Update on Cookie and Three Law Suits

By Anna Von Reitz

Many thanks to all who have been sending love and prayers and donations for my Paralegal friend, Cookie. She was stricken with mysterious maladies that seemed to indicate heart failure and/or kidney failure and so, has had to undergo a lot of tests.

This evening she updated me. She had a severe misalignment in her spine between her shoulder blades (no doubt the result of years spent pouring over dusty books in dimly lit rooms, perched on tall stools) and that was causing a lot of problems because the nerves route through that area to the heart. So that is being adjusted by expert medical chiropractors and she is already experiencing significant relief.

She also has apparently developed a mid-life allergy to MSG which is being added to all processed food under the euphemism “natural preservatives”. MSG makes food taste better, but it is also a poison capable of passing the brain-blood barrier, affecting short term memory, balance, and critical thinking skills. No more processed food is apparently the only cure.

All things taken together, the diagnosis could have been a lot worse and so could the treatment, though chiropractic care is not included in her major medical insurance and will continue to be an expense for some time to come.

The other news I wish to pass on tonight is that The Living Law Firm has prepared three major systemic claims in behalf of the American states and people.

I know this hasn’t been easy to understand, but we were faced early on with a hard choice: we could take our slim resources— a few dozen people working on their own shoestrings — and try to put out 300 million brush fires, or we could concentrate on defining the problem(s) in a systemic way and bring action to correct the cause instead of the symptoms.

We took the latter course, at the cost of not being able to offer more direct and immediate help to individuals.

As the research has progressed it has become clear that the pattern of “expatriation” and “registration” and “bankruptcy” has been repeated several times and each time, private property has been removed under false presumptions into foreign jurisdictions and “pledged” by governmental services corporations as surety for their own debts.

The 1868 Expatriation Act was followed by the 14th Amendment presumption of Territorial United States Citizenship. The 1907 Expatriation Act resulted in Municipal United States Citizenship, which was followed by the Sheppard-Townsend Act registering babies. The 1934 Emergency Banking Act was followed by the creation of corporate Municipal Franchises— another level of expatriation —and the confiscation of gold.

At no time should any of this have affected American state nationals.

The financial crisis being addressed in each case was always due to the profligacy and mismanagement of the foreign Territorial United States and/or Municipal United States governments. In each case, only their actual citizens should have been impacted and in each case it was carefully stated that only “citizens” were subject.

But who is a “citizen” and with respect to which layer of government?

Prior to the so-called Civil War, people routinely served as State Citizens when they held office in their land jurisdiction state governments. They were also routinely referred to as “people of the United States”. The semantic confusion and shuffle between “State Citizen” and “people of the United States” to “United States Citizen” was easy enough to foist off on the gullible and trusting public.

From that point on, the foreign Territorial United States (a British-backed democracy) and equally foreign Municipal United States (run by the Holy See as a Congressional oligarchy) worked as a Tag Team to secretively conscript and register American state nationals— in effect, press-ganging them into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea and promoting the assumption that they were operating as commercial “vessels” subject to both municipal and territorial law.

In fact, American state nationals operate as private, non-commercial “vessels” engaged in peaceful international trade. They are internationally “Protected Persons” and they are owed the specific protection of both the British Crown and the British Monarch.

By conscripting American state nationals under color of law and non-disclosure and coercing them to “accept” the status of “United States Citizen” the Territorial and Municipal United States could side-step the guarantees of the actual Constitution and seize upon the assets — land and labor — of the unsuspecting Americans who continued to think of the “federal government” as their own government.

We are presented with the spectacle of an entire people claiming to be “United States Citizens” as if they were born in Puerto Rico, unknowingly subjecting themselves to foreign Territorial and Municipal law, losing the protections of the actual Constitution, surrendering their claims to their land and their labor and accepting the debts of bankrupt foreign governments— and for what supposed consideration? “Benefits” —like “Social Security”—har! har! —- that they paid for themselves.

Americans today give a far greater percentage of their assets and their labor to the “King” and the “Church” than any serf in the Dark Ages, and conditions are even worse throughout much of Europe, the former Commonwealth, India, Africa, South America, and Japan.

This outrageous crime against law, sense, and nature must come to an end—- and it must come systemically. The whole construct of the Great Fraud has to be flushed, and the spirit as well as the letter of the law established by our national trust indenture must be honored.

So— in the next several weeks, three simple but profound legal actions will be engaged in behalf of the actual states and the living people. We will need your support in every way possible— your prayers, your sharing of information, your determination to put an end to this fraud against America and against Americans, and yes, whatever money you can spare for our Living Law Firm.

The Paypal address is: avannavon@gmail.com.

The snail mail address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

32 thoughts on “Update on Cookie and Three Law Suits

  1. A A

    Because I heard she's actually a Catholic Dame…like a spy. Ask Karen Hudes about Anna. They seem to have a long sordid history with one another. One of them is a liar. But it will be revealed.

  2. A A

    To Danika again. Oh my god…get a grip, lady LOL. Wow! The person made a valid point & what do you do? You take it as a veiled threat. You sound like one of those loony leftist liberals on Twitter who is always trying to turn everything around on people Lol. Freak!

  3. A A

    To Keith Kool Aid Drinker. LMAO! Are you for real? When did that Pansini individual doubt anything that was being said? OH GOD FORBID SOMEONE USE THEIR CRITICAL THINKING AND ASK A QUESTION!

  4. A A

    Yeah…nice comment Danika. You sound like one of those people at Jonestown before they drank the Kool Aid. So nasty you arrogant people are when someone asks for validation. If someone is doing something honest & LAWFUL then they should have no problem whatsoever laying their cards on the table. And honey…we've ALL worked hard. Life is hard! So I don't know how you thought your comment was going to validate anything. And as far as doing things in the “real” America… This woman, group etc has stated they've done things numerous times on behalf of American Nationals & that we should help by passing on the word. So obviously you don't follow your guru too well because NUMEROUS times in articles she/they have stated we should assist one another. So your statement is a contradiction to the woman you follow. So why don't YOU do sone research on charm schools and get some class, lady.

  5. bubbapatric

    Intresting in that each deviation from constitution they specify say apply to citizens . So being not a subject of the crown lawful bloodline americans .

  6. Danika

    Unknown: is your post a veiled threat to Judge Anna?
    Sure hope not.
    I for one believe she is “Heaven” sent and, is a force to be reconed with.
    We all breathe by the pleasure of our Creator.

  7. Danika

    Brian Mattson, you believe in the Creator? Just tossing the question, really don't want or care for your response.

    Your house can stay with you.
    As for the rest of us, we'll not DEMAND evidence of the hard work gifted by others, with or without snark; we will take our questions and do our own research.

    That's the way we do things in the real America.

  8. Aida Sanchez

    Yes, I understand all of that, but the people of PR are being held hostage in that situation, and they way she states it is not clear and it is generalizing the people of PR with the criminal cartel, who are oppressing the Puerto Ricans.

  9. bubbapatric

    Trump knows he must play ball or die .the zionists pence moves into the drivers seat . Soon as trump said as Osama bin Laden did 9/11 I knew he was playing ball.only idiots still belive that lie.

  10. bubbapatric

    Lot of brave souls lot in prison alot
    Talking out yes they got JFK but it was critical to thair banking cartel .
    Brightbart was going public .9/11 was a masterpiece of crime.but that said it exposes them with Jeff sessions in office they will mind thair manners.

  11. one way

    With internet the word keeps traveling gaining more eyes and minds .
    Devine intervention.
    We are devine .what are you?
    The vibrations of the planet and the metamorphasis is taking place ,If your present and aware of all being ,you will become aware that all is well in paradise ..if you project the world becomes unnatural and appears to be broken…my great learning of sages..look for opportunity in all diversity,challenges ,problems and abundance prevails
    Proove this wrong..

  12. Keith Pierson

    This is the strategy spelled our clearly in the manual entitled 'Silent Weapons For a Quiet War'. There are ways to avoid and/or counter their offensive in each of the areas you mentioned if we ever become educated enough to be able to read beyond a second grade level. All education is focused on us not being able to read beyond a second grade level. We are being destroyed with a number of silent weapons, but the greatest of them is perhaps keeping us ignorant of Quantum Grammar. Incidentally, everything is in place for the resurgence of the independence of the Sovereign fifty states. What is holding us back is the widespread knowledge of such. Anna has mentioned: Rogue Sabre 1 Harvest, previously. You may want to read it!

  13. Keith Pierson

    You are a waste of time with your useless bullshit pansini. Anna has far better things to do than pander to people like you. Same with coward…I mean er… 'unknown'. You both reek of those whose job it is to create doubt in the minds of others. Who in the hell are either of you to even be commenting on this blog? You think and sound like the second graders you really are.

  14. penny4yerthoughts

    and is a fact meaning that the U.S. treasury and foreign situs trusts absconding the assets of the American people are in foreign territory and it just happens to be off the coast of the several 50 states of America in puerto rico, owned by the UN, now by the IMF.

  15. penny4yerthoughts

    and dont forget the soft kill happening at the same time killing millions and millions, they are just killing everyone quietly, covertly until they can/have to go overtly because of our numbers, look at the poison in the food, drugs, water, chemtrails, cancer haha they are killing us right in our faces and we are sitting around acting like nothing is happening. they learned from the nazis that could not kill enough people fast enough overtly and went on the DL. we are frogs looking at each other saying the water isnt too hot yet, feels warm but not too hot…

  16. penny4yerthoughts

    and rod class is openly challanging them in court as an enemy belligerent never having established himself as an American national/private citizen…

    he approached it from a very different angle before alot of this was being exposed with their copywritten statutes and codes; attempting to beat them at their games with their rules.

    anna is standing back from a different perspective outside of their courts attempting to make the pen mightier than the sword, not driving around without plates and yelling at police officers etc,.

  17. penny4yerthoughts

    i think when anna speaks of puerto rico it has NOTHING to do with the people, if anything quite the opposite. she is implying that “our” governmental services corporation has used the situs of puerto rico to foist this off and is foreign to the American people.

  18. Unknown

    The only reason Anna has been “untouchable” is not because of what she knows or prints, but only because everything she has done has so far been able to be ignored by the PTB. IF and WHEN she actually starts to damage TPTB position or assets, or even looks like she will, then you will find her suicided, or lying in a ditch somewhere and everything will go back to normal. If they can take out JFK in the Public manner that they did, what do you think they could do to anna or any other of us peons!? Look what they have done to the hundreds of people exposing the Truth of the PTB or had a patent or invention that threatened the status quo!!! Bottom line: Truth forever on the scaffold, Evil forever on the throne!!! this evil is only going to change by divine Intervention, it won't be done by human agency as there are just too few people that know the Truth but are not in a position to change anything. You HAVE to have a majority to change anything and the way the “system” is structured, too many people will fight you to keep it this way. Sad but true.

  19. Doug Simpson

    It is very simple. The very reason they won't (or can't( touch her is simply the fact that what she says is true. And they know it. If anything happens to her, their ass is grass and we're the lawnmower. They are just hoping that most of us will think she's a kook and won't believe what she says, that is it all a bunch of hooey. Gotta admit some of it sounds pretty far out there, but you know what? They know that! Brave? YOU BETCHA! Smart? Absolutely! Correct? Yeah, that too! Untouchable? well, look around, man?

  20. BobbyC

    yes!!! that would be nice to know and understand????what court, what venue, what jurisdiction ,county city… Documents would be fantastic!! is that possible???????

  21. james pansini

    But i will say this about judge Anna….she is the only patriot that seems to have a teflon coating. No agency of govt. seems to care enough about her to arrest or even confront. I want to know your secret. People are winding up in jail over simple traffic tickets, but somehow you remain free, even after all your filings, and letters to the Pope, and the movers and shakers controlling the entire planet, without so much as even a threatening letter by anyone or any agency of govt…..what is your secret. If any other patriot did what you have done(or claim), we would be facing long prison sentences. Why arent you a “target”. Your a danger to this system and they all know who you are by now. Why do they keep their distance from you…!! You obviously have something we dont. What is it. Your the only one that has it. Even Rod Class was going to face the supreme court according to you, and hes as smart as they get in this movement. What is keeping you out of the loop….??? Help us understand.

  22. james pansini

    After all the people who she gave notice to and trusted, they were all lying or betraying their word. General Fulford is not going to turn over our assets, if he even has them, and the pope admitted in open church to thousands of parishioners who he really follows…”Lucifer” and his son “jesus”. So much for his word. Is there a court on the face of the earth, including the Hauge, that will honor the truth, and then follow through for our remedy…??? We are facing another “civil war” in this country, and WW3 on the global scale, all at the same time.

  23. Brian Mattson

    How about also providing the documented evidence for us to go over. For some reason people think we are just suppose to believe what your doing. As for me and my house, I don't blindly believe anything somone is claiming to do for me. Evidence.

  24. Aida Sanchez

    I wish Anna stopped talking about Puerto Ricans as if Puerto Ricans agree with this criminal cartel. Puerto Rico was invaded in 1898 and was subjected to the same criminality as the Americans. We need to set the record straight about this. Here is a book that explains what has happened in Puerto Rico. We need to be careful not to assume that Puerto Ricans are willing participants on this. They have been attacked and displaced just like many other places in the world. This book was written by Harvard lawyer who has done extensive research on the situation on this island. https://waragainstallpuertoricans.com/

  25. Don McGinn

    Where will the “three simple but profound legal actions” be filed??? In what court, what venue, what jurisdiction, in what country or city??? Who will receive, and hear and admin the “three simple but profound legal actions”???


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