Your help is needed once again for a special project.

From Paul Stramer

I have put off writing this post for too long now.

When I started the website over 2 years ago now, I was using a Dell Dimension E510 running Windows XP professional with service pack 3.  When I bought that machine in 2005 it was pretty racy. With 4 GB of Ram and just under 300 Megs of storage we got by very nicely. By today’s standards and Windows 10 operating systems it’s an antique by any measure.

I am still using that  machine to write this letter.

But now, with all this extra work, and the fact that Microsoft has stopped supporting that operating system, which in turn, caused some of the software companies for the programs I am using to stop supporting any upgrades for their programs running on XP, I am faced with several very exasperating problems.

For one thing, there are no more security fixes or upgrades for either functionality or security holes in the XP operating system platform. That means they are no longer writing lines of code to plug holes that hackers use to steal passwords and private information on this machine.

Some of the drivers are out of date and there is no way to update those either.

Also some of the programs I have been using such as Google Chrome will no longer get updates for their browser when they are running on XP.
This not only leaves loopholes that hackers can jump through, but it slows down the operation,  and some websites that are running upgraded secure systems can not be reached at all.

I have been running another laptop with Windows 7, which is still supported until 2020, to post the notices to the AWeber email system, because it’s one that runs upgraded security. In order to do that I must create the notice and then send it by email to another account that I can get on the Windows 7 machine, then post it to AWeber. There are many other unnecessary steps I am doing because of this problem that cost me lots of time and frustration.

The solution to all these problems is to upgrade to a new primary computer.

Since the work load has doubled in the last 6 months or so, I am now spending between 6 and 10 hours per day on the computer doing this publishing work for Anna, and the website work to keep my online business pages updated. I am also moderating the blog which is getting far more traffic and comments than last year.

I have asked a friend in Salt Lake City to spec out a new machine with the computing power I need to keep this effort going for the next 15 years or so. At least that is how long I expect Microsoft to support Windows 10 judging by how long XP was being supported.

He came up with a design for a custom build that will run the new programs and keep all the drivers and programs updated, and I have added a couple of things to his recommendations, like dual monitors, and a 4 Terabyte external backup hard drive. I have also added dual solid state internal drives with a raid backup system.

I have a fiber optic connection right to my home. Right now I am using that fire hose, to try to fill a teacup.
I would like to have a black hole to work on. In other words the fiber optic connection can run 20 times faster than the computer I am using. With the new machine I won’t ever be waiting on the computer, and pages will load from the Internet like they are coming in from my drive instead.

That will increase my productivity by many times, and make it possible to run some new programs that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of this Internet part of our educational effort.

The problem is the cost.  The unit I would have built is priced at $2200.

I would greatly appreciate some help with that project, and I have created a special PayPal button just for that project.  I am calling it  Computer Upgrade Project.  Here is the PayPal button.


Feel free to comment below on this request for your help.

One more thing. I am a volunteer worker in this publishing effort. I own the domain name, and it runs on my server in Canada. I have NEVER charged Anna one penny for what I do. I am supported completely by your charity in this effort.  So thanks in advance for whatever you can do, and I will keep you up to date on this.
I will also keep you all in my prayers.

As of noon on Wednesday, in just 18 hours,  we reached our goal and a bit more. I will leave the button active for those that want to donate anyway for new software or for advertising for this effort.

May God bless each and every one of you.

Paul Stramer


46 thoughts on “Your help is needed once again for a special project.

  1. Awakend

    If he goes with Lenix, which there are about 10 different ones, do you have to keep upgrading every 5 or 6 years like any other system?

    The PC is on its way out. It's not worth it because they are always being hacked, even with virus protection. I would never pay for a virus protection software when AVG or Avaest is just as good or better than the ones you have to pay for.

    I would also consider getting a Mac but their version of word, called Pages, is not as intuitive as word in my humble opinion. I had the same operating system as Paul's, XP. The system knows how to keep everyone working to death to keep up with newer operating systems. The same thing is true for cell phones.

  2. james pansini

    Well how do we snail mail to Paul. I don't trust pay pal either. As far as building a unit that can be capable for the next 10 years, is highly unlikely considering the rapid turnover of technology. In 5 years I predict everyone having quantum technology. The govt. already it.

  3. james pansini

    Thanks Mike v….i read that link. I knew he was a prick, but he thinks he is a 0.00001 percenter. The “elite” of the elite. He was described as a hippy geek that was always laid back and hanging out with a few kids who like to have fun. Now he's a recluse, and I don't think I have ever see he's Wife or heard much about her, but she is obviously backing the whole globalist agenda too. I feel sorry for their kids. They will never be normal.

  4. Mike V

    Penny they are so far ahead of what the people know, people are already consuming GMO corn that has been modified for/as vaccines, not to mention all the heavy metals in the vaccines and being chem-trailed these all react to frequencies that cause damage , frequencies that can be enhanced and modified at will and received by every ones cellphones, evryone is walking Petri dish lab experiment for cancer at this point OHHH but no worries they have vaccines for cancer also LOL the joke is they always have because they simply cause cancer by screwing up your immune system. Did you know by getting measles naturally you build up a ultra strong immunity to cancer?

  5. Mike V

    Paul, and you might find yourself calling the tow truck to come get Windows and haul it off to the dump.
    Also check the link I posted they have another disk specifically for easing into Linux from Windows to help the transition.

  6. penny4yerthoughts

    yes mike people look at me like i have a third hole in my head when i say that. they have been eugenicists from the getgo. and now with his new gmo mosquito that he has ben releasing places……hmmmmm

    and people think that old fart billionaire warren buffett is such a great guy donating millions/billions to bill and melinda gates' foundation….

  7. Gamesmedic

    Keep your old computer running, always, as a backup. but build your new one as time and funds allow. I write you an email about building one from scratch. It costs half of what you buy as a whole computer, and can be tailored to your needs I recommend ASUS motherboards

  8. Gamesmedic

    If you are going to get a new system, you had better learn Linux. Its open source, well supported and has a windows like graphical interface. Linux Mint seems to be the rage these days, but there are other distributions.

  9. Strimerox

    i wouldn't do windows 10, its reverse of what you might think it is, the updates come whenever they want, they reverse your settings, so that it always calls back home to microsoft even when some professionals explicitly turned all of it off, it does what it wants when it wants, i wouldn't go as far to say it is a OS that will eventually deny downloads that it knows are pirated etc… i feel like it will start vanishing things off your computer in the future most likely the way it has been going(even by *accident, without writing some cease and desist form to you, it'll be just like magic…

  10. Mike V

    Dan, no its like loading any program off a disk, it will give you option to run like a separate program off the disk OR the option to load as your Operating System,and you can have both running side by side and simply choose which way you want to go when you start up. So you get to keep the old car while trying out the new one and keep both in the same garage just cant drive both at the same exact time.

  11. Paul Stramer

    I will check out the article about switching to Linux. Linux might work for some applications, but I don't dare to break stride, not even for one day on this publishing effort, so I need to ease into anything new. It's 11.10 PM here now and my day started at 6 AM so I better close my eyes for tonight.

  12. Ready

    Hi Paul, Bless you, Anna, James, and all your hardworking and selfless team. I will surely be donating to this effort. It benefits us all in the long run. You may want to consider moving over to Linux for several important reasons. Here's a video pointing out the privacy and virus issues concerning Windows: . Another concern is that there is a likelihood that in the future that Windows will implement a subscription requirement. See here: Yes, the hardware upgrade is a good idea but I would also look into gravitating over to Linux. From Susan.

  13. james pansini

    Bill Gates had no business trying to win the computer world against Steve Jobs superior machine that was almost ready for marketing because his computer, the apple, was built from scratch starting with an operating system they designed. Bill comes over to see Steve's computer and realized that he is almost ready to market. What does Bill do, who doesn't even have an operating system yet…he goes to a private individual how has designed a rudimentary(totally inferior) operating system called “dos”, a relic. But in order to beat Jobs to the market, he gives the guy $50,000 for his system, which they are still trying to get around to this day…..I hate Bill Gates. People like him are the reason why true advancements haven't been made today. The Apple should have been the only operating system allowed to be sold, so everything could have been uniform. But no!! Bill had to beat him at all cost…..and he did to everyone's detriment. A good person, a better person would have stepped aside knowing that Steve's design was the best for humanity. And Everyone applauds him for being a multi billionaire. A genius. Just another con man that got away with murder. That's the whole problem with money… leads to greed, which destroys the moral compus of a country until there are no more morals. That's not to say I don't understand your problem Paul. I know you probably feel comfortable with the system you started with. I'm not sure I understood what you and the others even said. I'm that far behind in the tech world. Hopefully, we can send you some money. This is a great site. I'd hate to lose it…

  14. Paul Stramer

    I might consider switching this computer I am on now to Linux Mint 18.2 but only after the new machine is up and running well. I can't afford the time to learn a new operating system “on the fly” and try to get all my publishing done at the same time. There are just not enough hours in the day for that. I need both eventually so that is my long range goal.

  15. Mike V

    Dan it's a learning curve most is the same but a different flavor, the easiest thing to do is get a Linux DVD it can be burned right off the net if you know how to burn a bootible disk, otherwise just buy one and run it along side Windows , so you can play around with it without a full commitment.
    You can pick up the latest version here for $6 + shipping.

  16. Mike V

    LOL you seem to be lost so keep on moving to the next blog!
    There is a hell a lot more going on here then the recent FED B.S. SO your obviously in the wrong place, best of luck!!! LOL this is probably somebody who's been sucking off Big Momma Liberties teet since birth.

  17. 1FreeMan

    If you switch to Linux, you won't need a new computer. Yes, a bit of a learning curve with the switchover but not much more than having to transfer all your data from one system to another. And it will be much better in the long run. Go Linux!

  18. Give it a rest

    Don’t you think everyone is having hard enough time as is surviving. Everyone’s blogs I come across about this whole deal with The Fed has asked for money. I’m just sick to death of having to keep seeing all of these freeloaders. Seriously either pay it with your social security or go back to work. Jesus.

  19. Dan Carpenter

    I have a Macbook-2007 and now cannot upgrade because of the age and running into the same issues of support for old operating systems. What applications are available on a linux machine compatible with word processing, spreadsheet, corel draw, presentation software etc and what are you using? My wife has an xp machine on its last legs and would like to get her onto a linux operating system as well.

  20. penny4yerthoughts

    microsoft is horrible and you are aiding and abetting bill gates. do i need to tell you what he is about and doing to the population? it is like you are saying that we ned to get away from the beast but keep donating money to him. a bit schizophrenic really if you think about it a little bit…

  21. Capt Kent

    Paul, will any amount help? I ask because last week I was watching a video in which the man made a pitch for money to help his projects. He said, “don't send me $10.00, I'd rather send you $100.00 than for you to send me ten.” That attitude struck a nerve with me. We all can't send him a thousand. I'll keep buying his books and videos but I'll not send him any money.

  22. Mike V

    Hi, Paul the only issue here is Microsoft and Windows, I dumped this garbage about 8 years ago and have been running Ubuntu/Linux on the same system no problems, except a new hard drive and swapping the processor for a newer one cost me about $25.
    Sorry but Windows is JUNK all the updates are B.S. and all the holes and security issues are designed by them so you have to keep buying more of there crap.
    Funny Linux NO security or virus problems and it's free and can upgrade all the time they are always putting out newer ones, only issue currently is with Adobe/Flash, but I have been running the same version for about 5-6 years.
    And to prove my point my dads computer is a lot newer then mine and he kept getting bluescreen crashes all the time, I did everything I could and finally replaced the entire motherboard, I finally narrowed it down to Windows updates and their garbage because all the same was going on, finally last ditch effort I ran Linux on his computer just as a separate program off the DVD disk and all the technical issues cleared up in 1 day.
    Imagine if you bought a car and had to take it in everyday for updates? Again Linux has NO virus problems (NO Extra Virus software needed period) yet what is supposedly the best Software company has nothing but problems and needs constant maintenance, the only “hole” is Windows itself.
    One person did some monitoring of his daily data processing information coming onto his computer, then started comparing with the supposed “updates”, he said the amount's were almost exactly the same , so the updates are how they update their data base on your daily activities and basically track what is being dome by the public.

  23. Doug Simpson

    Hi Anna! I hope to be able to send Paul and you some money soon. . . Things are scary tight at my house right now. . . uh. . . when are they not tight. . .? Anyway, I will do as much as I can in a few days. Thank you both for EVERYTHING you do!

  24. Doug Simpson

    On the drives. . . put in a third and run RAID5. That will be redundant and if one drive fails, you can just pull it and replace it and and the system will be back up with a slight performance hit while it rebuilds the RAID array automatically, and then it will come back online full. There may be a similar RAID to 5 but that is what I would use. Two drives is likely just a mirror. It works, but the RAID5 may be a bit faster anyway. Is the server that the and running on this unit you are replacing or are they actually hosted somewhere out there?
    Have a GREAT DAY!

  25. Doug Simpson

    Wow! First off. . . I would try my absolute BEST to stay as far away from Micro$oft as possible. If it were my operation, I would run Linux Mint 18.2. That would completely solve the driver issue. It would also completely solve the hacker issue. And stability. And updates wrecking things (Windows does that. . . regularly) and having to buy antivirus. . .(Windows *is* a virus) and . . . shall I go on?
    Interestingly enough, I would put money on half the machine you spec'd with Linux Mint 19.2 would likely outperform the spec'd windows computer.
    But, to each his own, I guess!
    As soon as I can afford a few dollars, I will send you some to help.
    Seriously, though. . . look into linux, man. I haven't had a Windows computer in my house for nearly 5 years. Not a single hack, not a single virus and no lost data. (aside from my own stupidity). Unless there is some very specific reason to have Windows, you don't really need the hassle, man!

  26. Anna

    What Paul says is 100% true. I haven't been able to help him, because by the grace of God and generosity of other Americans, we are keeping just barely even with the challenges posed by the legal work in front of us. Literally, it has been a story of needing a hundred dollars and getting it in mail every step of the way— and praying that the support keeps on coming so we can finally end the nightmare this country has been in for far too long. We have come a long way toward the goal and none of it would have been possible without Paul.


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