A Personal Note

By Anna Von Reitz

I realized today that for the third year in a row, I haven’t even had time to make a batch of homemade jam for my family. It’s such a simple thing. Indeed, I always took it for granted. Of course, you “put by” tomatoes in season and picked your strawberries for syrup and jam and red raspberries, too… apple butter and plum butter and pickles, too. The familiar smells and tastes and the jars lined up on the pantry shelves in the fall. My pantry shelves are bare, folks. It’s been this way for three years.
I’ve had no life of my own at all. It’s all been given to you and for you, to dig this country and its people out of the morass of ignorance and gullibility and apathy into which so many have fallen—-and which poses such a clear and present danger now. 
My husband and I don’t regret it. We’d do it all again. But sometimes I just sit down and cry and rage.
We can’t do it alone. We have leveraged and fought and taught and done what needed to be done, and somehow, with help from above and friends near and far, it has all been accomplished thus far. Each week, our voices reach an estimated 55 million people, and from there, like a web, the news trickles out. We have to do more and we have to do it faster. Somehow.
And most urgently, the word has to be passed— don’t fall for the “M1 Bonds” or any other offer like it. Your organic states and your ESTATES have been redeemed and reclaimed. Now make sure that we don’t get fooled again— because that is what the rats are trying to do.
They are coming in here with more undisclosed “offers” and trying to get innocent people to sign away their lives and their rights and their property for a song. Warn everyone. Don’t sign anything for any reason that you don’t completely understand— and I mean, completely, looking up every word in a legal dictionary, so that you catch every possible meaning.
When you sign things from now on, do it with a “by-line” as if you were the author of a book. Always write it in front of your name, just like in a newspaper article— by: Joseph Alan Schmoe. 
Copyright everything you sign, even if it is a laundry ticket.
Guard yourselves and your property as well as you can. Learn. Think. Listen. Share. Put aside some extra food and toilet paper and other things people need, tea and coffee, flour, and yes, jam.
We’ve been framed. Set up to take the fall for the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. The rest of the world has been mistreated by these same cretins who have stolen us blind and commandeered our government. Many mistakenly blame us.
There are those who have their blinders on, those in a state of denial. They don’t want to believe it is as bad as it is, and they don’t want to admit why. At bottom, they are afraid. I don’t blame them. By all means, do everything you can to protect yourselves and your families, and if you can, help us do the work by passing on the information and by sending donations when you can.
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46 thoughts on “A Personal Note

  1. Nomi Effiah

    Great Choice! And if they have no record of voters registeration tied to our name so be it. Choosing it has not been used for sinster purposes by others.

  2. james pansini

    Every time I have to renew my registration on my car, they always ask me to enroll in voter registration..!! But I did that years ago. And 15 years ago I was charged with a felony. Usually when that happens, the State usually disenfranchised us and cancelled our voter registration. Maybe they did me a favor. Now they want me back, but I won't be conned again.

  3. Nomi Effiah

    Tried to locate voters registration- no record according to online search through their records search~ even though recalling voting once upon a time ~30 yrs ago. So appears we let it go unless some official document should be sent to them nevertheless. Would this be the case?

  4. Paul Stramer

    From Anna:

    All the college debts and credit debts will get swept away. If you attended a public university and you are an American there should never have been a fee and if you attended a private school the government should have paid for you.

    This is all getting addressed as part of the clean up process. Basically, no matter how you look at it , it is a bogus debt.

    The money you already paid should be returned and the debt erased.

    As for the IRS, once you return the Federal PERSON as instructed to the Treasury and record your expatriation and rescind your “voter” registration and send your letter revoking your election to pay, they no longer have a word to say. They may need your help to balance the books and may send a Xouchet for that purpose– but they have no further claim on you.

    The more interesting question is — how can they ever pay back what they have stolen from you.

  5. The Joe To Guy

    I've been following this in fascination for a while because it's mind boggling to actually find someone out there who knows all this and is willing to share. So, I got desperate and sent and email to Anna begging for help with my student loans. Navient in collusion with the Credit Reporting Agencies refusing to remove a debt they can't validate from my credit report and my poor mothers. It's not that I expected an answer but was, well still am, essentially desperate. Anna seems to have already generously spelled out my answer for me (and the rest of us). Claim my sovereignty and birth right, express my disgust with the fraud I was unwittingly dragged in to, invoke the indemnity bond. Then I just came across so many more questions and now cautions.

    I'm not old enough to retire, not even close, I'm 37. Does this mean I need to live as a debt slave for 20 – 30 more years? How will I stay employed with no social security number? How will I purchase a home? Or obtain credit for a vehicle in the future?

    Then I went to my friends who told me about Judge Anna's newsletter, they're in their 70's and been following this movement from its inception. They ought to know what I can do… They've claimed their sovereignty and birthrights to the soil, couldn't sell their house because of it. Than the IRS came after them and said you'll pay or go to prison for likely the rest of your life. Of course his defense… a sovereign… they're fraud… My Constitution… he (I will not mention his name for his safety) told me “the IRS looked at me right in the eyes and said we don't operate under those laws… if you don't make a deal with us you'll go to federal prison”. My friend called it political prison. He now pays. And will for the rest of his life a damaging cut of his monthly earnings. I'm sure he will now die working, never retire. It's too bad he's a good man caught up in the exhilaration of perhaps the concept of the true America we all think we are born to. The one imagrants come here to enjoy but dissappoingly never find.

    Furthermore, he and his wife's warnings, “BEWARE!!! We know many people in prison for doing this, we know others who are dead… BE CAREFUL!!!” This is what they say to me.

    NOW WHAT DO I DO? I'm literally begging right here right now for some answers. Is this a process that will only work near the end of my life? Who will help me when the IRS says we need to meet and they look me into my eyes and say bend over we own you no matter what?

  6. Nomi Effiah

    Penny4yerthoughts: Paper work such as…required before one can call themselves Holder in Due Course.
    BC person returned to treasury so this would equate to the creditor being now the Holder In Due Course. Observing the importance of one has to know what they are talking about or at least innerstand it to prevent unneccessary troubles.

  7. MrGumm

    Yeah, James, that about sums up my findings. 🙂 Let's see. I'll take it all, please. And a blowtorch. Just kidding. That might result in anarchy.

  8. MrGumm

    Anna said, “He can also demand to see the Death Certificate related to his name—- that really bolluxes them up, because the “Death” Certificate of the living man is in fact the “Birth Certificate” of the federal PERSON. They can't produce an actual Death Certificate and have to yield jurisdiction.”

    Hear that? Another piece clicked into place. Thank you. 🙂

  9. Paul Stramer

    From Anna:

    The method I have outlined in the Top Ten articles has worked 100% of the time for everyone who has implemented it before getting into trouble. No exceptions. These judges are skating a very thin line with capital crimes. They don't push it when they see people who know who they are and come in with their ducks in order. Even if a man gets incarcerated, if he has his paperwork on the record, he can appeal to a higher court (Circuit Court) and have the judgment vacated and the lower court's claim of jurisdiction overturned on the basis of the public record. He can also demand to see the Death Certificate related to his name—- that really bolluxes them up, because the “Death” Certificate of the living man is in fact the “Birth Certificate” of the federal PERSON. They can't produce an actual Death Certificate and have to yield jurisdiction.

    Anyway, I don't appreciate having you get on my page and rant and make generalizations about my method based on your unfortunate friend. There is no way anyone—including you— can know what happened to him or why without a close professional examination of his paperwork, transcripts and case history. Based on what we have seen elsewhere, your pal was already facing Federal charges BEFORE he started the correction process. If he was registered as a “Federal Person” at the time he was accused of a federal crime, they don't backdate political status. They consider after-the-fact changes of political status to be “self-interested flight from justice”, and in some cases, they may be right.

    As for “Disclosure by Notices” you will find that I spent twenty (20) years of my life giving all the “Notice” that anybody ever has to give the “federal government” and nobody need think that lack of notice is the problem or that all that has to be done again. They know what they are doing. The question is— do you know what you are doing?

  10. Nomi Effiah

    Penny4yerthoughts:”you are not the legal person it is your property/holder in due course and they have no subject matter jurisdiction, (if they dont depends on what was done) and do not enter their jurisdiction.” Charged with knowingly driving on suspended license. It was his belief since he was traveling from point A to point B and not involved in commercial activity in accordance with Right To Travel document supported by Supreme Court cases.Would this still be under no subject matter jurisdiction as mentioned.

  11. james pansini

    MrGumm….M-1 refers to the “Money Suppy”, the amount of money in the economy at any point in time.
    M-1) is generally funds in circulation, checking accounts, drafts, by the GAO(govt. Accounting Office).

    M-2) includes M-1, aswell as mutual funds,overnight repurchase agreements, and savings accounts.

    M-3) includes M-2, as well as longer term repurchase agreements and time deposits in excess of $100,000.

    L) includes M-3 as well as “bankers acceptances”(which gave rise to “acceptance for value” in the patriot community since we are all considered under law to be bankers when dealing with commercial instraments), T-bills and similar longer term investments.

    I hope this answers your question…!!! Clear as mud, right…!!

  12. penny4yerthoughts

    that does not work in and of itself. yes you will get a warrant for your arrest. best to do that but on paper. affidavit of rebuttal, affidavit of truth, your side which they cannot rebut with a motion to dismiss, read federal rules of civil procedure, 12 b 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, should be enough from there really.

    you have to go in honor, by special appearance, and prove to them it is a mistake, you are not the legal person it is your property/holder in due course and they have no subject matter jurisdiction, (if they dont depends on what was done) and do not enter their jurisdiction. motion to dismiss DO NOT create a controversy or they take jurisdiction…but if your friend does not know who he/she is it is a problem.

  13. MrGumm

    Thank you for the warning. I try to warn people of things I know up, down, and backwards and it usually gains nothing except their appreciation for what a lunatic I must be. Respectfully, how can I warn anyone of a danger I don't know anything about? Joe:”What's a M1?” Me:”Uh. I dunno, but don't do it.” Could someone post links to information on this M1 scam? So far web searches reveal crap. Nothing too technical, please. I would just like to become conversant in it. Thanks in advance.

  14. james pansini

    precise, present ,aware….can you please elaborate about your friend who wound up in jail so we can know or determine what happened. What was he fighting and why. Did he wind up in front of a judge or what. We need to figure out what happened…Much thanks.

  15. AirCarvings

    I now sign my name by: and use all small letters. Your mark can be whatever you want and that is mine. I used to just scribble one like a government employee, could not tell much about who it was. Just out spreading the word, good to encounter others who are open and have been tracking along, people are waking up..

  16. Chris Robideaux

    If you want to get at the heart of 9/11 truth, study the work of materials engineer Dr. Judy Wood, who has been at the forefront of a consortium of dissenting structural [and other] engineers in dismantling the fraudulent cover story of that terrible day and act. Her book “Where Did the Towers Go” is regarded by many in the 9/11 truth movement as the sine qua non study on it (free PDF here): http://www.checktheevidence.com/pdf/Where%20Did%20The%20Towers%20Go%20-%20Dr%20Judy%20Wood.pdf

  17. Nomi Effiah

    Neighbor wrote on summons “no contract, no case” within 3day period of receiving then returned and told by clerk of court better attend or they will come arrest you. How can this be when we all have the right to contract or not to contract. Something grossly wrong here as the duress continues

  18. Nomi Effiah

    Under Duress they get you to move for your own safety especially when their buddies join them and are swarming the car.
    Good to know “No Contract” and “Under Duress.” Does this really stop the wheel from moving forward we have seen the wheel keeps moving & your record keeps piling up with unpaid citations, penalties & fees.
    Observing contract law has not applied here. What next?

  19. Mike V

    “Un-Authorized” I've heard of cases getting bounced because they claimed it was not my “authorized signature”, big reason the micro print/line on the checks say Authorized Signature over and over its the only thing that really counts otherwise it would just say signature.
    Also claiming anything under UCC or any code is saying your under the jurisdiction of those codes, they are not yours to use without accepting a benefit (quasi-contract) by using them.
    Also “No Contract” and “Under Duress” like when an armed thug hands you a ticket.

  20. Cladon Stenson

    There are no newspapers that would cooperate. We need a plan to SHOCK the senses of humanity. Perhaps an Internet blitz. Something creative to stir the pot.
    One mind-One energy-toward planetary joy.

  21. james pansini

    To precise,present,aware…..I understand your frustration. The answer to your question is people are in prison because “THEY” dont have to follow any rules. Judge Anna, you say that people havent set up their bonds properly. But the banks bonds arent even being honored anymore by the swiss. So what did the banks do….Create “Perpetual Bonds”. These bonds differ from all legitamite bonds in that they DONT GUARANTEE ANYONE ANYTHING!!! Who in their right mind would invest in anything with absolutly no guarantee of return…..NO ONE. They are simply funding themselves. Is that legal…HELLL NO. Does anyone hold them accountable…NO!!!!!! WE always have to play by someones set of rules, when the are free to do anything they want. Thats why there are so many patriots in jail. Its not that they didnt have the truth, or the process correct. THEY simply tell all the courts and judges to jail anyone fighting the system….period!!!! Thats why Iceland had to take it to the streets and govt. buildings until their govt. complied and kicked out or jailed most of the bankers and their attorneys. They went back to living in peace in a manner of months, while we have been fighting this same situation for years now and being treated like criminals and ostracized and slandered as con artist who are trying to get away with fraud. The people themselves have become just as dangerous or more, than the courts themselves to us. How do you fight an enemy that doesnt play by any rules at all.??????

  22. james pansini

    Read everthing before you sign it..???? Does that mean reading 30 pages of legalese while the line behind us just keeps getting longer and people getting more frustrated. The only why to deal with a contract is to use your remedy at UCC 3-401 Signiture defined: A signiture can be any name or trade name, or ANY word or mark. SO, here are your choices: 1) Without Recourse 2) Without Prejudice 3) At Arms Lenght 4) put your signiture in a box 5) anything else you can think of to negate that you signed the contract with a “blank” signiture(using your name only without any special wording with it). Everyone in the corporate world wants a “blank signiture”. Tell them your signiture can be anything according to contract law. If no one will accept special wording, and you are in a position where you have no wiggle room, then put three dots in front of your name before signing. Those 3 dots means you had something else to say buy couldnt. Then mail a letter, certified, telling them what the 3 dots stood for…..that you wanted to add without prejudice , etc.

  23. Whole2th

    On the morning of 9-11 while driving to work listening to NPR, the announcement of the second plane hit just made … a voice came from my solar plexus: “Great good will come from this.”

    It has been 16 + years of study and dissemination. The Achilles heel of the cabal is the ugly truth of 9-11. Expose 9-11 and the house of cards comes down. People aren't really to rally over academic exercises until they see how ugly and dangerous the cabal actually are.

  24. james pansini

    Putin, definately respects the Donald. Even he said he isnt the guy he expected him to be. Did you see that handshake that Trump gave Putin. A handshake is just as symbolic as a flag. He shook his hand with one hand and put his other hand “under” Putins arm, in a definite show of respect. At some point i can see them having quite a conversation over Russia's best vodka…..!!!


    The State of Washington Health Department, Whatcom County and the Vatican have been caught red handed in the murder of my wife in St. Joseph's Hospital in Bellingham washington by using emergency responders to puncture her internal jugular vein yet the brutal murder is being censored everywhere, you would think this site especially would want to show how our government and foreign corporations are handling their liabilities by legislating death with dignity statutes that allow hospitals to murder us and eliminate civil and criminal liability under the color of law. This can happen to anyone, they hate to have to give back their gold, it's payback for Anna exposing the truth, masses need to be warned, “hastening death is murder”.

  26. Nomi Effiah

    Thanks Again, Dear Anna, Paul & Teamsters. We all have our part to play. We Appreciate All.
    All these different scenarios to find best solutions for humanities highest good as we share & care for each other.

  27. Nomi Effiah

    “When you sign things from now on, do it with a “by-line” as if you were the author of a book. Always write it in front of your name, just like in a newspaper article— by: Joseph Alan Schmoe.

    Copyright everything you sign, even if it is a laundry ticket.”

    When copyrighting/proof of claim ones name we have the innerstanding UCC 1 required as next step. Question, so state sends UCC 1 back stating incomplete try again, even though this step of resubmiting UCC1 to State is a work in process-main concern is the “Public Notice” claim of right on legal entity still stands as well as Security Agreement since its been documented in local newspaper as “Public Notice” still stands as a Done Deal that cannot be changed.Sounds right, ey?

  28. precise ,present ,aware

    We are thanking when we have not made a fucking dent in the system ! fuck the jam ,you want to stand up for the world then walk your talk and or make jelly ,buy it its cheaper if you have an hourly rate .
    There has been one person that followed all the filings of your info Anna and they are doing prison time supossingly after they were informed they are entirely off the public site ,the fed was in Alaska and cleaning house then why is this man having to serve in prison ?
    So we are all being ed to believe this is the correct interpretation andthe correct process to change political status ,set up treasury appointments ,give notices ,record etc ,I have read it all ,I have seen one of your closest followers swear to god its the truth yet its failed ..and so what Anna are you going to say to the other millions that might be spending money and trusting and following your directions? Are you going to refund us all? where is your liability in giving information that doesnt lead to the land only muddy waters of land and sea .I am not pissed ,I am tired of others leading the masses on a a goose chase just to find it doesnt really work.Lets get smart here folks ,each one of us should be donating to place newsaper articles on the front pages of some big major metro cities ,those articles will spread to each news stand in every starbucks ,every grocery store everywhere the coverage will expose and send huge huge shock waves and provide the much necessary DISCLOSURE BY NOTICES..
    Lets move to meet online to create this effort ,I am willing to provide the boiler plate article for mass distribution around the world it should be a plan that doesn't change its application ,just reposting the same add over and over until it reaches the critical mass and the donations will go through the roof

  29. bubbapatric

    New party in Sweden sprang up with the presidential win of trump the believe in small government I see that (but)
    If it a honest government like the unification of all the German enclave burrows the became the industrial leader of the world and a target on thair back.challenge the status quo the British pound gets you declared war on.
    Greedy ppl.

  30. Jenny Wiley

    A few years ago (actually, after 911,) when I was in deep meditation and prayer, I asked to know the truth, and the thought message which came to me was actually a question. Unlike Jack Nicholson's line in 'A Few Good Men,' the question was, “Can you handle the truth?” And I naively thought back, “Oh, sure, I can.” Well, the old adage of being careful what you ask for, is still playing around in my brain. I have learned far more than I wanted to know, and have had to deal with certain realities I never would have guessed existed. Actually, very much of the info I have been privileged to learn has come from the efforts of Judge Anna herself, and from her fellow researchers. And I cannot thank her enough, but as soon as I am able to do so, and very soon I hope, I will be expressing my gratitude to her with actual funds.

  31. bubbapatric

    Bad news for the cabal the American russia war they tried to spark failed putin and the donald cut a deal.
    And glory be to God the beautiful speach Donald delivered in Poland the hot bed of nationalism .

  32. Kimberly Bonds

    I can't put into words my sincerest appreciation, I have for all your blood & sweat
    You, your husband, cookie, and Paul and all the rest have accomplished for the world,there will come the day when you'll go back to all your lifes fulfillments, and there will be peace ❤..
    I am your biggest fan, And i do see light 💡 at the end of our tunnel, we're almost there, yet we are there..

  33. Dan Carpenter

    Anna, you and your team have taken on an unprecedented task which most people cannot comprehend. I am a Canadian and wondering how much of the work you have done applies to Canada. I have been trying to learn as much as I can as our country has different “legal” ramifications than does yours but ultimately, the same results in the end. Is there someone or some group in Canada that I can connect with to assist in bringing down this oligarchy? Thank you for all you have done and are doing.

  34. jason mcleod

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Thank you for all that you do. I've donated to the cause several times and I'll continue to do so. May the Transcendent God fill you with His will, His light, His love and protection.

  35. Golden Income

    Thank you for all your help and research for those that have awaken for we could not have done it without Judge Anna! THANK YOU – – As we all experience the same in our lifes escaping the system “May You Truly Trust In God To See You Through”!

  36. Annonymous0210

    Anna, THANK YOU! I can't even imagine all you do. Just the stuff we are trying to do can seem overwhelming at times, always wondering if we are doing it all, and if we are doing it correctly, and even sometimes understanding even WHAT we are doing. You are an angel, and we are all so thankful for you. May God bless you and your family – I'm sure your ultimate reward will be beyond any human words. Thank you.


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