Now Let’s See….

By Anna Von Reitz

This is an exercise in logic.  Let’s see if you are all competent thinkers and able to reason your way through this situation, okay?   If not, I will tell you the answer at the end, and you can go back and try to see where you got off track, just like in algebra class….. 

A foreign corporation pretending to be your government seized upon your name and registered it as property belonging to them.  
They “monetized” this new property by assuming that your name is the name of a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust and that you are a servant working for the ESTATE as an indentured servant known as a “citizen”.  
They issued a labor bond based on your estate.  This bond is based on the estimated value of your labor over the course of a lifetime.  It is paid off using income from taxes you otherwise wouldn’t have to pay and mortgages you don’t actually owe and court bonds you don’t owe, either, and service fees like all those parking tickets and other revenue producing activities of the vermin who have claimed that you are an indentured servant. 
They are parasites sucking off your assets and your name and your labor. 
Those CUSIP bonds that are supposedly worth so much money are “promises to pay” based on all the money and assets that they anticipate harvesting from you. 
So do you want to claim the CUSIP Bonds?  
Or get rid of them?  
Stay an indentured servant and chattel belonging to a bankrupt, foreign, privately owned governmental services corporation?  
Or go home and tell them to EFF off?  

[The correct answer is to tell them to EFF off. They aren’t offering anything of “equitable value” and need to get their hands out of your pockets. Bonding yourself is just enslaving yourself to something or someone for a price and these jokers aren’t even paying in actual money.  They are paying in casino chips.] 
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20 thoughts on “Now Let’s See….

  1. Jim Homyak

    See now, Ernest, Cops know this:
    Americans got duped and a 150 years of huge wealth operates our surroundings for us, to a degree. That's a big part of why police are on the defensive [offensive] so much because deep down they know they've become corrupt. In some locations, it's gotten to the point where the police {yeah whatever] are depriving rights under color of law, threatening happiness at gun-point, or other pain compliance measures. When they're threatened they simply unload. The person bringing on the threat is a bad guy, etc. Yeah right. The people want bad guys taken out too.

    We are advocates of peaceful non-violent means to gracefully get even, and to peacefully self-govern. Aren't we, Ernest?

  2. Jim Homyak

    Becoming the accomplice makes lawyers laugh at people. The dirt bags.

    Their proprietary system secretly bills you as a trustee and fiduciary, >> so big a fraud << that their minions would dare you to sue them because of their ACE in the hole, that being our generalized ignorance to being complicit in the first place.

  3. Jim Homyak

    After some study, some due diligence, we each can be – and need to be – writing some very persuasive letters.

    Now let's imagine having a great way to click the templates, save our own copy, fill in the blanks and press convert, to download it as PDF, to print, save, duplicate, make it count!

    Not just any language, but Anna's. Not just Alaska, but your home state too. Not just her house, but your house. Not just her indemnity bond and discovery but all of our own too.

    Imagine having such accurate information about these vermin at our finger tips.. Imagine the power of the content at the ministry site: s e d m . o r g
    and at Paul's sites. Imagine the knowledge going into pieces we each quote in our letters.

  4. AirCarvings

    Veterans Administration has a new Treasury Direct Card, government travel pay is filed for with SSN and US Citizen ID, and instead of getting cash, or cash put in a bank account, the treasury direct card is like a debit card. Also bulletin boards had job offers for U.S. Citizens. Any government employee can request the travel pay if traveling, other kinds of funds needed for work…


    I personally don't want to end up in another ruby ridge, that's just what they want, my wife and I stood up against medical corruption and she was murdered and I was labeled a criminal criminal by our pseudo county corporate criminals acting under color of law, people don't realize we're on the ever edge of losing everything, our freedoms, our families, homes, grandchildren to the corrupt beast, the vatican, if there's ever been a time for Jesus to return, it's now. Robert Finbar Brown v. PeaceHealth St. Joseph's Hospita, Holy See, Pope Francis, Whatcom County, Washington Governor Inslee

  6. james pansini

    All of this really started to take shape around 1953, the same year i was born. And the same year that Queen Elishabeth 2, was coronated(fraudulently, of course). It was still a good country back then. Now its time to find a deserted island or maybe one with only women on it….lol.

  7. Coach 2640220

    If only these criminals would simply EFF off, get out of the way, and quit harassing everyone. They keep sticking around and selling their scams. Do they need a memo or a swift wack in the head with a 2×4?


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