The Other Guys and We, the Cows

By Anna Von Reitz

For the Federales, both Territorial and Municipal, that Congress in DC is legitimate.  The “U.S.” has always been run as a corporation and the Municipal “US” has been operated as a corporation since 1878.  Within its own sphere, then, the “United States Congress” is acting legally.
The problem is that we have been misled to think that it is something it’s not.  It is not operating as the “United States in Congress Assembled”.  It is not representing all the people and it is not competent to do so. 
So in effect, we have been disenfranchised if we don’t want to join their club, and have to instead for our own Congress act in behalf of the land jurisdiction owed to the actual states and people.
You continue to misrepresent their action as being something wrong and criminal, when in fact, it is our inaction which is the actual big problem.
They have not prevented us from organizing our county jural assemblies and operating our lawful government. We have no cause to complain because they have operated theirs.
Now what is needed is precisely what I have said all along— people need to organize their county jural assemblies, organize their county governments, organize their states, and eventually call a Continental Congress.  Boot up your own lawful government. 
Stop worrying about what “the other guy” is doing and stop participating in their elections and stop letting them presume upon you to pay their debts and obey their private statutory laws.
You all have the key to your own prison cell.  Make use of it.  The Michigan General Jural Assembly is standing ready and willing to help you get your lawful county government organized and on its feet.  It’s your responsibility to get your own records straightened out and your own county functioning. 
There is a national call in show at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time every Thursday night: 1-712-770-4160, access code to merge onto the call is: 226823#.
They also offer help at their website and have a hotline from 2 to 7pm Monday through Thursday—- call 1-989-450-5522.
Stop worrying and fuming and fulminating about what the “Other Guy” is doing long enough to take care of your own long neglected business. Then maybe it will be apparent to everyone that they have a choice and that not making a choice and not fulfilling their own responsibility to provide themselves with a competent and lawful government  is in fact creating a Big Problem for everyone concerned. .
We have done the heavy lifting to extract your assets out of the looming “US BANKRUPTCY” liquidation and are, with your help and support, continuing to press your claims forward to reclaim the land and assets you are owed.  But there, too, you have to weigh in and make the difference possible.  My Paypal is: and my snail mail address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  
It’s your money and your time and your thought and your teaching yourselves about your own history and accepting your own responsibilities that can save America.  Nothing and nobody else can do it for you and there is no point in “blaming the other guy” for what he is doing, if you refuse to do as much for yourself. 
That’s the same kind of logic as blaming the guy next door for mowing his lawn because it makes your own weedy patch look worse, or blaming your in-laws for having a good retirement income when you refuse to work.  Just get off that whole “poor me!” attitude of entitlement and whining to have someone serve you, realize that you need to take back your estate and your proper political status—-and serve yourself accordingly. 
This can be done and some of us are already well-advanced in doing it.  Make the difference.  Make it happen — not by trying to change anyone else— but by changing your own assumptions and your own attitude.  If you are standing around waiting for one man, Donald Trump (or one old grandma from Big Lake, Alaska, either) to single-handedly drain the swamp and wrestle the alligators—- mister, you are going to wait a long, long time.  We may keep at it and give it our best shot, but the truth is that the swamp is deep and well-established and the alligators are well-fed. 
It’s going to take you and Uncle Herman and your brother Bob and your wife, Helen, and Cousin Lester and your neighbors, The Pierces, Rudkins, and Sandormens,  and Father Ryan and Pastor Roberts and Doc Schumman and your school teachers— Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Dee, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Gage and your gym instructor, Elsa Holder,  and your local grocer, Pat Schminke, and your friends at work, Jesse, Josie, Abigail, Sharon, and Lee,  and your buddies on the softball team and the guys you drink beer with every Saturday night and your fishing partner and your son-in-law, Fred,  and all your kids and grandkids and your local mayor, Barney Stephens, and the guy who owns the gas station, Duke Lambert,  and your veterinarian, Al Shaw, and your hair stylist, Becky Reed-Law,  and your librarian, Mrs. Olson, and your sheriff, Mike Tuckerman, and your volunteer firemen– Bob Olbert, Sam Levine, Cal Fenner, Leroy Jenkins, and Jim Wasserman and your Lion’s Club associates and the VFW and the AmVets and the American Legion and the Daughters of the American Revolution and the local Chamber of Commerce and the local Credit Union—– and a lot of other people all pulling together— to save America. 
We are in a deep, deep pit and its going to take hard effort and sacrifice to pull up and out of it.  We are fortunate that we have the sympathy and understanding of the rest of the world, but make no mistake—- we, Americans, have got to settle our own hash, stand up for our own selves and our own property rights— or we are going to suffer the results of not cleaning up our own mess. 
It’s not just a matter of complaining about what’s going on in DC.  That’s the “other guy’s” business.  Just like an ugly neighbor that is always causing trouble and being obnoxious and spreading lies, DC is its own kind of bad news— but left to itself, DC is only a part of the real problem here. 
What matters is that we have been standing around like dumb cows paying attention to the neighbor’s business and letting “him” trespass on our property and make false claims about us and steal us blind and order us around and tell us what to think and do for so damned long that “he” thinks he owns us.   

And what are you going to do about it?  Sit down and suck your thumb?  Come complain to me about it?  Gripe on the local talk radio show?  That’s not getting the job done. That’s just milling around in the stockyard waiting for what comes next.
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49 thoughts on “The Other Guys and We, the Cows

  1. Paul Stramer

    You will find some conflicting views from some of these authors. You will also find that all the authors are deeply concerned about the future of America. What they write is their own opinion, just as what I write is my own. If you have an opinion on a particular article, please comment by clicking the title of the article and scrolling to the box at the bottom on that page. Please keep the discussion about the issues, and keep it civil. The administrator reserves the right to remove unwarranted personal attacks. Use the golden rule; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

  2. Abby

    Mike, no debate implied. We are all just making our statements about a number of things. What may be fruitless to one, may be fruitful to others. Each is free to make their own choices.

  3. Mike V

    Abby there is an expression “Whatever bakes your cookies”, whatever works for you, my point was this was not meant to be a religious or God debate because they are fruitless and why I references 10,000 belief systems and what one considers facts.

  4. earthdweller

    I hereby reject and herewith return [within 72 hours] your offered contract that you directed to a fictional entity “JOHN JAMES JONES” which you unlawfully created with a deceptively similar name to that of a living being. I, John James Jones, a living man on the land, am not the surety, guarantor, or liable party for “JOHN JAMES JONES.”

  5. james pansini

    Hymmmm!. Interesting. I know some people did in fact get an exempt license plate, and that is why i tried. But I would like to know if those people have ever been pulled over simply because the officer has never seen plates like that. I dont want or need anything that draws attention to ignorant cops who havent been trained to recognize special plates. If you know what i mean.

  6. Abby

    Hi Mike. I do not know how many 'religions' there are, it is nothing to me, and shouldn't be to anyone else either. True christianity is not controlling in the least. We are free to abide in it, or to walk away from it. In it, we serve God and follow His ways, knowing the rewards of doing so, as well as the consequences of choosing otherwise, which is what puts us ''up for grabs'' then, and we don't want to be there.
    Constantine was not smart enough to create the bible; only God himself knows the beginning from the end, and He is the source of what is Written. He spoke those Words to the Apostles and they wrote what they heard from God himself.
    In the case of the book of Revelation, God showed John what was to come, and then told him to write it in the Book.
    ''Coincidently' it depicts where we are headed now. It was so shattering to John, that he literally passed out. (at the moment we are at the end of chapter 3 of the book of Rev.)
    It is just sad to me that the rcc has so poisoned the minds of so many, as they have presented themselves as being 'the church'and to be obeyed ''or else''. That is nothing short of dictatorship and threatening, and hiding the freedom in Christ from people, all for the sake of maintaining control over people, which they have NO authority to do. Nada. Zilch.

  7. james pansini

    Mike v is partially correct, because there are two jurisdictions, not one….”territorial”(which is established by districs using zip codes) which the courts automatically presume because we have all used those addresses. So the only thing left for the court to do is to get “venue”. And a judge can get venue easily once you show up into court. All it takes is answering one question by the judge and you just handed him jurisdiction.

  8. james pansini

    David Wynn Miller…speaks a totally different language. He contends that the verb, addjative,verb, etc are all improperly applied. So much so that whatever attorneys write up, amounts to saying “no contract”. He calls his language “pharse syntax” and tried to get it recognized in Hawaii but they never did.

  9. james pansini

    Justin…knowing the “truth” and getting “remedy” are two different things. And States like Calif. and Chicago,Ill dont care about any law. But youll find out when you try and start using our law in their courts. I was better off when i didnt know the “truth”. Its very difficult coming out of the matrix..!!

  10. Cody Freeman

    Re “enforcement” Our team here in NZ are working on just that. You may recall that on a youtube video featuring David Wynn Miller he said that most people think that the Fed reserve and the IMF control the money (or what is deemed as money). This is not correct he states. It's the post office who controls the money. According to one member of our group filing the correct paperwork using their forms into the post office gives us enforcement. Now I must add that he is MILES ahead of me regarding the interpretation of their law, however he has shown me the form which he filled in and it was (to the average Joe) a really strange read. BUT he gave it to them, they read it and went out the back. Two minutes later the teller came back and stamped the doc and all was done. I guess this works in with what some were doing a couple of years ago regarding the post master general. Problem is that MAYBE the way people are filling out the form is incorrect. The way our member filled it out was not what you would typically put for Address, flat/unit number etc.. Don't ask me for more details as I need to see him soon but he's 5 hours south.

  11. Mike V

    ….and this is why there are 10,000 different religions, your mark is yours and my mark is mine, there is NO absolute version of any of it, AND all religion is nothing but a political movement for some level of control, Constantine created the bible as a political tool and the symbol of the Cross as military tool going into battle before any religions were derived from them. The “church” is whatever you decide it is I can be a church of 1 and worship as I choose within myself.

  12. Abby

    Mike, I'm afraid you are way off the mark. First the rcc has to be left out of the entire picture; they are nothing but a pagan cult that is as far from Jesus as anything can get. They are not ''the church''. The Church consists of people who are true christians. The rcc is catholicism, which is paganism brought over from Babylon.
    Anyhow, Jesus did die for the sins of those who repent of their own individual sinful ways,and desire to change, and not to a pagan priest of the rcc. It is this kind of repentance that brings us to salvation. That is scripture.
    His death has nothing at all to do with any system of government. All our governments of the world are followers of evil, and the Evil One. They are liars, thieves, and deceivers. And so this is where we are, and what we find ourselves in, but God is ''the remedy''.

  13. Mike V

    Please show me 1 case that involves a tax assessment or lien or judgement based solely on a zipcode as evidence?
    I can guarantee the IRS was collecting taxes quite efficiently before the zipcode took effect in the 1960's.
    If you are a US citizen wherever you are is their jurisdiction, YOU are the revenue district and they can follow you and the money half way around the world with NO zipcodes involved.

  14. earthdweller

    The IRS uses the zip codes as revenue districts. They can only operate within their revenue districts. Federal Courts only operate within a Federal District of the District of Columbia. Is that where you want to be?

  15. Mike V

    The officer at your door or on the road side does not give a flip about your zipcode nor does the judge if standing in front of one so it is not a battle of this concept of jurisdiction.
    Unless you have proof of status and a domicile your default domicile as a US citizen is D.C. weather you use any zip code or not, if you leave the country for 10 years with no address whatsoever nevermind a zipcode your default domicile is D.C. and your jurisdiction is D.C. as a US citizen.
    If your brought into Tax court you already lost the jurisdiction battle doesn't matter what zipcodes are on your mail, no taxes are assessed based on zipcode use.

  16. LifeCoach Cher-ie

    Return all their offers to contract… your not a name, cant be a corporation, know who you are … they just keep trying to contract… surrender bc's , authenticated … as they are holder in due course … learn bills of exchange and stamp duty of how to pay bills with stamps …notice fiduciary… take power of estate back

  17. Mike V

    I just found on the same registration info for NY “Passengers” = The number of passengers that a for-hire vehicle can transport, excluding the driver.
    Passenger has only one meaning somebody paying to be transported, I believe the legal term for everyone else is a “guest” if not family.

  18. Mike V

    The plates are not the issue it's how it's registered “purpose” and how it comes up when they run the plate, I didn't just hear about it I saw a copy of the Registration Certificate from CA and “Automobile – Exempt” under use, believe it was for a Mercedes car , guy said it took a while but they finally did it after persistence and it was good through 2099 said right on the certificate.
    Simple phone call and ask what form is needed to change the “use” of your vehicle ?, when they get the right paperwork magic happens, they follow set procedure not what you tell them or what random paperwork gets sent in.
    I tracked down the list of USE/Class for NY, LOL and its about 90-100 different ones and “Passenger” being 1 , but 99.9% of everybody on the road is listed as Passenger, NY has one for “Limited Use Automobile”.

  19. james pansini

    Mike v…you may of heard of it, but it doesnt exsist in Calif. I did exavtly what you said and put it in a legal letter…A Constructive Notice” and demand for an exempt license plate, using a ton of supreme court cases on the difference netween “driving”(a commercial endevor) and “traveling”. I was waiting for the plates for two years and never received it or an answer to my notice. And finally i was pulled over by the police one day. My tags were two years behind at that point and the cops werent happy and very suspicious. Fortunately, i always carried the paperwork with me, so i showed him i was applying for an “excempt” plate. The DMV purposely let my notice ride, knowing that eventually will be pulled over and forced to comply. And thats exactly what happened. This was over 20 years ago. How bad do you think they have gotten since then…???

  20. james pansini

    That site you gave for the michigan jural assembly says it cant be reached…!!!. Did you post it right..?? And judge Anna, i have to take oposition to the accusation that DC is working lawfully and has never blocked us from forming “jural assemblies”. First of all, their was never any full disclosure of what the did or how. Did you ever learn in any of our schools that Lincoln won the “civil war”(that was never declared) , but bankrupted the entire country of America to do it.??? And what about the “lieber code” installed by him. Your school must have been way better than mine. And even if it is a corp., they should all be dealing in lawful money. Instead, they choose to straddle the entire country with “debt instraments” which again, we were never informed of. The only place for the truth is in school where young minds can absorb material much better, because if a lie is taught then, it will remain throughout adult life, because by that time they have all been conditioned by a different reality. And Adults will never again study something they have already think they have learned….especially when their whole focus is earning a living and making a family. My friends havent picked up a book and read since high school. Its not that we havent formed “jural assembles” that has caused our problem, its the disinformation and the unfair playing field caused by the “deep state” using “debt instraments”, which can create money at will, while our true Rebublic is stragleholed with a limited currency based on substance, which by defintion is “finite”. So if you wanted to a job working for the city, who are you going to work for, the jural assembly paying minimum wage(albiet lawful money) or the Corp. Municiapality paying $200,000/year. Not a difficult choice..It creates an unfair playing field. Unless they agree that none of them or their courts can charge us , or have anything to do with us period….not even for murder….and none of their officers can approach us with a weapon. They can be charged and convicted by us for anything at any time. You have to balance the “account” always. If they choose to use “fiat currency”, than we retain all the power. Thats a fair exchange of the “EQUITIES”. They get the use of unlimited elastic currency, but we retain ALL the “POWER”. Suddenly, it may make sense to work for a jural assembly. And half the military works for us exclusively, the army and navy, while the other have works for them, the marines and air force. Balance the account judge Anna. People do not know how to balance accounts, even with all this info. They want the money and the power. If you let them have that, why even form “jural assembles”….they will always be in control under those conditions. Can you imagine them having all the money, but absolutly NO POWER with the “REBUBLIC”. The first time they wind up in jail because of us, they will immediately jump the “Ship of State” for the republic. Either that or the 4 branches of our military will be at war with each other. Because we will never give away our POWER, and they will never give up their elastic currency. That also gives people a choice which we dont have now. And personally i love power over money anyday.

  21. Mike V

    James we are brainwashed to believe the story of Jesus is about how he died for our sins so they (church) can claim his legacy and build a commercial religion around it. The reality is it is a story to show you what will happen if you challenge the system of Rome then the Roman Cult church displays the model of his death usually in the front of the church above the alter, only to give warning of what was done to your leader. It is a demonic evil system!!!
    He died to show the true nature of the system and your salvation is getting as far from it as possible, nobody was born with original sin we were born into a system of pure sin and we need to be reborn out of that system, we are born in hell and must rise out of it as Jesus ascended.

  22. Mike V

    James it has less to do with the plates and more to do with your status in the system, also on your registration it states “Type of use” ? go press the issue and tell them you are not a “passenger vehicle” and not driving in a commercial capacity you are a private traveller, get the “Passenger” changed to “Automobile – Exempt” and this status is exempt from fees also I believe. I have seen a copy of this done in CA.
    People don't get it “Passenger Vehicle” means you are driving passengers for hire.
    Go get a legal name change from all CAPS to Proper style, I have heard from people that did this and the same day they got pulled over and the cop was like their best friend made sure everything was good and sent them safely on their way.

  23. james pansini

    You see judge Anna, people have good points here. Paperwork alone, has never worked on the “deep state”. And i was also threatened with being transferred to a “hospital for the criminally insane” once i was in jail. They know how to scare you to death. But in our case they know we arent insane. And i found out while i was in jail, after reading the penal code, that if a court chooses to transfer someone to a criminal hospital for the insane, that its the county that has to pay for it. The State wont do it unless they have already been convicted of it. So they try and make sure you really are by sending in two professionals, one from the prosecutor, and one from the “PD office”. But they both work for the court. They knew i wasnt crazy and that the county would have to flip the bill for me to stay there. But before the investigator for the prosecution left, she asked me what do you want me to tell the judge….I told her that if he thinks he has the law and the truth, just ask him one question….who is making or can prove their is a valid “claim”(not charges) against me and will testify under oath to it…thats it. And if someone is willing to testify to that and take “liability” for it, than i wont give the judge anymore grief. Ill sign for the charges and take my lumps, even though there was no injured party…I called his bluff. It wasnt long after that i was released. But not until i did 90 days, which was probably the time i had to spend in jail for a first time offence , meaning i had already fulfilled the “performance bond in that case. Remember, he sent me to jail before i was even convicted. So when i got out all i had to do is sign the paperwork, plus going to classes. I just signed it normal because my dad had “alsheimers” and wasnt going to live much longer….and he didnt. Thats why i didnt fight anymore. The bottom line is that everyone in court is trying to “claim jump” on your gold mine…your signiture. For a “Corp. State” that is nothing but a criminal syndacate that can get away with just about anything, for some reason, they absolutly “REFUSE” to sign their documents for you. Thats where they all draw the line. But they will make your life misserable if you dont sign it. Even if its just an “X”. Even if your signiture is coereced under duress, they will accept it, but they will never forge your signiture. It seems pretty silly that up to that point they can just about commit murder. But God forbid, dont forge his signiture…!!! Your signiture is gold to them…!! The only way im going to fight is with a class action suit where there is power in numbers. Because no one has my back…no one!! Not even my identical twin brother. Pathetic. Now i know how Jesus felt. Even Peter, “the rock”, betrayed him in the end. And thats even after Jesus told him he was going to do it…Judge Anna why arent you afraid of them. Have you ever been charged with anything..a misdemeanor or felony, where you had to go to court on it..!!! Its easy to say “stay the course”, if you have never neen wounded by them. You never took a bullet. The rest of us have. One bitten, twice shy…!!

  24. james pansini

    Cher-ie is right. I live in Calif, where cops seem to recognize license plates and expired registrstion stickers from a distance. I dont want to educate hundreds of cops everytime i get stopped….in fact i dont want to be stopped at all….and that is going to take a special plate that cops recognize as “private”and not commericial. Unless the DMV will give us new plates, in Calif. i have to register my car…these cops dont trust anyone. Its shoot first, ask questions later. Am i right Kimberly…!!! Even if we file all this paperwork, since when has anyone obeyed law in the “deep state”. There is only one way they will obey that paperwork or “jural assembles”….the good old fashion way…a law suit to establish case presidence once and for all. We need a class action law suit…we need “representation” from an attorney who is no longer concerned about losing his BAR card. And even if everyone did actually recognize our status, whos to say they wont try another “victory tax” for another war effort. They always take advantage of our good nature using hidden clauses that will enslave us all over again. I am going to take all this info to a competant “lawyer”(if that is possible) and see if he will take this case to the supreme court…and how much it will take if he understands what we are talking about. Judge Anna, have you ever talked to any judge, privately, or anyone else in the legal profession that understands what we are talking about. I mean ones still active in our courts….???. The “Deep State” never plays fair or honest. You said it yourself, we are dealing with a criminal syndicate. Last time i checked, if someone wanted to quit the mob, they usually wound up in the “obituaries”….”accidental drowning with cement shoes…!! Case closed.

  25. Abby

    Cody, so noted. You have good input, just wish this would have been happening 25 years ago when the pulse of the world wasnt in such a mess, lol. I think most of us are experiencing a good bit of frustration, especially when people refuse to listen and prefer to stay in their ''cozy place''with their heads in the sand.

  26. earthdweller

    This whole battle is about jurisdiction. Use of a two letter state designation and a zip code in our return address is entry into the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia, i.e. United States. A zip code is a Federal District of the District of Columbia. As the states are all operating as franchisees of the United States, use of the zip code puts us in their sand box. As an example, if you run a small business and use a corporation, and you file your list of officers with the Secretary of State with the address of the corporation and its officers in this format:

    c/o 123 Anystreet Drive
    near City, Statespelledout
    zip code exempt

    your corporation will not be under IRS jurisdiction. The Secretary of State may reject your filing and try to force you to use a zip code and you will need to write back and remind him that he does not run the Post Office and he (or she) has a duty to file your paperwork as submitted. I consider it essential to never use a two letter state designation and zip code when dealing with any government agency. Any mistake we make will be used against us.

  27. Cody Freeman

    Yes Abby I agree that we have been blamed for a lot of this mess. The point I was trying to make is that with the advent of the Internet the information on PROCESS to remove ourselves is a lot clearer than the days when we would pile into court and throw mud at the wall to see what sticks. Regardless of what site we go to regarding this topic, there are common elements set in concrete ie: Enrolment at the doctors, enrolment for elections, ordering a birth certificate getting licenses and so on.
    As you know this is all they need to create joinder. I know firsthand how the fear creeps in and the last thing people need is for the cops to turn up and haul us into court. I lost a beautiful home in central Auckland in 2012 due to lack of info, but I would think that the time has come that we can now move ahead with a lawful method based on Anna's info to re-venue our political status without doing anything illegal.
    I'd say that most of us that are on this blog aren't sitting around waiting until someone saves us, but those who are not, need to get informed (via us) as to what's going on. This post from Anna I guess was a rally cry to get others involved so we have power in numbers and the knowledge to move forward. Yes there was a breach of trust which shouldn’t have happened in the first place. But now we know. I must admit that when I first started telling people about what was going on (to the best of my knowledge), my friends kept a close eye on what I talked about. The moment I opened my mouth and spoke about the so called “Freeman on the land shit” they would shut me down. That was six years ago. Now some are coming back to me with questions. It can be done.
    Sorry I do tend to rant a bit but I do get frustrated when those whom I've spoken to before come to me complaining that their land tax has just gone up 3.5% or their being charged for a victim-less crime. They’re not telling me because they want help, they’re only wanting a shoulder to cry on.

  28. Abby

    To unknown, aug. 2. Your reference to ''anna's stinky history she peddles'' was totally crass and uncalled for. If you don't want to read history, then don't. Ingratitude for one's hard earnest work, which you are getting for free, is disgraceful.

  29. Abby

    I think We the People have been blamed long enough, and unfairly so. Stop and realize we were kept in the dark with no way to get real info on what rights we really had, nor how we had leaders who did not have our best interests in mind, at all. So stop blaming the People, puleeeeze.
    You think their ways don't apply to us? Go into court on a mere traffic stop and try to claim sovereignty, and see where that gets you. A genuine defense attorney told us 'don't try that'' for your own safety; they will call for a 6-mo. mental evaluation; its not worth it, just pay the ticket and save yourself a headache you aren't going to want.
    As for setting up our own gov. the right way, that is going to take eons, and I think most people are already up to the chins in need of something Now.
    Yes, Anna is doing the work for us, but we are not lawyers and she is; she knows what she is doing and guiding us to do it right. That's extremely important. She is tearing down the shit that has been stacked against us, and that IS what is needed.
    You don't stop a bank robber by saying oh well I will just go to another bank. You gotta arrest them and throw their hindend in the slammer and throw away the keys.
    Right now I am waiting to see how the Probate thingy finalizes.

  30. Dan Carpenter

    I agree! There have been so so many charges and documents issued against these monsters, but you can't win within their system and it is bigger than David and Goliath. There has to be a massive strike by the people to stop the finances from flowing for however long it takes of civil non-compliance in my opinion.

  31. Unknown

    Yes, lets organize our “county jural assemblies” and then what!? Waste o time as they will NOT be recognized or ENFORCED!!! Pastor David Manning had all of this with 23 indictments against Barry the Fairy and NOTHING was done about it!!! WHO is going to enforce it!? Yes, have YOUR “land sheriff” go out and enforce your “land jural indictment” and see how fast they get a bullet in their butts from the Federal SWAT team!!! All of this is great information, granted, better than anna's stinky history she usually peddles, but it isn't going anywhere as long as the sheeple can't get anything done about all of this.

  32. Danny Edwards

    I am on Texas and have been fighting this crap for twenty plus years, most of the ones I started out with are dead or have slipped into dementia or full blown alzheimer's or just got burned out or hit by the irs or others. I am seventy plus years old, but still hanging in the fight… lost my wife two plus years ago, and she was never on board with me fully, some think I may have caused her to die sooner than she should have…I think I have some very good info to share, and Anna is on the same things we were back in the nineties, and has shared more than anyone has on the SUBJECT MATTER than anyone thus far.

    If there is any one on Texas that reads this, that is on the same page please contact me @


  33. Cody Freeman

    Anna bless your little cotton socks. In my opinion this post is one of the best I've read. I would like to think that it makes those people who just SIT THERE and wait until Anna post yet another (colour by numbers) post, sit up and understand that it is us who need to change our political status and start organizing our own judicial assemblies. No wonder that Mr Rothschild sits back and laughs at us as they did with Neil Kennan, (I like Neil by the way). We need to start NOW getting our own house in order and our shit together, STOP turning around and looking at what THEIR doing, thinking it applies to us. If not stop crying how unfair life is. That's my rant.

  34. Justin Turner

    I knew something was broke our government in d.c. did not act like a government as layed out in the constitution and the bill of rights. it was obvious to any one with two brain cells working… read anna,s stuff and the lights went on so obvious. the truth finally the truth… thank god and thank you anna and all concerned with this disclosure. I am in …

  35. Dan Carpenter

    In Canada, the other guys have done a really great job at conning the masses it is almost impossible to get anyone to believe any different. I suspect it is equally as difficult in the USA as well. Finding the right approach and or any group that has come up with the solution here is almost like looking for the needle in the haystack. Thank you for your contributions and efforts within your country.


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