Retired Means Retired!

By Anna Von Reitz

Once you are “retired” you are retired and that is that. You are owed your pension and health insurance from “the government” corporation in the same way that you would be owed your pension and health insurance from IBM or Walmart or REI.  

You do not have any further obligation to the corporation. You can live wherever in whatever jurisdiction you wish. You simply have to make a choice — freedom or continued slavery?   Having made that choice, you inform the State Secretary of State that you are retiring from any presumption of United States Citizenship or enfranchisement and are returning to your natural birthright status. 
You don’t lose anything, you simply change your political status.  You “surrender” the Municipal PERSON created by the Birth Certificate back to the Secretary of the Treasury, you rescind your “Voter Registration” and you record the simple Improved Act of Expatriation that also covers your domicile and your allegiance to the land jurisdiction state.   You inform your bank that your account is a private account and all funds transferred and deposited must be denominated as lawful money.  You put a label “Retired Not for Hire” on the back of your drivers license.  You buy “forever tags” for your license plates and “unregister” your car.  
As a former federal civil service employee you will have to continue to pay federal income taxes on that portion of your pension that actually comes from federal employment.  If you worked for the federal government your whole life, you will have to pay income taxes on the whole amount.  If you were in private employment for 30 years and the bulk of your pension is based on that, you only pay federal taxes on the portion derived from later federal employment. 
For most people whose only “federal employment” may have been a two year stint as a young man in the military, the amount of their pensions derived from such slight attachment to the federal corporation is negligible and they don’t have to pay federal income taxes at all, and are naturally exempt.
You have not been taught any of this, because it was to the advantage of these foreign corporations that you never learn it and never exercise your exemptions and never be free.  It is to their advantage if they can take and take and take, and never have to pay back anything.  As a “citizen” you are at their mercy and have to accept whatever they give you, just as any slave must.  As a state national, you are guaranteed their service and protection and are owed all the guarantees of the original Constitution.  

If you were born in this country, it’s your choice how you want to live and what kind of status you wish to adopt.  It is not THEIR choice and once you exercise your exemption, THEY have no right to say one word to you about it.   
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18 thoughts on “Retired Means Retired!

  1. LifeCoach Cher-ie

    Names exist in corporations only .. we cant have more than one name … our Christian name and we shouldn't be signing anything … at least not with a box around it …man cant mix with commerce

  2. LifeCoach Cher-ie

    Who has done this process and did you get letter as
    Having full faith and credit ??? Are you sending all your bills to govt to pay as they are surety
    And all money paid into system should be returned right away … if so sorry to trespass on mankind ??????

    Im interested to here what happened contact me

  3. LifeCoach Cher-ie

    I havent seen anything about full faith and credit to enjoy all benefits and get all bills paid for as they agreed to be surety and we dont use name .. common law is also a trap .. BC is in a box, us framed… what info about our bills do you have … as creditor living in abundance????

  4. penny4yerthoughts

    yes the newpaper authenticates as they did to you when you were “birthed”, as well as “die” they let you know that the Estate has been abandoned and they are lookng for anyone with an interest. when nobody shows up, they probate it, and place it in their trust. In God They Trust, get it? thats it, that simple. the original may not even exist but if you dont take the steps to change your status properly, it will apply.

    when the prodigal son returns home to show proof of life, face to face, to correct the record, all evidence is working against you. probably VERY few people understand this except the courts which is why if you dont PAY to play their game by their rules, as far as their minions are concerned, you are in and being administrated until you prove you have the legal capacity and are the age of majority in terms of knowledge, experience and discipline; which means NOW you are an infant, with legal disabilities, a lunatic of unsound mind. get it?! thats why they make you do a psyche eval as you are double minded and all over the place to them…which is actually accurate right?!

    obviously this knowledge is not meant for the average person which is why NDA's typically have to be signed. and to be honest with you it proabably agree on a big level.

    i put in one of the articles the other day through the public law of what needs to be done, did anyone even catch it?

  5. james pansini

    You can probably revoke just about all our contracts with the state. But we can never revoke the “original” application for those contracts ever. You will never get your original application back. They keep all those forever.And as far as all of us collecting SS, of course we are all scared. You dont think we should be just a little bit afraid of them doing something unlawful by taking away our only way to live. Who is going to stop them or hold them accountable…YOU!!! The county recorders office is supposed to file anything you want without question because they have no legal authority to do so, even if its a fraudulent filing. But it does have to meet their requirements for the filing, naming names,parties, etc. And they will go over your filing to see if everything is correct before they file it. And they will help you a little, but untimately your supposed to know. Filing in the local newspaper is a good idea, but ultimately, no paperwork is better than a “court order”, like penny4yerthoughts said. That order carries the full weight of law behind it, and the only thing recognized by law enforcement….!!!

  6. GW

    Montana offers all vehicle owners permanent vehicle tags for cars and trucks older than 10 years. ALL motorcycles, ATV's trailers and boats are registered ONCE for life.

  7. Trish House

    Anna, thank you so much for this. It is a relief to have this data when one is just beginning the process of becoming free. You are much loved for all your help and kindnesses.

    If one revokes a social security number to extract oneself from contract with the corporate USA will their records take me off the benefits role?

  8. AirCarvings

    I found in the legislative laws of Washington State detailed instructions on how to go before a Judge and request that your land be registered. Right below it was instructions on how to unregister it if you had changed your mind. You simply filled out a paper that stated it and filed it to un-register. DMV and those who say “we are not allowed” are under someone else, mere subjects or users and not acting as men or women with rights. Also just had a car that was deregistered by the owner, turned in as junk on insurance claim even though I fixed the car pretty cheap, then the buyer using the Bill of Sale or who owns it evidence that was a Bill of Sale, had it inspected and re-registered. If they say they cannot de-register forgive them for ignorance and love them but hold their actions to the fire of truth.

  9. penny4yerthoughts

    another thought is to place it in trust, you do not want to own anything, but control everything. let the trust and trustee handle it all for you. In God We Trust, there is a reason they say this

  10. penny4yerthoughts

    better to go to court and have things officially done, name change, expatriation etc. declaratory judgement…without a court order or decree they will not recognize anything you do randomly especially if you have to much contact already as a U.S. Citizen they will just look at your actions and use it against you.

  11. Doug Simpson

    I read an article one time about something like this. Whether or not they will “accept” your “documentation” is irrelevant. Make your document, get it notarized, post it in a public place, like a newspaper or a site like: and let it run for two weeks. If you don't get any heat, go to the county recorder's office and tell them you want the documents recorded on the public record. Their job IS TO RECORD THE DOCUMENTS. Their job is NOT to interpret or otherwise stop your due process. If they refuse to record them, they are not doing the job they are being paid to do and you can bring specific charges against them for receiving public money but not doing the job that money is paying them to do. I can't remember all the details but this is the jist of it. If I run across it in my archives (I save EVERYTHING) I will add it to this post.

  12. Annonymous0210

    I bought a new car in 2007 from an independent car saleslady who worked with a car agency, but had her own business. When I received the car, she GAVE ME the MSO. However, back then I had no clue what she had just done, and being the “good little 'citizen'” that I was, promptly went down to the DMV and REGISTERED IT! THAT WAS SO DUMB. So about a year ago I went to a few dealerships also in Oregon looking at new cars, and I told all of them that I would not buy any car unless they could guarantee me that they would give me the MSO. Most of them had no clue what the MSO even was. So they went and got the President or somebody who ws supposed to know what an MSO is, and HE told me that they are “no longer allowed to give the buyer the MSO because the government is 'afraid' that the buyer will ship the car out of the country.” I SERIOUSLY doubt that was the real reason. It is more like people are waking up and now realize that the MSO IS the TITLE to the car you just gave them FRN's or a bank check for, which represents your labor in the only form of 'payment' you will get from your employer. However, I don't know if we were to buy a new car out of state if they would have to give us the MSO and I think that's why the car lady gave it to me, because at the time I lived in CA, bought the car in OR, and she gave me the MSO and told me to take it to the DMV in CA because I had to register it. I still have that car, and I could kick myself for not knowing then what I know now about MSO's. I have never heard of “forever tags” either! But I sure would like to FIND SOME:):) I am learning so much from Judge Anna.

  13. Annonymous0210

    In the State of Oregon, I have tried and tried to UN-register my car. They all tell me the same thing, “You cannot unregister your car.” What can you do if they just flat out REFUSE TO DO IT? They tell me that “There is no form to Unregister your car.” Can I make my own form, get it notarized, and just send it to them?
    Also, re marriage licenses, my son revoked his signature on his marriage Application/Certificate/License, (in CA it is all the same document), had it notarized, sent letters to both the County Recorder's Office where he got the marriage application in the first place, AND to the CA SOS, along with the Marriage Certificate AFV'd – both the County Recorder and the SOS returned EVERYTHING to him saying that there was “no statute that allowed them to revoke his signature. I have also had SOS's from 4 different states REFUSE to file any document where THEY say the NAME OF THE DEBTOR and the Name of the Secured Party is the “same person,” and they call it a “Strawman filing.” They are just flat out REFUSING to file and do anything that has to do with setting us free. What can you do when they just flat out REFUSE to do these things?
    Thank you.

  14. earthdweller

    I don't know where one would buy “forever tags” for the license plates on the car. I do know a man that bought a new car in 2001 out of state, had it delivered to his home, paid no sales tax and received the MSO from the dealer. He traveled for 6 or 7 years without registration but was harassed so much, including being thrown in jail, that he eventually gave up and registered the car. Our biggest problem is that the government agents do not follow the law, when in fact, they are the only ones that their law applies to.


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