To The Leaders On The Earth

By Anna Von Reitz

I shall place two angels, one before you and one behind you.  

The one before shall guide your steps and light the way you are to go and clear the way so that nothing shall stop you nor impede you for very long while you walk on the path I shall show you. 
The one behind you shall watch your every thought and step and prod you to do what is right as a master goads his ox, but if you are stubborn and will not yield, and continue on your own way, this following angel shall strike you down and end your power. 
This is the rule of the righteous: they act justly and walk humbly, in accord with the Will of Your Father and The Lord Our Righteous Savior, from now on.  
You shall not worry nor hunger after earthly things, nor ask yourself, “What am I to do?” or “What am I to say?”   The favor of the Lord shall be upon the righteous, and He, Himself, will guide you so that all men marvel and ask— “Who is this, who brings this message to us?”  
So long as you walk in the path I will show you, you will prosper and those, too, who are under your care.  No harm will come to you.  Indeed, upon the Earth, you will be known as The Blessed.  Those who speak against you will fall silent and those who seek to do you wrong will come to their own ends.  
But surely if you do not heed the angel who follows after you, you will be held to account for your hard-heartedness and greed and you will lose the portion of honor and riches already set aside for you.  
And so it is said, by the Lord Most High.  

2 thoughts on “To The Leaders On The Earth

  1. Awakend

    Amen. Were never going to have all the answers this side of heaven. Would it really be a better world if everyone had 100 million in their account. I don't think so.

  2. Unknown

    Well, this might happen in another “life” but it sure won't happen in this one!!! If these evil wicked miscreants haven't been stuck down for all of the evil that they have already done, don't hold your breath that they will get judgment in this life. In fact, there are prominent preachers that teach everyone is going to get “saved” even the devil, so what's the point!? Yes, the “next life” it's always the “next life” but I'd like a little “this life” for change and all you folks waiting for that “next life” can have it!!!!!!


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