People– You Must Learn From Your Mistakes

By Anna Von Reitz

Suddenly there are all these “offers” — the so-called M1 “Prosperity Bonds” and now “Treasury Direct Accounts”.

Remember the Trojan Horse and Esau’s bowl of porridge.  By accepting these offers you don’t know what you are giving up.  You are doing precisely the same thing your parents did– signing up for things and obligating yourselves without knowing the consequences. 
Just STOP.
You have just been set free. Don’t run in willy-nilly and entrap yourselves again. 
And don’t give away the birthright that has been won back for you. 
This kind of “assumption” and private contracting process is what got you and your country into trouble in the first place. 
You are dealing with snake oil salesmen. Be aware of that! I have tried to teach you Truth from Lies and the dangers of assuming anything– so turn on your Shinola Sensors High Alert. 
I have not read the M1 Bonds but I can tell you that the organizations backing them have an evil history and that bonds by their nature are almost always debt instruments.  You do NOT want to bond yourself in exchange for service or money or any other thing. 
I haven’t gotten to the bottom of the Treasury Direct Accounts either, but they appear to be for federal employees and dependents and NOT for birthright Americans. 
It is possible that the TD Accounts may be used as a vehicle for all Americans to receive back the trust funds that are owed to them, but it is also possible that this is just another bowl of porridge scam designed to trick you into foreign citizenship and servitude and offering to pay you only a slaves’ portion in exchange for your whole inheritance. 
Remember –these are all the same organizations that set up the Great Fraud. These are all the same parties that created the Breach of Trust that led to this situation. They had already planned to kill off their Creditors by the millions to enrich themselves and leave only slaves to serve their needs– a Fourth Reich Nazi-Style government complete with Death Camps. 
Knowing that you must also know that you cannot just “trust” these organizations and foreign governments to give you anything but more chicanery. 

Let us deal with them and nail all details down BEFORE signing ANYTHING.
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52 thoughts on “People– You Must Learn From Your Mistakes

  1. james pansini

    Penny4yurthoughts…you asked, why no one ask for their “off-sheet bookkeeping ledgering”. Well, i just did when i sent out a postal “money order” for a parking ticket recently. The money prder was marked “lawful money(4USC411), and basically told them this is a “counteroffer” to your offer. Amd that no other offers will be accepted by your dept. In the letter, they were specifically ORDERED that if they accepted the money order, than they also accepted the “liability” with it…and that means that they were ordered to list that money on their “accounts payable” on their off bookkeeping ledgering as a liability on their books, and not an asset on your on bookeeping ledgering ,as an accounts receivable. And i ordered them to show me a copy of their ledgering if they accepted the money, or i will presume you tried to use it as an asset, in which case i will notify the IRS, the FTB, and the DA, and civilily sue you for damages and penalties of up to a million dollars, which by accepting the money order, it states clearly on the back, that if cashed, you are waiving all rights to remedy, recourse, or protest. The same language they use on morgtage loans. In other words, their only recourse is to pay me one a “summery judgement”, and nothing else. I accidentally overpaid by .50. I havent gotten the respose back yet, but when i go online, the ticket was paid, but has a balance of negative .05. Ill let you guys know what that means when i get a response.


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