The Public Employee Fraud Against You in a Nutshell

By Anna Von Reitz

When you are born and your parents give you a name it is a Trade Name issued on the land jurisdiction of your birth state— like Oklahoma, but your innocent parents don’t hurry over to the land recording office and record your Common Law Copyright of your given name. Every state’s Session Laws have provisions for doing this, but because your parents don’t know they have to do this and how to do it, something else happens—- people working for foreign corporations come in and “register” your name as property belonging to their corporation.

This gross infringement on your natural copyright is the beginning of a vast fraud leading to peonage and theft of your assets under false pretenses—- a crime known as “unlawful conversion”.

When this happens, your Trade Name becomes “interpreted” as a US Foreign Situs Trust operating in international jurisdiction and as a Municipal ESTATE trust ACCOUNT operating under the all capital letters version of your NAME.

Thus, “Benedick Reginald Howard” becomes the property of the USA, Inc. franchise operated as the State of Oklahoma, and “BENEDICK REGINALD HOWARD” becomes an ESTATE trust ACCOUNT operated by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, a franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC.

That’s how your natural estate becomes an Estate which becomes an ESTATE.

That’s how your public employees rob you blind and seek to make you responsible for paying all their debts, ad infinitum.

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27 thoughts on “The Public Employee Fraud Against You in a Nutshell

  1. Greezy Mcgill

    I've been reading about this crap since 2006. It's more controversial BS for yew to chew on. Dismiss all this conspiracy and move on, or you'll get no where. Go ahead, try and go to your local courthouse and claim your own name and person. LOL, they won't have a clue what you're talking about. Besides that, don't you have children, home and family to get busy taking care of and educating oh wise one? Keep spinning your wheels and trying to seek truth. You'll find out what a Uuuuuuge waste of time it is eventually. Just accept the fact that you are unique (like everybody else) LOL and live your life and check out at the end without all the fuss. I for one would welcome the got dam peace and quiet from all this tail chasing drama of the “enlightened ones”.

  2. Jim Homyak

    Simple – we the people hereby demand a new kind of tally stick that isn't based on stolen names and the mis-characterized legal person indentity. I am so greatful for Anna and Paul, that I know I would send them a bundle in Gratitude, as it were, plus I will buy lots of books, CD's, flags, radio equipment and banner ads.

  3. Jim Homyak

    A new world medium of exchange could be real cool, in all the right hands everywhere (you and me, john q public). Especially one that knows no bounds.

    Life's gift of “living consciousness” in the real currency. Right?! The Soul.

    Our happiness flames bright in >>Gratitude< < in every language... …something such as GRATITUDE needs to be the free open medium of exchange. I can envision of very simple piece of software on any medium of choice, with it's own internal honesty checker. Key attributes of such exchange system:
    Un-enumerated, universally equal, secured and backed up, and preset at one quadrillion for each man/woman/child.

    Comes with a booklet of suggested ideas for getting started….

    Pay-off week, week 8, everyone knows what they owe.
    Doesn't matter anymore who owes 200 Trillion to who.

    First seven weeks to roll out the new program.

    Get everything paid off, shop for just what you need. Take time to enjoy life. Start any project you want.

  4. Jim Homyak

    Great suggestion, Gamesmedic! Let's work on it together, somehow! Not just the definition of session laws, but templates we can all edit to personalize our efforts in writing and mailing, record keeping, scheduling and communications.

    We all are going to have to write to be free, to request corrections to all the errors on an expected timeline.

    I know efforts are in place to upgrade Paul's hosting, yet I propose a powerful knowledge base letter writing system… such as converting a few of content management system into a place to collaborate and duplicate and self-replicate.

    Check out writetobefree dot net – another great place that's beginning to repost Anna's letter writing examples – The opportunity exists to actually become a great method for virtually any one.

  5. Skully

    Judge Anna and Paul sending many thanks for all you hold in the value of your heart and soul. I am grateful to Almighty for you both actually all here together we can win. I am just strating to get the paperwork out and stand up for my great great grand ma Peace

  6. learnfromhistory

    America is repeating all of its history from civil war to the bankruptcy of 1934. Enforcement of remedy for what has been done to the American people may only come from violent civil war which the left is already laying the groundwork. We should all be grateful to Anna for representing us in international court. I only wish I had millions to donate to the living law firm! From Harry Anslinger to Jeff Sessions was the biggest clue that history is repeating itself.

  7. james pansini

    And Trump did not “sanction” Russia. Congress did because they had more than enough votes to overide his veto. Thats why Russia sent back over 700 american diplomates. The elites along with our traitorist congress will not allow our two countries to be allies, because Putin and Trump both know whats going on and both believe in God. Trump looks like his is militarizing the white house in order to control it. He has no choice. He needs them to clear out the trash and whatever else he needs to do in order to prevent a war with Russia.

  8. james pansini

    Judge Anna, do you remember your “First Instruction letter”, where you started in 1666 with the great “fire of london”. And remember when i said the best currency ever developed was the “talley” system, using notches in wood for all transactions. Well it lasted a 1000 years appearantly, not 600 like i said. But finally at the end they started building up debt because of wars again. So much so that they finally had to convert to paper currency. The problem was the “elites” at the time had more than a little trouble convincing the populace convincing people that paper was worth something. So they demanded all the talley sticks back and burned them right in front of parliment. Unfortunately, they had no idea that the fire would burn so hot….and thats what caused the great fire of london. We went right from the talley to paper currency way back then. And we have had problems every since, with no currency system lasting longer than 200 years. So this one is about finished. I dont know whats really going to happen, but if we are lucky enough to come out of this , we can never let our school systems teach “fake” history or law again……ever!

  9. Strimerox

    oddly enought bitcoin wallet) said this a little while back “On August 1st, 2017 there is a proposal to make changes to the bitcoin software. This proposal, known as Bitcoin Cash, is likely to create a fork in the Bitcoin network. This means that after August 1st, 2017 there are likely to be two versions of the Bitcoin blockchain and two separate digital currencies.

    In the event of two separate blockchains after August 1, 2017 we will only support one version. We have no plans to support the Bitcoin Cash fork. We have made this decision because it is hard to predict how long the alternative version of bitcoin will survive and if Bitcoin Cash will have future market value.

    This means if there are two separate digital currencies – bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCC) – customers with Bitcoin stored on Coinbase will only have access to the current version of bitcoin we support (BTC). Customers will not have access to, or be able to withdraw, bitcoin cash (BCC).”

  10. Cody Freeman

    Off topic I know, but does anyone know what blog number covers Parcels V Certificates of title? I read it some time back now but can't remember the title of the blog.

  11. james pansini

    Our media never gives us info on other world events. Just the other day i checked out a channel on time warmer i never new i had because it was at the high end……1572. It was a documentory about “fukashima”, the aftermath, on a japaninese channel…HRT. The investigator was from russia, who was there to compare their tradigdy to chernobol. There is a 20mi. zone that no one can enter, and 60 mi out in the next village which is mostly farming, is nearly a ghost town, that was a thriving close community , where 3 generations would live together in big homes….no more!! It has split all the familys up. And older people just committed suiside. One was 102 years old. Just before he hung himself, he wrote a comment on the barn wall that rings true to all of us today….he said he lived too long, but what he said next was a comentary about govt…..”it doesnt matter if you call it capitalistic, socialism, or anything else. Govt. are the same all over, they only care about themselves, and treat the people like disposable slaves”. And they all lie to the people. They were allowed to come back into that town within 30 days after the accident. When they tried to restore their farms, the milk was so contaminated it had to be collected and than just dumped into the ground. Millions of bags of soil had to be collected and just sitting piled up on top of each other on top of the land for thousands of yards…it is a complete disaster. There is only one family fish store that rebuilt and a small grocery store…thats it in this town. And the fish has to be brought in from the other side of japan. There are no pharmacies or anything else there. The stories being interviewed by this Russian investigator were incredibly sad. They lost everything, including their families. No one is telling anyone how bad that disaster is. The japanese govt. has a gag order on it. No one is allowed to talk about it… And they are purposely being lied too about the amount of radiation. But even the level the govt. says it is , is too high. Finally, people started buying their own meters and found out that the levels are twice as high as what the govt. says it is. This plant is an extiction level event. And japan is supposed to host the next olympics…unforgivable!!!

  12. james pansini

    There was just recently a class action suit against the IRS….and they won!!! There is always power in numbers. We should have joined them. they realize now that they will never make it through Trumps administration. Something is going to happen before this year is up. Get ready for the “fed coin”, cryptocurrency, run by quantum computers. They have them. And they can cut through blockchain security like butter. Which means you can say goodby to “bitcoin” and other cryptocurrencies.


    I have to agree with your comment Mr. Gee. I am of the mindset, is it possible to get the steps necessary to correctly submit all the notices and paperwork to support what Justice Anna has accomplished for us? Is there things WE need to do in order to help fulfill her progress?

  14. Benjamin Gee

    OK that reads well. how do we proove it, challenge it, correct the assualt on us, regain ownership of this, and be returned / redeem any and all proceeds, profits, property, credits, and silver or/gold aka actual value for all of this? and also damages. like asap.

  15. one way

    ok that is all great and well ,lets talk about mobilizing some actual effor6s to stop one cases from running people over by waiving around the truth and a bunch of UCC1filings doesnt cut me or people any slack !Lets get some real resolve in real terms and correct form .lets get one group of folks to bring class action suite and push the case out into the public as a show stopper,
    its been done by many people ,but we must keep this kind of media attention on this cause …

  16. bubbapatric

    We need a clear message how British subjects moved into to run the government back in 1800 locals knew thair enumerated powers was the line in the sand but every effort has been made to blurr that line.


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