Pay Attention! — If You Want to Save Your Butts!

By Anna Von Reitz

Apparently a lot of people didn’t notice or didn’t pay attention or didn’t know what it meant when I told everyone that I had established a Private Indemnity Bond at the U.S. Treasury covering every state of the Union—- but that is critical information to have branded on your foreheads in the days to come.
The UNITED STATES, INC. is in liquidation. The Bankruptcy Trustees are going to try to liquidate, sell, tax, or otherwise raise funds off of all the franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC. This includes the STATE OF MINNESOTA and CRAWFORD COUNTY, MINNESOTA, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE, too.

When your land deeds and car titles and mortgages are all in the NAME OF a UNITED STATES franchise, what do you think is going to happen? You are going to be “assumed to be a surety” and “collateral” for the debts of all these fictitious entities, and the secondary creditors—- banks and foreign investors— are going to be howling for your blood and for the auctioning off of your assets to pay the bills of the UNITED STATES.
Get it? This is a repeat of what FDR did back in the 1930’s only worse. This time the rotten bastards want it all. They want the copyright to your name, they want your DNA, they want your body, your house, your business, your land—- anything that is “assumed” to belong to the JOHN MICHAEL DOE version of your NAME. See “Power to Sell — The Latest Land Grab”.
If you are like most people, you had no idea that any such secretive claim against you or your assets existed and unless you have been reading the news posted here, this is going to catch you blind-sided. You are not going to know what to do and you are not going to have anything in place to defend yourself— UNLESS— you remember that you and your property are indemnified against loss.
How, why, by whom? By me and by my team because we were awake and got things in place for you. Just as neighbors, we did all the work so that at this crucial moment in history, you could remember in which state you were born and write the following:
“Held under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US Montana” —-or the same numbers and whatever your birth state is, on your land deeds, vehicle titles, or any other property assets they come after and try to seize.
AMRI00001 RA393427640US Alaska
AMRI00001 RA393427640US Alabama
AMRI00001 RA393427640US Arkansas…..
This is your “Home Free” Card, your indemnity policy, your means to rebut all and any claims that come addressed against actual assets held in the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS NAMES.
Please do all that you can to help and inform your friends and neighbors and countrymen. I have given specific instructions for those facing sudden huge “tax” bills, and “Notices of Power to Sell” and similar demands being made against their homes and land holdings in the article called: “Power to Sell” — The Latest Land Grab.
P.S. — Use the Private Indemnity Bond to Protect Your Bank Accounts and IRA’s and 401K’s, too. Inform the banks and IRA / 401K managers via Registered Mail that your accounts are private accounts and are held under Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US – Your Home State.
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28 thoughts on “Pay Attention! — If You Want to Save Your Butts!

  1. JF

    Dear Ron. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I am unable to respond to your query.

    When Anna explicitly added, “P.S. — Use the Private Indemnity Bond to Protect Your BANK ACOUNTS and IRA's and 401K's, too. Inform the BANKS and IRA / 401K managers via Registered Mail that your accounts are PRIVATE ACCOUNTS and are held under Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US – Your Home State,” to her above article, she must done so with the knowledge that the PRIBs may be used in this way.

    Are you acquainted with other Anna supporters who may have researched this topic or, better yet, already acted to protect their accounts in this way? May we get them involved in this comments section? Thank you very much.

  2. Ron Alan

    It was my comprehension that these private bonds have no force and effect in the public. Also how are these bonds different then the indemnity bonds people put into treasury following the likes of Kennedy, Smith, Shrout, etc etc, redemption process?

  3. JF

    Thank you for your all that you do.

    Please confirm the Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US (Birth State) cover OVERSEAS accounts & assets of Americans (who are not Federal employees)?

    Will all domestic banks, overseas banks & asset holders intuitively understand the meaning and use of the bond, as well as dignify its use? How do you ensure that these organizations will not ignore your notification of the bond? Is there any way to obtain their acknowledgment that they will abide by the bond in the event of lien or bankruptcy claim.

  4. Paul Stramer

    From Anna:

    I would need more information to comment on the trust situation.

    Since both your parents were born in this country you can claim back your natural birthright standing in the state where you were naturalized — California — and yes, you would be protected under California's indemnity bond, so long as you are not a federal employee, in active or reserve duty with the military, a political asylum seeker, a person of color, or part of any other group that is stuck in “citizen” political status.

  5. Mike

    Paul, First and foremost I wish to thank Anna and her entire “team” for all of your diligent work, and the education you have given to me. I have two questions that, if answered, may help others that are similarly situated to myself. When posed to the trust attorney (the enemy?) that I use, garners a dumbfounded “what in the hell are you talking about” answer.

    1) I am the trustee for two special needs trusts that I manage for my physically disabled [unmarried] partner (one of which is irrevocable, one is not). Can such trusts be indemnified by Anna's bond, or does the very nature of these trust(s), especially the irrevocable one, mean that these funds already “belong” to the “corporation”?

    2) My father (born in Wisconsin) was in the US Air Force (mom was born in Missouri and married/traveling with dad) and I was conceived in Duluth, MN but born in England (NOT at a base hospital) and I hold a British Crown birth certificate. I was “forced” by the California public school system to become a “naturalized citizen” at age 10 in 1969. I have resided in Wisconsin for the past 45 years. Can Anna's bond indemnify someone in my particular situation?

    These questions have thus far stumped the most savoy of Anna's “students”. I would greatly appreciate anyone willing to take a stab at feedback on these particular situations!

    Thanks again for ALL that you folks have done to help humanity,


  6. 1FreeMan

    John, I would say yes, because according to INA: ACT 302, anyone born in PR are 'declared' citizens of the United States. The IRS says anyone born in Puerto Rico, Guam or the U.S. Virgin Islands is a U.S. Citizen. The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that ‘All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.’ According to, 92% of DC Citizens are U.S. Citizens. I would further say that if you have a SSN and pay income tax, you can use this bond.

  7. John S. Potomac Maryland

    I appreciate all of Anna's work and articles that she posts through Paul Stramer. I have a question that I hope someone can address.

    My question is how does this work if someone was born in a US Territory like Puerto Rico or in the District of Columbia? Can the above mentioned indemnity bond be used? If so how? If not, is there something else that can be used?

  8. 1FreeMan

    Yes, when you look at the AMR100003 RA393427653US bond, you will see that it lists the AMRI00001 RA393427640US bond right in the bond.

    So to sum it up, they appear to fit together as follows:
    1. AMRI00001 – RA393427640US – Private Registered Indemnity Bond: Mailed to Mnuchin at the U.S Treasury.
    2. AMRI00002 – (No Registered Mail Reference) – Private Registered Bond for Set-Off
    3. AMRI00003 – RA393427653US – Universal Payment Bond: Mailed to the Vatican which references the above bonds AMRI00001 & AMRI00002 .

  9. Paul Stramer

    From Anna Von Reitz:

    Birth state is where all your information is and where your permanent domicile belongs, so that is the state you use for indemnity purposes.

  10. MrGumm

    Thanks for this, Anna. That is what's known as understatement. It astonishes me that anyone could reverse engineer this… Gonna cut myself short to avoid a dirty old habit.

    1. We don't have a Title for our cars. We have Certificate of Title. I understand they are not the same thing. Do we mark this up as indemnified in lieu of a Title?
    2. Do we need to file that in the Country Recorder office?
    3. I sent you an email on 5/22 through Paul. Oregon Legal Notice of Non-Assumpsit Posted. I didn't receive a reply. I had some questions in there about what you further needed.

  11. Chris Robideaux

    It wasn't enough to rip us off for 80 years via “Social Security” foreign situs account deception; wasn't enough to misappropriate trillions of dollars through “income tax,” “property tax” and other deceptive money laundering schemes; wasn't enough to take $800B USD in a TARP bailout. The GAO “lost track” of $6.5T USD last October, and now the poor little rat-shit bastards are in bankruptcy, and we're expected to pick up the check???? I say shoot these brigands upon the land on sight when/if they come to claim what isn't theirs. They all deserve the death penalty anyway for inland piracy, unlawful conversion, personage, barratry, etc. and you can cite the Fourth Geneva Convention along with Title 18 USC 1651, “Piracy under the law of nations” due to the usa being under the Emergency War Powers Act. It's a war. Arm yourselves well on all fronts!

  12. james pansini

    One other thing you all have to overcome is those two clauses on your 30 page morgtage(or deed of trust), which none of us read….Revoke the “original power of attorney” and “the power of sale clause”, otherwise the banks attorney will convince the judge that their claim is still higher since it was filed first and never challenged or “revoked”. Yes, its a “pain in the ass”. You have to waste time, money, and frustration at the CRO because they are very particular what they want on your filings and they really arent supposed to tell you how to correct it so they will accept it. But just google something in your area about how to present a properly completed filing that your CRO will accept. If you already have it almost right, they will usually tell you what is missing. But they are not there to tell you exactly how it should look like, because…well you know why…”liability”. No one wants it…!!!

  13. Unknown

    I was born in Illinois but have lived in Pennsylvania for over 20 years so which state is used? I figured Pennsylvania since all of our property is held in Pennsylvania……

  14. AirCarvings

    I sent a certified copy of certificate of live birth to Steve Munchin. And a letter instructing to open account. He is assigned as fiduciary on the IRS form on the fiduciary line for the NAME NAME. I put my all small letter signature for Name Name and I did get the registered mail return, finally received after a strangly long hangup at a post office in New York. They got it, I have copies and also have a common law copyright in a safe, could publish it in a newspaper or serve it if need by and as well security agreement, UCC filing and another indemnity bond. Having something is a good idea to counter the creditor claims if any arise and are. Thanks for warning us and helping in this. People do not realize the creditor debtor schemes in force and being used to steal peoples life blood, labor, work and ulitmately hard earned property.


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