Clarifications About Bonds and Birth Certificates

By Anna Von Reitz

1. Individual people don’t have to find two qualified guarantors to complete their own Private Registered Indemnity Bond — just two Witnesses.  It’s better if you can find two such guarantors, but the process can be done one by one, with a couple living witnesses.   To save time and protect property quickly, you can forego doing your own separate bond for now and place it under your state’s already posted indemnity bond—- “AMRI00001 RA393427640US — California”– for example.  

2.  It takes ninety (90) days for individual bonds to take effect, and it may take longer than that for the Treasury to process them, because the Treasury is absolutely swamped. 
3.  The reason that I recommend that people get their Birth Certificates verified by the State Secretary of State prior to sending to the Treasury is related — the Treasury has to go back and check all the BC’s, which adds time to the processing.  You can expedite things by doing this step for them and producing the already confirmed record. 

24 thoughts on “Clarifications About Bonds and Birth Certificates

  1. Cheryl Whitestone

    If you find that let me know too thanks. Maybe here on this blog. There are some helpful videos on youtube, weeding through them is the hard part. I try to encourage anyone who is explaining something to write as if the reader is from another planet, don't assume they know what you are talking about. Not to mention, ever notice how names of things are changed; ie on one page of the same web site password will be called passcode in other areas of the same web site.. wth???

  2. Martin Hansen

    I wouldn't worry about it to much Jack the other side of the story has many more, and more pronounced illiterates. Not to make excuses but Bubba may have an issue beyond his control, at least at the moment, we don't know do we. So lets not make assumptions you Know what they say about assumptions.

  3. Paula

    Dear Anna, I wish you had an example for people who need a visual…
    1: Do anyone have an example of this process?
    2: A step by step of this process?
    3: is this process written out on a plain white sheet of paper?
    4: then actually mailed to the treasury?
    5: Help!

  4. Mike V

    LOL I watched another of his video's and he explained exactly what I stated below , it is basically AFV without all the paperwork. I wish I had something personally to try to pay off, I personally havn't used my SS# for anything in years and no IRS contact in over 12-13 years.

  5. Jack Hamilton

    You sound illiterate! Poor grammar equals poor communication and makes everyone who's trying to defeat the enemy in our midst sound stupid! I suggest you use spell check at a minimum.

  6. Mike V

    Thanks,aware of most of this already your private Treasury Acct is just the SS# without the dashes + the routing #, seems just like online AFV without all the written dialogue, not saying it doesn't work but there is also a taxing IRS side to this you cant tap the account without also balancing the books.
    These mortgage Co's define fraud 50 different ways, it would be nice to have a clear concise fraud remedy that just has accounts disappear, like producing proof of the actual loan that you never actually received or an accounting of all the cusip numbers of other accounts piggy backing your loan. They do not just concede they have endless funds to fight to conceal the fraud and courts in there pockets.
    I tried to get a look at my dad mortgage years ago but he wouldn't let me see it, just so I could see the language regarding the trustee, this seems to be the nexus of all their power having power of trustee given to them so they can simply seize control as trustee.

  7. Mike V

    SO I do not believe I have seen it mentioned that this bond process can actually help pay off existing debts only protect property from future problems ???
    The M1 bond specifically is set up to pay off existing debts and backed by the Vatican as part of the Jubilee process…Unless I am mistaken? They are running the show and offering a remedy, So I do not see the over all issue? Its like being struck in a video game and getting a bonus 50 lives to keep playing, anyone that thinks they are out free of the system is extremely clueless IMO. If you are able to pay off existing debts using either process then you can still go back and change the existing recordings ect and protect the property either way?
    I would greatly appreciate some clarity on the process as I am only interested in helping my father pay off his existing mortgage which has been refinanced multiple times just to handle debts, he took care of both my grandparents until they passed at home paying for private care etc and built up heavy debts in the process.

  8. Unknown

    dear judge I'm kind of confused about why do I want to use the Crooked government to make sure I have a birth certificate when I really don't need one other than for what? I'm trying to take my birth name away from the government both federal government and state government because of all the fraud that they caught me up in please advise me of the question that I asked I will pay you or anybody that you know that can do this to the UCC codes for me

  9. KamS

    Judge Anna, I do not understand how can any one use corrupt system to bind anything in law? Since you indicated everything from 1860 are fraudulently altered, visibly 1957 forward, I can see and the link of fraud related to current Corporate Courts and Government entities. So why have corrupt “State Secretary of State” legalizing the unstable system? How do we know the legitimacy when everything in the system now are corrode. Thanks for your explanation.

  10. bubbapatric

    Fruit from a poisonous tree says at our founding ppl knew the fine line between gov and ppl.the enumerated powers held them in check.the 10 Sq mi DC jurisdiction became blurred was the corperation passing laws for them ? Or stepping across the enumerated powers .
    The deliberately mirrored our Constitution , our title united states.
    But they knew here's the line your side ours.


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