Our National Probate v. Their National Bankruptcy

By Anna Von Reitz


The UCC filing above was done in 2011 by Everton Rocha.  I have never met him, but I understood immediately what he was doing.  He was covering his butt.  I immediately did the same thing, with a twist— I covered my own and everyone else’s butts, including the states of the union, all the way back to 1860. 
I don’t know what is so “mysterious” about this document for so many people. To me it is plain as day.  The named Debtors owe the original Treasury the entire amount of the so-called National Debt, plus penalties.  
Everton filed and gave notice that he was extracting his ESTATE out of the giant slush-pile.  I gave similar notice and step-by-step retrieved and extracted everything all the way back to the original States of America, which means: California, Vermont, Florida, Wisconsin, Alabama….. 
In international jurisdiction there are no real people, there are only “persons” and “beneficiaries” of persons who may be named as creditors or interest holders. This is why your actual states (not any corporate franchises operated as states of states) have sovereignty in international jurisdiction both on the land and the sea. 
Now, remember that thanks to The Definitive Treaty of Paris 1783 and The Constitution for the united States of America, these international “powers” of your states were granted first to the unincorporated entity known as The United States of America, and then nineteen enumerated “powers” were further delegated to The United States operated by the British King. 
Also remember that when you operate in this strange people-less international jurisdiction of the sea you must do so via a “person”—-either unincorporated or incorporated.  
These “persons” are named like ships are named and they operate either as trading vessels or as commercial vessels depending on where they are domiciled.
A vessel domiciled on the land of an American state is by definition unincorporated and must be recognized as an American vessel engaged in peaceful international trade.  Such vessels fly the Civil Peacetime Flag of the United States, which has distinctive vertical stripes. 
A vessel domiciled in the federal territorial jurisdiction or the federal municipal jurisdiction has to be recognized as an incorporated franchise –a  U.S. commercial vessel that is engaged in perpetual warfare.  All these vessels fly the Wartime Flag of the United States known as the Stars and Stripes. 
Your peaceful American states are known simply as Wisconsin, Alabama, and so on, and their unincorporated businesses are known as the Wisconsin State, Alabama State…. et alia.  Your peaceful Trade Name domiciled on the land and having the form: John Jacob Johnston can also serve as the name of a trading vessel on the sea— a peaceful American Trading Vessel.  
But, if you fly the wartime flag of the United States, your vessel can easily be mistaken as a US Commercial Vessel operated as a Foreign Situs Trust by the federal territorial United States as “John Jacob Johnston” or the municipal United States as “JOHN JACOB JOHNSTON”.  
FDR took advantage of these unknown facts to betray and enslave and saddle everyone in America with the debts of a private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation merely calling itself “the United States of America”—-Inc. And his swindle worked.  He let the bankruptcy trustees loose on the unsuspecting American public and these evil men simply “presumed” that everyone using a name in the form: John Jacob Johnston (Upper and Lower Case) must be a U.S. Foreign Situs Trust, liable for the so-called “National debt.”
They just didn’t mention which nation— ours or theirs. 
We wound up paying for all the debts of the Territorial United States wracked up by the United States of America, Inc., and at the same time, the Municipal United States government, another corporation merely calling itself the UNITED STATES picked up the service contract and created a whole flotilla of Cestui Que Vie trusts named after us—- JOHN JACOB JOHNSTON, MARY ALICE COMPTON, LILIAN MARIE GROSSKREUTZ….. 
So now the UNITED STATES is in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and our ESTATE vessels gratuitously created “for” us by the US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE and “removed” to “Puerto Rico” for “safe-keeping” without our knowledge or consent, are again being “presumed” to be chattel property and unclaimed accounts belonging to the UNITED STATES—- and being subsumed into the bankruptcy and liquidation of the UNITED STATES. 
Mr. Rocha saw that coming and put up his hand— “Not my ESTATE! My estate belongs to the living man—the one with hands and legs!  Extract ME out of this mess and recognize the actual creditor who is owed the entire debt!” 
I did the same thing, only I expanded on it—- and made the claim for each one of the States and all the living people not only against the Debtors named in this document but all the other DEBTORS and Debtors, too—- against the STATES OF STATES and the States of States, against MICHAEL DAVID DOE and Michael David Doe, U.S. Foreign Situs Trust, and MICHAEL D. DOE, a U.S. Public Transmitting Utility and MICHAEL DAVID DOE a bankrupt CITIZEN ORGANIZATION and so on and on and on.   
And I just kept rolling it all back so that layer by layer, the actual states of the Union and the actual living people of the land jurisdiction were established as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Secured Creditors of the whole rotten shebang.  
This took hundreds of filings. This was all done and all carried out at my own expense and the expense of a few other Americans who served notice and established liens– both non-UCC and Agricultural Liens for every state and every American. 
Then we published the Private Registered Indemnity Bond covering all the actual states of the Union.   Taken all together, we hold Title, Lien, and Bond for every state and every American. 
OPPT did something similar.  
Unfortunately for OPPT, it is not and does not represent the actual Paramount Secured Interest Holders, nor is it a Priority Secured Creditor.  We are.  The American States and People. 
OPPT is a Secondary Creditor representing the interests only of the Territorial and Municipal Citizens, people like Bar Attorney Heather Tucci-Jarraf.  
My husband and I are actual people who live on the land jurisdiction of the United States.  All our “vessels” (names) are domiciled permanently on the land and soil of our respective birth states of the union—-and we have the family histories and public records fully establishing that: (1) our families have been here since 1609; (2) we are free sovereigns in our own right; (3) the “National Debt” and all penalties related to it are owed to us and to our actual states of the Union and our countrymen.  Not our bankrupt spendthrift employees. 
So when we show up at the Foreclosure auction and the Bankruptcy proceedings and we tell the Bankruptcy Trustees that we are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Secured Creditors presenting our selves and our own interests without reference to our employees—- guess what? 
That throws all the Secondary Creditors into the backseat, where they belong. They are welcome to discharge the debts of their Persons/PERSONS in bankruptcy, but as for us, we are owed not only the discharge of debts accumulated by any federal “persons” operated in our names without our knowledge or consent, but the return of all our purloined assets, free, clear, and unharmed. 
Thus a giant national bankruptcy of the Territorial and Municipal United States is underway at the same time that a giant national probate releasing the assets of the actual United States is owed.  
And that is what the mysterious filing by Everton Rocha and all the various follow-up filings accomplished by me and my team are about— extracting our states and all our good names out of the bankruptcy slush pile and bringing forward the claims of the victims of all this fraud reclaiming their Cestui Que Vie ESTATES. 
We have done all this in support of you.  What have you done in support of yourselves?  In support of our effort?   These vermin tried to take everything you have via another swindle and nobody stood up, but us.  The Pope?  Too busy covering the guilty Church’s butt.  The Queen—-?  Our “Trustee” on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways”?—- too busy reaching for her smelling salts.  The Lord Mayor of London who owes us “perpetual amity and friendship”?——snarling behind his filthy red dragon and the green, black, and white dragons, too, for all the good it will do him.  

Come now, wake up.  Wake up all the way.  Get motivated.  Get moving.  Spread the word.  We have the weather-gauge and are bearing down, but it is up to each and every one of you to educate yourselves and your families and your friends and your communities countrywide.  It’s up to you to support us and the work we have taken on.  All this had to be done by just a few volunteers using their own resources. Now we need all of you to weigh in and shove.

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44 thoughts on “Our National Probate v. Their National Bankruptcy

  1. james pansini

    I just did that on the “NESARA” site, since it seems to be gaining attention, and people are always attracted by easy money, and lies that everything will be changed for the good….!!! Then why is this new currency of theres based on gold and not silver. Wasnt our monitary system based on the “silver dollar”. Everybody is promissing us of a lawful currency system based only on gold. What does that tell you….they are adll Corporations….!!! Its those sites that are trying to replace those 18 delagations of authority by our current “servicer” that we have to post comments attacking the lies they are trying to promote, because there will be alot of people going to those sites because of the hope it gives people.

  2. Awakend

    The 1040 form has an OMB# on the top right hand corner of the form.
    In 1971 they passed a law making it mandatory to have an OMB# whenever asking for the type of tax that our gov't is asking for. The # on the 1040 actually goes to form 2555, which is labled as “Foreign Earned Income”.

    All of the enforcement reulations the IRS uses, like levy(6331) and leins(6341) are located in Title 27, which is Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and not under Title 26, the internal revenue code.

    Another words, they are not coming after you for Income taxes per se, but excise taxes on profit and gain related to ATF. Everyone is fighting the courts, but not asking the IRS to correct their records and tell them you are not involved with selling ATF and have no profit and gain nor do you have any Foreign Income. I don't see how going to court and get them to regonize you as a human being on the land when your still labeled as being involved with excise taxes related to ATF.

  3. Awakend

    The 1040 form has an OMB# on the top right hand corner of the form.
    In 1971 they passed a law making it mandatory to have an OMB# whenever asking for the type of tax that our gov't is asking for. The # on the 1040 actually goes to form 2555, which is labled as “Foreign Earned Income”.

    All of the enforcement reulations the IRS uses, like levy(6331) and leins(6341) are located in Title 27, which is Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and not under Title 26, the internal revenue code.

    Another words, they are not coming after you for Income taxes per se, but excise taxes on profit and gain related to ATF. Everyone is fighting the courts, but not asking the IRS to correct their records and tell them you are not involved with selling ATF and have no profit and gain nor do you have any Foreign Income. I don't see how going to court and get them to regonize you as a human being on the land when your still labeled as being involved with excise taxes related to ATF.

  4. Paul Stramer

    From Anna:

    You know that I fought for social justice and stood with the AIM and was “Ear to the Ground” at Pine Ridge and a Witness to many other federal trespasses. The problem, as I discovered over the years, was always the Federales. It was their British and European masters who are all racists behind this entire genocide of both red men on the land and white men on paper.

    Either way, they have always done their best to enslave and confuse and feed off of everyone else. Their entire system is evil and coercive.

    That said, I see no reason to continue it at all, nor any reason for anyone to “tax” anyone for anything. God didn't tax us. With all the money these vermin have stockpiled in slush funds, there is no reason for anyone to ever have to pay taxes again for anything. Just the interest from investing the slush will more than pay for all government expenses and for infrastructure like utility companies and roads. It can also pay for environmental clean up and better ways to deal with waste and garbage.

    That is why we established our Declaration of Joint Sovereignty the way we did— to allow everyone back on the land. Everyone is individually responsible for their bit of the Earth—their bodies, their homes, their patch of land that they care for. Everyone's rights and property gets respected at the individual level. Everyone can do what they like in terms of being part of their tribe. Or not.

    We realized (finally) that each person is totally unique and that tribes and nations and governments are illusions based on faulty assumptions. We have similarities and we have differences, but at the end of the day, the Creator works on a “one each” basis. So why not honor the fact and

    The point being– freedom. Real freedom. No more government interference, no government debt, all the basics paid for everyone, and beyond that— all you have to do is get up in the morning and figure out what you are going to do to make this world a better place. That's what we are working on.

  5. Unknown

    Hi Anna: What about the First Nations people, enduring title holders to the land, the rightful owners we inherited from God, The title that Congress and the Mighty Whities never extinguished, and who enslaved us once some of the tribes sold out their sovereignty by signing up for their BIA Federal Registry Club to take hand outs and get diseased blankets to hopefully extinguish us so the ceded land that they hold in trust can be rightfully theirs once we are all GONE. We shall remain and our seeds are still growing. How do you suggest we take back our God given rights.
    I know you claim all are indigenous, and I agree, however we are talking about Usucapion ( Latin: ownership due to lengthened possession). On Turtle Island.

    How does that play into the mix. The rent should be paid to the First Nations People.

    You were first in the American Indian Movement and spoke with me many years ago. How can you help us now?

    Wildcat Carrie
    Recognized but not Federalized

  6. Don Quixote

    I can't find one case (unfortunately) where the courts acknowledged the legal standing of those, like myself, who are 'self-governed' and not under the thumb of all the govt's ACTS, STATUTES, Rules etc.

    Could not find an on point case centering around CONsent, either.


  7. Don Quixote

    Thanks. Wow. LaRouche is quite an enigma. He must be quite special ( read .. dangeroust to the PTB ) for the govt to have spent that much effort to put him in jail.

  8. penny4yerthoughts

    once you do a name change and get a decree, this should help change your status in their records legally (different from lawful but they wont recognize you otherwise and they still have the guns ;o) additionally, with the assumed/trade name

  9. penny4yerthoughts

    look up frcp 17(b)(3)(A) Capacity to Sue or Be Sued. Capacity to sue or be sued is determined as follows:

    (3) for all other parties, by the law of the state where the court is located, except that:

    (A) a partnership or other unincorporated association with no such capacity under that state's law may sue or be sued in its common name to enforce a substantive right existing under the United States Constitution or laws;

  10. penny4yerthoughts

    anna keep in mind, you have to conduct commerce on some level. you cant work or get a bank account or anything right now without a number, the ein (non profit, tax exempt etc) takes care of that and when you become an unincorporated association or such, you dont use the SSN which is the mark of the beast and what really places you in that jurisdiction. if you cant work or have a bank account or provide some # for their system, how do you survive? its the SSN that gets you to become a social security…

  11. Mike V

    The tax return 1040, is a voluntary self assessment and mortgage/ levy on your property, unilateral contract when you file assess and don't pay or lie the IRS is simply following through and collecting what you initiated.

  12. penny4yerthoughts

    you think thats crazy, wait till the people find out the real “chosen people” are the Moors right here in america haha and america was stolen and taken right from them; that'll really throw the people off.

  13. Paul Stramer

    From Anna:

    I most certainly DO NOT agree with anyone registering any name with the IRS!!! The IRS deals only with incorporated commercial entities!!! FOREIGN incorporated entities.

    If you want to go right back into the frying pan you've been struggling to get out of and that I have been struggling to get you out of, just follow the “advice” of the Troll being allowed to comment on my website as an example of what kind of disinformation is out there.

    I repeat do NOT under ANY circumstance register your name with the IRS. That just identifies you as a willing corporate franchise ready to be reamed!

    Never ever do that and never allow anyone to do that for you– and the only exceptions are people who really ARE federal employees, people of color who have to take recourse to claims of Equal Civil Rights and actual federal dependents receiving UNEARNED benefits— that is, NOT including retirees on Social Security or military pensions.

    Wake to Hell up or you are all going to be fleeced out of everything that is rightfully and naturally yours! Keep your name. Record your Common Law Cooyright as a Deed lodged in the land recording office records effective the day you were born and NEVER give away your name again. Always Cooyright it every time you write it– put “by” in front of it and “all rights reserved” above or right behind it.

    The IRS should serve you, not tax or harass you. It should be collecting the debts owed by these foreign corporations and paying you– not the franchise operations of some funky Territorial governmental services corporation calling itself the USA.

    We are only “USA” and never forget it!

  14. Nomi Effiah

    Yes~ this is why when born everyone was delivered as a bastard [a person born of parents not married to each other] and state took claim.

    As far as if Jesus Christ returning requiring a UCC probable would be required if he survived that long.

  15. one way

    Here is what I can add for those unintentionally stuck in a linear mind set ..you do not need a name to be a human! A name is only to get your attention upon first greeting or getting attention and or affixing to instrumentalities which form a trust,deed,convayance,acceptance as a recorded means of a receipt for the undertaking all parties being identified by their real estate seal AKA the legal name (title) .EVEERYTHING RELATED TO A NAME IN THE WORLD SHOULD BE SEEN AS A INSTRUMNETALITY .When you are in court ,simply reframe from the name game ,Your the Executive administrator(Creditor)in good faith and cleans hands for your own private estate as a fiduciary inspecting all instrumentalities for accuracy and understandings with the Estate seal . I would recommend using an assumed name and put a red flag identifier on it in the public reporting system ,this way you can disclose by notice that its an attempt of identity theft by any who fails to ceist and desist from forcing the Instrument into a interstate commerce without your Executive understanding by seal then they are committing an intentional tort and act outside of their delegated scope of public office and therefor personally liable and lose all judicial immunity . We must all realize that we are now waiting for the masses to get on the same page and then maybe this system can be curtailed to meet the necessary changes that we all are entitled to in principle. There are most likely going to be failure in the courts until these efforts become more mobilized and start to penetrate the courts .

  16. james pansini

    And thats my point. Its very difficult for people to break that conditional training…..its the slower version of brainwashing that the CIA uses to do in just weeks or days.

  17. james pansini

    Incedentally, i forgot to mention that the employees of that company only had to accept the chip for 30 days. After that, they were given the choice to remove it, if they wanted to. But if that technology is accepted and made legally enforceable worldwide, we wont have that choice……!!!

  18. james pansini

    Judge Anna, if you already did all of this for us, then how exactly are we supposed to file our UCC-1. What is the exact language we should be using amd what boxes should we be checking. I have never filed a UCC-1 like this ever. Can you please make out one as if it were us filing it and post it in a pdf file so we are all on the same page. We need a template to follow, so not even one mistake is made on these forms. The example you just showed us cost that person $200 in filing fees. Thats a lot of money for a lot of us. But you said, because of all your work, we only need to file one of these properly. Its obvious i have never filed a properly filled UCC-1 correct ever. And i know im not the only one. Its to important not to get this right. I think we can all agree to send you at least $20 apiece for the absolute correct filing down to a checkmarked box. My main focus for the last 30 years was how to desl with the courts, not to be a professional paper filer. They are getting close to implementing a universal digital “cryptocurrency” , and forceing everyone to accept a “chip” in order to use it. How is this paperwork going to help us if that occurs…??? You know damn well we will be forced to sign another “unilateral contract” with someone. What then. Will our paperwork still be valid. Can we escape the chipping with this paperwork or not. Im more terrified of being put into a position where i have no choice but to accept a chip. That isnt worth $4 quadtrillion. Not to me. If they plan on returning our wealth under the condition of accepting a chip, id rather die. My soul is not for sale. The main stream media just showed a company that has developed a “chip”, that looks like a glass diode(an incredibly small glass capsule) that is easily injected just below the skin in the hand that will take the place of money. And every employee “had” to take the chip in order to find out how it worked and to get info about their experiance with it and see if they would recommend it to everyone because of the convience it provided. Their entire plant is designed to mirror real life….vending machines, banking, eating, shopping,etc. You know most people are going to love it. Even the newspeople thought it was neat!!! They are already desensitizing people by using the convienient factor to accept it. And we all know its a great system that will be based on quantum technology. And it is. The problem occurs when the world desides that a central figure meeds to be in charge of all this….someone who everyone can trust, or think they can. Once that happens everything will be reveiled. And it is closer than anyone realizes. Then what……..??????

  19. Mike V

    James if your training to be a Wal-Mart employee are they going to tell you how the founders were horrible people or how great everything is and way better over at K-Mart.
    Education is “indoctrination” /employee training everything is geared to that one purpose including the psychological games where they build you up that you can be anything like the President or Astronaut so when those dreams are crushed you can fall back on your indoctrination training the foundation of your existence here in Liberty-Mart.

  20. Mike V

    I wonder if Jesus Christ came back if he would need to file his UCC to be taken seriously ?
    WWJD??? Nothing without a UCC filing!
    Sorry Sir but “Son of God” is not a valid identity, we will get you squared away just go take a seat and fill these out, and once we get your health care Ins. processed we'll get those wounds of your looked at might want to add some pressure to the one on your side it will be a few.

    Anna very curious if you have any documents showing any ones proper styled name Upper Lower being converted into said entity?
    Sorry I've been hung up on this every time you post it I have not seen this anywhere its called the “proper” name for a reason and also just heard from an Ex-attorney this is your land jurisdiction name, In addition the NAME in any style is basically irrelevant without the supporting information and some form of consent, there are dates involved, places, descriptions and all the account/bond and document numbers attached , all these names by themselves without the supporting data and consent mean absolutely nothing. The BC did not create itself nor did the SS card or Drivers license . Marriage License , W-4 and tax returns etc.

    Does anyone have an affirmation of paternity or say a family BC with your father signature, did any ones father actually claim them on record?
    These BC which are basically a Maritime certificate Of registration (ship registration) which are always female and filled out by your mother in her maiden name, basically at the port of entry (hospital), so female to female, your father and his inheritable blood was cut out of the equation and this has gone on for generations now.

  21. one way

    This is not a US cause this is a global cause ,where are the other nations on this ? Why not publish front page article in New York times? Why is the Alaska court still trampling on a particular man that you know of after he is properly corrected ,filed,supposingly off the public side? especially after the municipality was abated by the fed??

  22. james pansini

    Its funny that we were all taught that some of the most deceitful traitorous people like FDR, LINCOLN, Johnson, and scores of others that were presented to us in school as heros, were some of the worst people of all to this country. My dad who lived till 86, was still taking about how great FDR was till his grave. Our history books need a complete replacement, not a repeal like obmamacare. Our children cannot still learn the same fraud we did. Something needs to be done quickly about this or everything we have done up till now will be lost forever. Only the next generation can completely resolve this situation so it never returns. And if the attorneys wont help us, then its time for them to go. This system did way more than just steal our inheritance, it destroyed the nations morals and spiritual connection to our creator, and replaced it with a big “LIE”, just like the bible predicted. If we fail to pass this on to our progeny, then we still failed…miserably. The banks under all this strain have presumably thrown in the towel..

    Federal Reserve is cutting back and

    Also knows the system is bankrupt

  23. shortgirl

    Everyone remember when Obama spied on millions of people through DPS site got all their information including social security numbers.If united states money is dital, Obama is going to steal everyone's money out of their ACCTS. Mongomery gave all the tapes of evidence to James comedy,he sat on it for 2years before it was turned over. I don't know who has it now.

  24. bubbapatric

    ya we all should have same ability to buy and sell on international markets. Instead corporations don't pay taxes hide assets over seas.then bring in junk merchandise .

  25. Unknown

    a 'P R O V E N' remedy will go viral in days. As with this poem of life … Claims of Remedy, Remedy everywhere… simply prove it… then the masses will be there !!!

  26. bubbapatric

    Lincoln bankrupted america to crash it so he could ,incorporate , change our judicial system , and keep the south from existing the matrix . Roosevelt similar used bankruptcy to incorporate each one of us steelall the gold.his secatery of treasury stopped actual treasury plates to russia 5,000&10,000 the 1929 crash caused by calling due all the margin loans we were rich and everyone was play the casino had 24 hours or for fit biggest transfer of wealth in history.

  27. Cladon Stenson

    A human is not measured by wealth….only by service to others! Anna, your tireless contribution to every Soul who occupies a space in these United States, is wholeheartedly appreciated. Those unaware will soon awaken and Know of this gift you have bestowed on them. Your mission has taken years to uncover the entrapment of the masses, yet you stayed focused. Reading all you have posted on the Internet has brought awareness far greater than you know. In my eighth decade of surviving, and not knowing of this deceit, I humbly honor your efforts for this exposure. There is much yet to process, and in doing so, I proudly fly my American Civil Flag. It is a symbol of my awakening and greatfulness for you. It is my heartfelt desire that EVERYONE will feel this love you have extended and give a monetary thank you as a form of energy toward a win-win for all. I am at peace with who I am, Cladon

  28. Wirkin Dawg

    Thank-You almost seems inappropriate. However, Many Thanks!!!
    i'll send another dono!
    Educating the family is a bit challenging. However, i graciously persist. i will succeed.
    Educating friends is a little easier but, not a lot. i have my American Civil flag flying to attract interest & attention. i'm going to get a little placard made defining the differences for passers by. i'm going to get one made for my vehicles as well. i will also increase my participation with the Michigan General Jural assembly.
    i am very much obliged and standing in awe of your massive work & astonishing results! To your team as well!
    All The Best,

  29. penny4yerthoughts

    quickest way to establish your unincorporated trade/assumed name dba is go to sec of state website and record it in the name you have now, a sprirtual or name YOU choose that is God given. go to irs and register to receive an ein# and you now have your unincorporated trade name ready to do business. thats what our parents and we should have been doing the entire time. if you want more details go to akiemel.com

    happy trading


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