Actual Judicial Notice now up on Anna’s Website

This link will give you the Judicial notice and filing information for the actual signed Judicial Notice of Claim  of June 29, 2017, filed in Alaska.

These are in JPG format. In other words they are a picture of the actual documents.

To print you need to save them to your drive, then open them in a graphics program like Photoshop, or Corel, then print them from that program.

Paul Stramer


37 thoughts on “Actual Judicial Notice now up on Anna’s Website

  1. Kimberly Bonds

    And just to add..
    The notarization authentication consisted of a cover page stapled on top of my documents
    And I was told to never remove the stapled copy from off top, by the woman in the office.

  2. Kimberly Bonds

    Good morning Mike V
    I'm speaking in regards to the information above about how to get your records into the public records, I just wanted to mention that the county recorder's office turned me away with every document that I attempted to have recorded,, I ended up taking all those documents to the courthouse and placed in the docket for the case and had them certified or rather redeemed if that makes any sense.. So with the Affidavit/Expatriate documents I went to the old court house here in Cleveland downtown and I had the notarization authenticated by the woman,, and then I walked them across the street to The court house where I've taken the ones in the past..
    I was also thinking.. Aren't these records public? (In my thoughts of course)
    So after reading your statement above, paragraph 2 is what I've done with the docucemts I described earlier in this message, and so hearing it from your statement, my documents have still been recorded into the public records without going through these foolish people at the CRO?
    This is great!

  3. james pansini

    You not just whistling Dixie. But in our hands at least, it has been an indispensable asset. But to our kids and 99% of America it is just another distraction used for nothing but stupidity. Hardly anyone uses it for the truth, like us…sad.

  4. Mike V

    Mostly everyone has already excepted the “chip” it's called a Smart phone, question is smart for who?
    It's basically already surgically attached to most people.

  5. james pansini

    Mike v…i totally agree with you. And even if they missed something, they have the entire judicial system to correct it immediately and rope it back in. Look at what is happening to Trumps administration. There isn't one person he can trust. And he always considered himself to be a good judgement of people. But not in the white house. One day they are loyal to you, the next their not. It would drive me insane to have that position. Sessions totally betrayed his trust. Trump has never dealed with such good liers. And they all have been feeding off the tariff for too long, and taken numerous bribes, not to mention other high crimes and treason. They all watch each other's back. When this story is finally written, it will put the “Godfather” to shame. Now I know the reason for “revalation” in the bible. Like the movie “terminator”said, we were never meant to avoid “judgement day”. Just survive it. Can't you guys start to see how hard it's going to be not to accept that chip….almost literally impossible. Any John Conners out there…???

  6. Cladon Stenson

    All of this dialogue, although true, has missing pieces to the puzzle of claiming Sovereignty. The present humans occupying the planet were not the designers of this scheme. It was aristocratic bloodlines with inbreeding and insatiable appetites for power and wealth. Every war fought on this planet was for wealth and power. Fast forwarding to the present day, their whole plan is crumbling. Too many humans becoming aware of their true selves. Adding to this an inner compass directing us toward our higher good. We cannot serve two masters! It is time to choose the path leading to our original purpose, caretakers of the planet and living in harmony. Once we embrace this concept there will be unlimited universal assistance to bring this about. Make the intent and watch the results unfold. Let go of, when, how and why! Release all fears! Focus on the outcome with every fiber in your body. Follow no one! Do your own due diligence. All is well!

  7. Mike V

    yes, Bill Cooper blew this wide open almost 20 years ago and produced an extremely detailed document showing the total fraud between the BATF and IRS with a tit for tat detailed time line of their whole evolution. AND the origins of the BATF originally during the prohibition these guys were more corrupt then the bootleggers they were supposedly enforcing against.

  8. james pansini

    I agree with AS. Shenny, you have to give us more info. We're you arrested for trying to file something at the county recorders office, after you filed it, or did the CRO call the police when you tried to file it. Or did the cops come to your house to arrest you. The county recorders office has no authority not to accept a filing, even if it's fraudulent, because they don't know the law either. But the filing has to meet the recorders conditions for a specific form, before they will file it. And technically they aren't supposed to, because of liability, but if it is just a minor oversite, then they will usually tell you how to correct. But unless they are being ordered by the DA' s office about these particular filings, they aren't supposed to get involved. This is what we need to establish. Because if the DA' s office is warning the CRO of people trying to file anything that looks like it is paperwork from “the patriot movement”, then we are being profiled. It's so important to share what you did, so we can figure out what happened. Shenny, we need the full story in detail and what was said when you tried to file it….I told you guys before that a lose is way more important for us to understand than a win. We can only gauge what is really happening, only from a lose, not a win. Anyone having trouble filing, but especially if your arrested, we need to know what happened immediately. Be specific on what was said or done. We need to figure this out. Just saying you were arrested, doesn't tell us anything. We need to know why you were arrested. This goes for everyone.

  9. Awakend

    Then, they have everyone's individual master file in the IRS incoded as having excise taxes related to alcohol, tobacco and firearms. They 1st come at you with notices of deliquent taxes, failing to inform you what kind of tax it is except a 1040 kind of tax. There's no such thing as a 1040 tax, they use it to make you think its a bonafide income tax, when in fact, they are asking for part of their federal reserve notes back that have been used to make profit and gain from your involvement with alcohol, tobacco and firearms. All enforcement activity on incvome taxes are in title 27, not title 26, which is the Internal Revenue Code.

  10. Awakend

    They'll let a few sheep get through, but if it turns into a herd, they'll use the force of their agencies to stop the rest of the slaves.

  11. Mike V

    They have a “Miscellaneous” section you can try usually, also there are some extremely friendly counties that people all over the country file in it doesn't have to be in the one your in, then you just give notice of the filing and they can take it up with the other county if they have a problem.
    Some people just give notice to the court this is considered the public record it is a public court, just have proof of the notice being received, and additionally some get a second verification by the court/clerk of the Notary called an “Authenticated Acknowledgement of Notary” this solidifies that the court recognized your notice.
    Some are sending notice to the Secretary of State since he is the final word on citizenship, or filing your affidavit with the passport application as proof of status, then filing a FOI request afterwards to verify the affidavit was received because they will not acknowledge it but this is considered tacit consent either way.

  12. bubbapatric

    Arrested for what ? Fileing.your status correction ? Give us the complete story for everyone's benifit.that's falce arrest .obstruction of justice we must learn to fight.if we don't the will continue to have thair way with us.we sure need a legal work shop .the multiple agencies all with arrest powers and guns and badges have to be defunded.the corperate machine needs it's attack dogs .while the pilfer our valuable time and would say money but our hard assets is the target.intresting remark from marshals call we can have judges up the wazoo but without marshals it's got no teeth . The courts you say with activest judges that won't let you have standing .

  13. A A

    Notice how no one on here is paying attention to you or responding to you Shenny…even after you said you were arrested? Red Flag! They will come back & say you didn't do this correct, or that correct. What is happening with your arrest & do you need to go to court over this?

  14. Mike V

    James realize attorneys are an agent by definition, they work for who ever is paying them, corporations have their own teams of attorneys on staff that only work for them, for profit parasitic corporation are at the core of the matter, they have been dictating all the terms of government and the legal system since pre-civil war , 99%+ cases regarding the the 14th amendment were usually for and in favor of corporations challenging State laws that kept them under control, so it's hilarious when hearing Guru's bang on the 14th amendment for creating a new class of citizen but ignore the rise of the corporate state all together which was a direct result of corporations claiming federal protections under it.
    There are no mega law firms with an army of corporations underneath them it is the exact opposite, the average attorney does very little actual work they have assistant and paralegals and most work PIP auto accident cases where the payout is set, they just game the system by racking up the bills for clients so their payout % is higher, most are low level minions with a fraction of a clue.

  15. james pansini

    Who do you think is writing all the legal paperwork will will eventually be forced to sign……BAR ATTORNEYS…OF COURSE!!! This group of people have done more misery to Americans than “radical extremist muslims”. We have got to cut ties with that group. The central bank's couldn't function without them. Look what happened just recently with Trumps pick for the supreme court…Mr Sessions. No sooner did he take office, he betrays Trump by recusing himself from the Russian investigation. I told him awhile back, that if he didn't do something about attorneys, he would eventually find himself trapped by them….they are not your friends Mr Trump. Well, look what happened. He still doesn't get it. The U.S. might be a Corporation, but it doesn't function like any other Corporation on earth. There's no loyalty to the CEO, and it's harder than hell to “fire” someone. It's a Corporate nightmare. He desperately needs our help. He can't do it by himself. He has too many powerful people against him. And they will wear him down or put him in an early grave.

  16. Shenny Bradford

    Well, I was arrested on July 3, 2017 for trying to record the documents in Sanctuary City, Las Vegas, Nevada, where I was born in 1943. And i did try to attach it to property I own there.

  17. Paul Stramer

    From Anna:

    I already told everyone how to handle obstructionist clerks. Go to my website and scan the bottom of the list for a few weeks back and you will see an article that has “Handling Obstructionist Clerks” in the title. So go read it.

  18. Mike V

    ” I don't want to answer to a Corp. authority anymore.”
    This is a nice idea but far from our reality!
    They got you 50 different ways, realize a cell phone is nothing but a commercial vehicle transmitting utility of data , does it have an original title like a car that you do not own, your phone number is like your state registration of the vehicle.
    Everyone has a home IP address and router box , this is in addition to water meters, electric meters, all these devices are extensions of those utilities, quasi-governmental utilities essentially everyone are franchisees of these utilities.
    Nobody owns Lawful titles only legal titles with the State, “Residential” means Rental property (usually under 4 units) vs commercial property, as a Passenger car is meant to transport passengers for hire.
    Any card that is State issued then you are still under State control .
    Funny I saw in an old voting book for New York where it states to qualify you need either your Naturalization certificate or your personal oath of Nativity, your word was your Identification as an American.

  19. bubbapatric

    Problem is as I see it federal regulations and any country that has a treaty with the US.reports on americans .to escape you have to go through a non reporting bank such as Annas nations bank exempt it's yours no garnishment . Friend lost a million
    When IRS was notified by bank many people get ratted on. Then you are a hard target free to invest on world markets like the big boys

  20. Mike V

    If you have received vaccines with non-human dna in it since they grow cultures in foreign animal materials then technically you may not be 100% human ?

  21. Mike V

    These guys plot out strategies decades in advance of what anyone has a clue that is going on, they met with Bitcoin years ago to strategize , since created Etherium out of Switzerland that has taken off like 5-10X since I mentioned it before. Everyone thinks the Crypto's are the ultimate freedom and ultimate answer LOL!!!! That they can regulate the hell out of on an individual county basis like they do with everything else unless your hiding your info good and working out of Thailand? They can destroy Bitcoin in the US with 1 Executive order linking Bitcoin directly to terrorist activity and now your funding terrorists the narrative is already there through recent events. Not to mention the end game prime objective is to get everyone 100% dependant on digital banking and currency then total control is a key stroke away, you DRiver licence is already your National ID card and Facebook will most likely be your future Cyber Licence to even access the Internet and you will start getting tickets for internet activity or just get cut off and suspend, Far fetched ? Highway vs Internet Highway the language is already giving it away.
    Politicians do nothing for the people except pretend, they are put in by special interests and support special interests, this is a global game who the hell cares if the dems and republicans hated Trump, the overall ? is what is Trump going to do for the Global agenda and those actually running the show? Health care LOL please realize all this is under UN and WHO regulation these fools are not doing anything on a local level just for the United States.
    I mentioned this before also did anyone pay attention right after 9/11 when all of a sudden every ones medical records became top priority as if they were under attack and needed new security measures ??? they use one crises to prepair for the next agenda decades in advance.

  22. james pansini

    I want to warn people about something I have been reading on the net. Appearantly, Trump knows about “blockchain” technology and will probably implement it before the year is up. Because it has reached the point where paper currency cannot correct the problems that fiat money caused. But unlike Bitcoin and other crptocurrencies which are decentralized, there's will be, otherwise why would B of A, Citybank, Goldman Sachs, and every big international banks plus Wall Street, be raving about it. The say it will get rid of the federal reserve once and for all. But why then are the top international banks raving about it..??? Because like I said before, they are planning on a centralized blockchain, cryptocurrency, that will be global in its inception. I've already seen articles saying the “Fed coin” is coming, with Janet Yellsen singing praises for it. Why would she be so tolerant of a system supposedly for the purpose of decentralization of currency. This is how they plan to return our money to us….in crytocurrency. Don't fall for it. We need to force our courts and Congress to give us our new status cards quickly or we will be absorbed into there system again. I guarantee you they will entice everyone into this currency using a “carrot” of some sort, that will be hard to resist, even if we know what it means. The latest health care Bill by Trumps team is 35,000 pages long. You have to wonder what can be buried in that bill?? We can't trust anyone in govt. anymore. Before you sign anything, like judge Anna said, read it fully. I think a “trap” is being planned that might get rid of the “FED”, but replaced with something worse. I'm already getting emails telling me how much I can make before this is announced publically. It's always about making millions like the one presenters. We have to be really diligent during the following months. I would rather have my true status card than millions of dollars. I don't want to answer to a Corp. authority anymore. That's means their courts most of all.

  23. MrGumm

    If you're referring to filing your political status, Anna mentioned a few articles ago: attach it to a deed of reconveyance. They'll take it, as their job is to file deeds, and your affidavit is conveniently attached and recorded.

  24. Shenny Bradford


    Sharon Holmes here. As you know, the Nevada recorder refused to record my Affidavit. So now if I do this filing from Arizona, how so i decide what judge to send it to in Nevada?


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