavior of blaming entire countries for something that the insiders stage themselves. They most likely use people and then spread themselves that a country did it to get us into the whole old fashioned animal like hate mentality of hating your fellow man in Israel or Iraq, when only a few are responsible. It's the same old evil on this planet that feeds the satanic energies that keep the same thing repeating over and over on this hellish planet filled with evil people who will blame and hate innocent people because of what the same goddamn insiders stage. HAven't you learned already that it's not a country but a few people who do these events? AWakening is just more then knowing that the illuminati has manipulated us, it's really about awakening to the fact that all humans are brothers and sisters on soul level and we are being manipulated through these events to turn on countries, races and other people. The true awakening is knowing that they stage these events to divide us. That is how they control humanity and they could not do all these evil deeds if they couldn't get the evil man that live on this earth to turn on the other man in another country or of a different race. If the human race was not evil themselves, this repeating story of staging false flags wouldn't happen over and over. Mans hate for others allows this disastrous world to continue in darkness. AS Jesus said, we are our brothers keepers and we have to love all. But man continues to hate and blame entire countries or religions because of what the illuminati insiders are programmed to do by their Fallen Angel/Alien parasite masters who control all the staged events on this planet according to several people who are contactees. It's all staged to test our consciousness to see if we will continue to do what people have done throughout the dark ages, or if people will become more connected spiritually. If the human race wouldn't be filled with hatred and filled with evil thoughts, then the events would not happen as we would have proven that they could not divide us and manipulate us anymore. But even those who think they are awake, are still asleep and no more awake then those in the dark ages who are manipulated to kill this group or that group and make other races or countries their enemies. This is the final test, and most are failing and continue to be under the mind programming that has been setup on this planet to keep man as an animal. I'm sorry to see all the hate and blame for the average innocent human being all because some programmed insiders stage events. It's sad but man is still an animal and no matter how many spiritual masters are sent to this planet to teach, the messages get bastardized and humans remain primitive and this is what it has come to.

  11. ra string

    This is the people of Hilo, Hawaii moving forward with their Common Law 101: Jural Assembly. 1:23 minutes @

    It is so heart warming to see these small beginnings and the information that comes out. The immediate difficulties as they are happening (birth of new child at a hospital, not wanting vaccinations and Child Protective Services becoming involved & wanting the birth certificate to take the child). Other gems regarding applying for an International Sovereign travel passport and 3 ex-police officers, one is coming to the jural assembly to learn and the 2 others. Lend an ear to what they are dealing with, they share how they take the opportunity to hold accountable the corporate agents as a point of humanity. This man also has served with the FCC and mayor, etc. regarding the small radio program that serves the community in these matters.

    And they quote Anna Von Reitz and her rebuking the agents and recommend her writings!

  12. bubbapatric

    120 art students (mossad demolition expert's )called them selves jelly as in blasting jelly or plastic explosives . Then thair is the van driven by more mossad stuck in traffic trying to get to the G.W. I95. Bridge to blow that up .all documented . Not going there with the aliens though.

  13. Unknown

    And also, the people who stage events who are most likely just programmed with artificial intelligence and controlled via the Fallen Angel/Nordic Aliens in the underground Nazi bases in Antartica (pathetic galactic parasites together with Nazi's) don't care about any country or the people in the country. All they care about is the oil, trading and resources. So this is just some type of program that was setup to make the people of one country the blame for all the primitive ape like humans who are filled with hatred for others and are the REAL cause of the lower consciousness reality that we see that is just energetically created holographically. The “Mandela Effect” changes of the bible prove this world is holographic. And scientists say it's a computer simulation based on energy. Energy creates matter. And your toxic hateful energy is why you live on a planet that is filled with evil. I can assure you, your life will not get better, but only worse, and that is this life and your future lives.

  14. Unknown

    Why do you blame Israel for 9/11?? This is all part of the mind control program that was setup on this planet, to make Israel the scapegoat for the whole Foreign /Royal bloodline control system. You guys that want to blame Israel for everything are sheep that have been programmed by the “controllers” via artificial intelligence technology that is in your brain. You cannot see this is all a mind control program to make one country a scapegoat for the fact that our planet is operating with very low conscious human beings who are filled with evil, hatred for others, and are very dangerous and primitive. This whole blame a country for what you see in the world is the same dark age programming that has been manipulated by the top controllers on this planet You are falling for the same primitive robotic programmed cyborg thinking that has kept our planet in darkness. As the text say, those who turn on Israel will be turned on spiritually. As many ancient texts say, the world is splitting between those who want to stay in primitive lower conscious thinking and those who are spiritually connecting. I can tell you that the people who still want to believe that one country is responsible for creating a world that is filled with evil, are going to spiritually go with the evil ones as the world is split apart.

  15. penny4yerthoughts

    true and also all “mortgages” are fraudulent from its inception. there are only investment contracts that are broken up. “originals” destroyed, hences MERS, supposed deed and promissory note. once that is done their is no lawful mortgage. we are only paying “taxes” on the investment contract traunches for the investors. has nothing to do with legitimate mortgages.

    at closing, we sign the “mortgages” over to the bank and they are supposed to place it in a trust. a REMIC, but they never lawfully did as they never turn over a lawful deed & note which needs to occur. they break it up and split it and just rotate it through those unlawful traunches and we pay the taxes for them, they just pass it through and that is just the beggining.

  16. earthdweller

    The mechanism of the property tax fraud is now known. All property deeds are defective in that they are only signed by the seller (Grantor) and not by the buyer (Grantee). Without the buyer's signature accepting the property the county fraudulently treats the land as abandoned property and creates a trust with a deceptively similar name to that of the Grantee. “John Allen Smith and Jane Mary Smith” the Grantees becomes “SMITH JOHN ALLEN & JANE MARY” which is the name of the trust that is holding the abandoned property. The tax is the trustee fee. This can be remedied by filing a “Certificate of Acknowledgment and Acceptance” of the Grant Deed. Samples can be found on the internet. But, this would require the trust to be terminated and the property returned to the Grantee, with no more tax bills. So, the Recorder will probably refuse to record the acceptance of the Deed. It seems to me that serving certified copies of the document by Registered Mail to the Assessor and Treasurer would put them in a difficult position as it's hard to ignore a document that you have been served with.

  17. Pam

    “Despite all this there are signs that the walls are beginning to crack”…..love it! Keep falling Humpty Dumpty!!! Thank you, Anna and Paul!! 🙂


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