Oath Keepers call to action – Nation Wide

Call to Action: Help Defend Free Speech June 10 at ACT for America March Against Sharia Events Nationwide

Oath Keepers (and all other American patriots),
ACT for America has asked Oath Keepers to assist with security on June 10, 2017 at all of their “March Against Sharia – March for Human Rights” events nationwide, and once again we are answering the call to defend free speech against those who would use terrorist violence or the threat of violence to shut it down.
ACT for America has a current total of 27 events (and counting) in 19 states.   You can find an updated list here, with links to Facebook pages for each event included.   Also, see below list.
Our New York chapter had already stepped up to help provide security for the New York City event on June 10, and then the national staff of ACT for America contacted Oath Keepers national leadership and asked us to do the same nationwide.   The ACT staff informed us that they had numerous speakers who feared for their safety because they had taken a hard stance against Sharia law and specifically against female genital mutilation, honor killings, persecution of homosexuals, etc.  Some of the speakers are moderate Muslims or are former Muslims (known as “apostates”), including at least one who was a victim of female genital mutilation.  Others are Christians who suffered persecution in Sharia dominated Muslim nations.

5 thoughts on “Oath Keepers call to action – Nation Wide

  1. SiliusPrince

    Righteous authority you say? The Pope can change any law he wants, and Apostolic 'Movements' do occur. You just don't hear about them. Apostolic Letter 2013, and US Supreme Court paralleled with regards to 'Private Persons', May 2014. So how would you, me, all of us have any ability to change a corporation as a citizen: subject/employee with our one share of stock? Somebody(s) are going to not like you digging into their dividend (royalty) checks don't you think? It's going to get bloodier agreed? It has to…

  2. SiliusPrince

    Well first one must have the foundation of information,or rather, the basics to see where the problems are. Like you are a US (corporation) citizen and not an American. And the fact that the US is a corporation not a country and a foreign one at that convincing you to exchange (beneficiary) rights for 'privileges. And all corporations conduct business based on contracting, (corporate 'police(y)' ). And contract makes the law, and as you know there's no Constitution in the courtroom correct?

  3. Unknown

    When will the Oathkeepers challenge the corruption in this system, recruit the sheriffs nation wide, and follow the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION? Our government has been usurped for over a century, and few are doing anything about it, including the Oathkeepers. If anyone is confused about what to do, please refer to the writings of Anna Von Reitz! IMHO, this is all smoke and mirrors, and has little to do with returning our society to a Republic!

  4. Pinkham

    We have enough unresolved problems in America. We have to solve American problems first. What are we going to do about the Corporate Courts abusing American public stealing our assets and homes, putting people on the streets. The modern thieves are in Court at large. They have no fear to steal everything, by forgeries of documents. I wish Righteous authorities could get rid of Corrupt Court systems, inform the police honor Organic Law. jailed the crooked Law firms that help the thieves.


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