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Some great points from KrisAnne Hall, but what did she miss?

What is not said here will fill volumes but the main point we would like to bring out is that those who claim to be our federal government are NOT, including the BLM. They are a for profit, mostly foreign owned corporate entity masquerading as our federal government.
If you can’t understand that this is true you need to read the following about the Oregon situation from Judge Anna Von Reitz of Big Lake Alaska.


Red River Land Grab – BLM Claims to own private land in Texas

The BLM has taken a huge new step forward in its land grabbing agenda. The latest victim is a cattle rancher and farmer from the Red River area of Texas. Ken Aderholt’s family has owned some of these contested lands for generations. Unlike the Bundy’s and the Finicum’s this dispute is not about public lands but rather deeded private land.
Ken Aderholt is a family man who is married with 2 kids. He is one of the few still living the American dream, for now. Ken and his family farms and ranches are along the Red River in Texas. His Grandfather bought the property in 1941 and Ken grew up on the land, building fences and working the cows as any ranching family does. After his grandfather died in 1989 the land then went to his father. Who leased it to Ken after he bought out half of his grandfathers cattle. In 1989 he moved his family the home that his grandfather had lived in since 1941. This is just the life that Ken and his family had pictured living. That is up to a couple of weeks before Christmas in 2013 when a couple of game wardens called the families along the Red River to a meeting in Wichita Falls to figure out how they were going to manage the property along the Red River that they were now suddenly claiming to own. The unfortunate part of this claim is that land is already owned by the residents that live along the 100+ mile area of the Red River, including close to half of Ken’s land including his family home! During the meeting they set up a scoping period that has lasted close to 2 years. This period is almost over. The Governor of Texas has had some encouraging words on the subject that he included in a letter to the BLM. Here is a .pdf of the BLM Letter However, it remains to be seen if the Governor will actually step in and call up his state troops and the Texas Rangers to intervene on the resident’s behalf. If not the Oath Keepers will be ready to take action to help keep this hard working American family in their home.

Please take the time to watch this video interview and share it out. Also check back for updates to this situation.
Found at the Oathkeepers website here:

The Day the Feds Stood Down-Micro Documentary

The Battle of Bunkerville: One Year Later

The relative calm of Southern Nevada’s Clark County was shattered in April of 2014 when agents of the private, government contracted Bureau of Land Management moved in-force against 67 year-old Nevada Rancher, Cliven Bundy.

The reasons given for why a private company would violate a law-abiding American’s constitutional rights were weak, at best. The claim by the BLM was that they were working to protect the desert tortoise, the same desert tortoise that fell victim to mass genocide by another federally funded agency, The Desert Tortoise Conservation Center, some 8 months previous. In that budget cutting measure, it is estimated that ½ of the 1400 turtles housed at the conservation center would be euthanized. An act that calls into serious question the real motives of the BLM.
In addition to their role as protectors of the desert turtle, the BLM contended that Cliven Bundy was behind on his grazing fees. Fees that Mr. Bundy paid to the State of Nevada, as per an agreement that was cemented before the BLM’s un-lawful arrival. The question is this: Does protecting a turtle, or collecting late-fees, rise to the level of sending snipers, armored vehicles and weapons-ready helicopters to southern Nevada? Was it necessary to Taser unarmed men and pregnant women in an attempt to get a point across? Does the BLM, or any government agency, have the right to sequester the public and herd them into an Orwellian named, “1st Amendment Zone?”

Many Americans from all across this nation didn’t think so, and they acted on a massive scale. What happened next was perhaps the greatest display of American grit and patriotism that I, or many others, have witnessed in their lifetimes. The following micro-documentary is look back to those tense filled days in the warm Nevada sun. It’s the day we won a little of our liberties back…it’s the day that the Feds stood down.
Thanks to Jim White for doing this documentary and for being at the Bundy Ranch with us.