My Testament For My Sons and Daughters

By Anna Von Reitz

I am still alive, by the Grace and Glory of God, this day in October in the year called 2017, and yet, realistically, I must take steps to prepare for death and the likelihood that I and my husband and perhaps many other innocent members of the Belle Chers will fall in the line of duty.  As I said in the beginning, we are Shepherds sent to guard the flock; we fight with wolves and lions.  

One of the most frustrating things about the condition of death is that you can no longer be heard by the living.  You can stand right next to them and shout as loud as you like, and they will just go on eating or typing or whatever else they are doing, totally oblivious.  

So to save myself that frustration later I am giving my messages now.  

First, and foremost, I love you all.  All.  Even the Bad Actors. Our Father has purposed that all will be saved and not one left behind.  Remember that.  Not one. 
Remember this, too— that love is the most important thing you can give, and I give it freely to each and every one of you reading this today.  

Second, Jim and I have done our duty by you.  Nobody can say that we failed to report or didn’t sound the alarm or didn’t make speed or didn’t do everything that we possibly could do to restore order and justice once we knew for sure what was going on.  At every step, like good soldiers, we have reported back to you all and acted to protect and preserve your lives and property. We shall continue to do so until our last drop is shed. 

Third, this Earth and its people are worth living for and worth dying for. If we are murdered for loving this country and its people, we have no regrets.  Let our blood cry out to Our Father and may He bring them to ruin who have sought to enslave those He created as Free Men. 

Fourth, don’t get hung up on the past and don’t wait for or expect kings to lead you.  Such kings exist and they will come forward, even as Jim has, but they are simply acting “for” you and the real point is that you become the kings and queens of your own lives.  So long as you love justice and mercy and truth, you are kings and queens, and as you live in this moment called “Now” in which both alpha and omega meet, choose this as your time to be and act, to undo the miseries of the past and let them go, to enjoy the day given you as a gift, and to choose a future of peace and joy for all Creation. 

There are Eight Trusts bequeathed to you in this country.  They are: 

Genesis 1:26-28
The Twenty-Third Psalm — pay attention to that line, “I shall not want.” 
The Lord’s Prayer
1620 Mayflower Compact
The Unanimous Declaration of Independence 
The Gettysburg Address
The New Deal
The Declaration of Flag 

The New Deal was a False Trust, a trust engineered to steal everything from you, and The Declaration of Flag has now returned everything to you.  Hold fast to it, and try to uphold the peace that it also declares.  

Fifth, the Belle Chers have stood for many centuries as the authors of justice at arms and mercy in peace.  It was from their lips that you heard for the first time that “might must be employed for right” — and it was from their hands that the Magna Carta sprang.  Now, then, let every good and honorable man come forward and embrace these principles and be accounted my son, and let every woman of courage and sound mind be my daughter.  Say with me that each one of us is sacred and each one of us is free. 

Sixth, the Ancient Romans said that courage is the first virtue, and they spoke rightly, for without courage no other virtue can be guaranteed; that said, mercy is greater than the courage that earns its exercise.  This world is by its nature deceptive.  Things are not what they seem.  The one who seems subordinate is often the greater, and the student is often the teacher, and the poor are among us so that we may have the opportunity to give and the guilty are here so that we may learn the benefits of mercy.   Look deeply and hone your mind to penetrate these secrets, so that you might know the truth and pass it on, even as I have. 

Seventh, perhaps, when we— my husband and I— are gone, and the members of our table are again scattered, you will feel the loss and remember when we were among you and you will think: what am I to do?  Where am I to go?  Who am I to trust?  It is at that moment that you must look deep within your heart and go outside and reconnect to the One Life that is our life and yours. Do not be deceived and think that we are ever far from you; indeed, we shall come to you with the swiftness of thought, even as Yeshuah is with you, so His Servants are, in spirit and in flesh. As He is with you always, so are we.  So whenever you feel you need it, just pause and think of us.  Feel the warm though unseen hug.  You are not alone and never will be. 

Eighth, know that I will miss being able to speak with you directly, but listen carefully to the quiet voice within, to the birches singing on the wind, to the odd coincidences and the things that bring you some thought or memory of us.  As Yeshuah asked you to remember Him whenever you break bread and drink wine (and not as some would say only in a church and only according to the rules they set up as a boundary) please think of us, His Servants, when you see a friendly dog, faithful and watchful to the end. 

Ninth, as I leave this world, I will be handing a torch on to you, a torch that was lit by Our Father long ago, a perpetual burning fire that burns in our hearts.  Let His Holy Spirit come to you and teach you.  Let His Grace and Mercy melt your hardness of heart.  Let all fear flee before you.  Let His Glory be incarnate in you. 

Tenth, I here record my Confession of many, many, many grievous sins and errors, many down-fallings, many failures.  I have no special, unusual, or particular excuses.  I have been as other women in all respects, and have committed by my count, one way or another, every sin.  Yet I rely firmly on the love and the grace and the kindness of Him that sent me, and know that He has already fore-given me.  To all those who try and all those who fail to live a righteous life, take heart. We are not here to triumph. We are here to be limited and to learn and to fail, to be humbled— and I certainly have been.  

Eleventh, as Solomon has written, to everything there is a season.  In this world we have our beginning, our middle, and our end, but just beyond the veil of this life, eternity stretches out in limitlessness, and Our Father remembers each one of us in the finest detail.  We can never be lost, never cease to exist, never be destroyed in any true sense.  Our bodies are like space suits that wear out, but our eternal being is safe from the ravages of age and disease and deception, thus remember the secret of Isaiah 57.  We return to rest, and that is no cause for sadness.  

Twelve— as for my worldly goods, let my name be found inscribed in the Book of Life known as The New Testament, which is the Ninth, and most personal trust I leave to you, whatever your religious beliefs may be.  Let my houses — and those other baubles that have belonged to me for a time, let them pass on to my son, Eric, and my husband, James Clinton, and my Executive Officer, Harold Heinze, according to our agreements, and to my beloved Sister, Em, and such other family and friends as I have left remembrance to. 

To all the people of the world I leave the Truth of their Divinity and their Mission to merit the gifts they have been given freely by Our Father, the One Life that exists in this One Time called Now, where all that ever was meets with all that ever will be. 

So it is said and done this ____ day of October 2017 while I am well in mind and body and competent to give this Testament.  

                                                                   Anna Maria Riezinger

*** An official signed copy will be posted for all to see. 

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From Paul Stramer

On Sunday September 7, 2014, I reported on the state of Anna’s website which I had created on my server in Toronto Canada, with the address of  It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 3 years since we put this system on line, but it has.

I knew from the outset that it would be an uphill battle to get a website like this one, which is primarily a political and historical website rather than a business opportunity, found by the search engines, and promote it to the world so people can learn the truth of our history and heritage.

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By Anna Von Reitz

Somewhere between all the other work I have to do and sending boo-boo presents to my Great-Granddaughter who has sprained her ankle and is worried about not being able to go to the local Fall Festival in costume next week (I suggested that she go as a sick person, add some bandages, and use the crutches to good effect, right?) — I have to raise money for travel and filing fees this week. 

We are looking at what can only be described as the Mother of All Collateral  Claims and for some documents the filing fees are $50 a page, folks.  This isn’t cheap and Grandma’s Cupboard while not bare, is far from overflowing. 

And since you are all the “Poor Dogs” standing to gain not only bones but well-deserved beef roasts out of all this– please send what you can:

PayPal is and snail mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

There is important business to settle in the realm of banking, too. And, true to form, it is all coming to a head at the same time. 

Meantime I hear the bankers at the Bank of England have pushed all their desks into a circle and are hiding under them. The discovery of the 1802 Stamp Tax still being charged and used as the excuse to issue warrants against purported American “franchises” 215 years after that issue was supposedly settled for good is especially ripe. 

I have a very peculiar artifact in my possession.  It is a large Victorian sterling silver serving fork that has been altered so that fits like a wire headband with the handle appearing to enter on one side of the head and the fork end appearing to come out of the side. ( It once adorned a life-sized bust of Albert Einstein who was being lampooned for getting the Special Relativity Equations all wrong.) 

I think I should send it somewhere for a similar purpose right about now, but there are so many options to choose from, so many parties who have it all completely wrong, who have nonetheless been applauding each other and handing out Nobel Prizes to each other and drinking champagne and eating sweetmeats and being sanctimonious. 

Here are the headlines— Dear Pope Francis, Dear Queen Bess–Your Predecessors carried out an illegal commercial mercenary war on our shores in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract.  You have remained on our shores under conditions of deceit for 150 years and committed vicious war crimes against our states and people for no good reason other than to plunder and secretively profit yourselves under color of law– all the while pretending to be our very best friends and Allies and Treaty Partners. 

Care to explain this? Or would you like to wear the Einstein Fork for a week as penance? 

Donald Trump– please think before you rattle any sabers. We aren’t paying for any more wars for profit–not with blood and not with money. Read the contract. It says “mutual defense” not “mutual offense”. 

And as for all you beribboned prize bulls at the Pentagon, presently trying to trade and steal the assets of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust away from our Native Tribal Nations– shame on you. 

This behavior has got to stop. 

And it will stop, whether you want it to or not. 

You have been offered amnesty — provided you repent and clean up your acts, which includes stopping this kind of gross criminality and riding herd on the Bar Associations and these fake military tribunal courts you’ve been running and using to plunder the innocent American public. 

Take the offer. It’s the only one you will get. 

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You Are Among the First to Know

By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago I told everyone that the “mountain moving” has begun.  So it has. 

Most of the criminality that has infested this country has been built around one central lie — the idea that our government of the people, by the people, and for the people was in “interregnum” — a polite fancy way of saying “on pause”, not functioning, in-between periods of activity and leadership— for the past 150 years.  

When a Pope dies and the conclave of Cardinals come together to choose a new leader, the Holy See is in “interregnum”.  

So the rest of the world has, as Karen Hudes said months ago, considered our lawful government to be “in interregnum”.  

We, the sovereigns of the land jurisdiction of The United States of America might come back and might not.  Meantime, our servants running the Territorial United States (military) and Municipal United States (Washington, DC) settled in for a nice long session of eating our food and drinking our wine and sleeping in our beds and generally running amok with our credit cards. 

That presumption can now no longer stand. 

Please see attached.  

By their own rules, the cards have been called.  And they lose.


Here is the document Anna referred to as an attachment in the announcement.
The first and second are page 1 and 2 of the whole document, and the third link is the last page of the entire document. 

The first document: 

Second document:

Third Document:

Fourth link is the entire 28 page Document: 

Morning Star

By Anna Von Reitz

I am not sure why I have to address this topic at this time, but it is apparent from the number and volume of references and questions coming at me from all sides that such a public discussion is necessary. 

People need to know what “Morning Star” in the Bible is about and to have some resolution in their minds as to why both Satan and Jesus are referred to with these words. 

Satan is called the Son of the Morning Star in Isaiah 14:12.
Jesus is called the “Bright and Morning Star” in Revelations 22:16

The Morning Star, also known as the Dog Star, is the brightest star in the heavens.  It is part of a star complex that is more scientifically known as Sirius B.  

According to ancient records, Satan is from Sirius B originally, but he “fell to Earth” or was “cast down to Earth”.  The Bible doesn’t explain his exact origins other than this reference to the Morning Star, but this information is recorded elsewhere in other ancient scriptures of the world. His consort, Semiramis, was likewise said to have “fallen to Earth”, but in her case, she splashed down in the Euphrates River in an shimmering metal egg—- sounding just like an Escape Pod on Star Trek. 

At this point it helps to know that Satan has many names and so does his wife, Semiramis.   Satan is known as Lucifer, the Devil, the One-Eyed God, Nimrod (also the name of the Grandson of Noah) Poseidon, Leviathan, and…. Son of the Morning Star.  Semiramis is known as Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Cybele…..and Columbia, as in District of Columbia.  This is not an exhaustive list, but hits the highlights. 

Satan’s association with the sea, with the Morning Star, and with deception, illusions, and lies runs throughout all the literature concerning him worldwide. His wife is famous as the creator of idols, idolatry, money, prostitution, tree worship, the practice of sex as a sacrament, and infanticide.  

Satan is a Seraph, the Highest Order of the Angelic Hosts.  He is immortal and cannot be killed, only imprisoned. Seraphs primarily exist in their true form as beings made of energy and are invisible to human eyes. When they do appear in this world, they most often appear as dragons— reptiles with wings— or as gigantic snakes known as Basilisks.  They can also adopt the appearance of a human though not entirely convincingly– they are recognizably strange and beautiful; or, they can simply inhabit a willing human Host Body — sometimes for a whole lifetime. 

Satan has a special relationship with the sea-going Israelite Tribe of Dan, which carries a snake as its emblem and on its banner.  Many of his human hosts have come from the Tribe of Dan and many members of the Tribe of Dan have practiced Enochian Magic to summon these evil beings and their lesser cohorts. They are also the ones primarily responsible for the Talmud and the exceedingly violent and nasty advice and practices spelled out in the Talmud against the Goyim—the rest of us, including other tribes of the Israel.  The Tribe of Dan is an “Equal Opportunity Hater”—- they hate everyone not of their specific blood lines.

[The Tribe of Judah, in turn, has a special relationship with Our Father, the Living God.  They are His bearers and gatekeepers and faithful ones, so that Jesus is known as the “Lion of Judah”.  They will keep the rule until the one who is the rightful heir comes from the Tribe of Ephraim.]  

These two, Satan and Semiramis, are merely two of all the seraphs ever created by Our Father, and they are all Sons and Daughters of the Morning Star—Sirius B.  The star also gave its name to Syria, the country, and to Syrians, the name of the people inhabiting that country.  It is in part the search for the ancient knowledge and technology of these “Fallen Angels” that is driving all the fighting in Syria today.  

So now you know the origin and nature of Satan.  He is quite literally the “Son of the Morning Star”.  

Is Jesus also a seraph, one of those loyal to Our Father, who came to Earth to battle with Satan?  Quite possibly.  The Angels are known as Sons of God, and by the power of Our Father’s Holy Spirit and the willingness of a human host—such as Mary, remember, she was asked to accept her role, and she did—- a seraph could be made incarnate, literally, as a son.  We may never know until all things are revealed, but it is consistent with what is known about the history and the nature of these spiritual beings. 

It is apparent that despite his immense cruelty and intelligence and ability to deceive people including Judas Iscariot and the members of the Sanhedrin —- Satan was beaten, and death was set aside; the Living God left the temple forever, breaking through the veil of the massive temple curtain like an egg shell and parting it just as He once parted the Red Sea. 

This is what is meant by Jesus being the Way— imagine the Hebrews walking across the pathway cleared through the Red Sea, with the walls of water standing hundreds of feet high on either side of them?  In the same way, Jesus became the Way— the Path to Heaven— the means for us to cross over the Great Divide set between us and Heaven, by ending our separation from Our Father. 

Now, finally, why is Jesus called the “Bright and Morning Star”?  Is it because he, too, is a seraph and originally came from the Morning Star planetary system?  Maybe.  It hardly matters.  What matters is that the Holy Spirit now inhabits the Earth, and if we will open our hearts, the same Holy Spirit will inhabit us, making us shine like Our Father, like our Righteous Redeemer, like the Morning Star — great, burning beacons in the darkness.  

It is this inhabiting of human flesh by the Holy Spirit which protects us against Satan and all his wiles, because the Holy Spirit is stronger than Satan and always knows and speaks the Truth.  Thus, when Satan sees one of us filled with the Holy Spirit of the Living God, he runs like a rabbit and seeks a hole to hide in.  He is beset on every side by faithful sons and daughters of the Living God, people who are no longer prey for his amusement, but astonishingly wise and powerful beings raised up from the dust. 

We are told that we will be “greater than the angels”.  It’s time we took that promise seriously and made ourselves worthy of it.  

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Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost

Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine’s
The Church’s Year

The Introit of the Mass is an humble prayer, by which we acknowledge that we are punished for our disobedience:
INTROIT All that thou hast done to us, O. Lord, thou hast done in true, judgment: because we have sinned against thee, and have not obeyed thy commandments: but give glory to thy name, and deal with us according to the multitude of thy mercy. (Dan. III. 28.) Blessed are the undefiled in the way: who walk in the law of the Lord. (Fs. CXVIII.). 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
COLLECT Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord, in Thy mercy to Thy faithful pardon and peace; that they may both be cleansed from all their offences, and serve Thee with a quiet mind. Through our Lord Jesus Christ etc.
EPISTLE (Ephes. V. 15-21.) Brethren, See how you walk circumspectly, not as unwise, but as wise redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore, become not unwise, but understanding what is the will of God. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is luxury: but be ye filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns, and spiritual canticles, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord: giving thanks always for all things, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to God and the Father; being subject one to another in the fear of Christ.
How may we redeem time?
By employing every moment to gain eternal goods, even should we lose temporal advantages thereby; by letting no opportunity pass without endeavoring to do good, to labor and, suffer for love of God, to improve our lives, and increase in, virtue.
Do you wish to know, says the pious Cornelius á Lapide, how precious time is: Ask the damned, for these know it from experience. Come, rich man, from the abyss of hell, tell us what you would give for one year, one day, one hour of time! I would, he says, give a whole world, all pleasures, all treasures, and bear all torments. O, if only one moment were granted me to have contrition for my sins, to obtain forgiveness of my crimes, I would purchase this moment with every labor, with any penance, with all punishments, torments and tortures which men ever suffered in purgatory or in hell, even if they lasted hundreds, yes, thousands of millions of years! O precious moment upon which all eternity depends! O, how many moments did you, my dear Christian, neglect, in which you could have served God, could have done good for love of Him, and gained eternal happiness by them, and you have lost these precious moments. Remember, with one moment of time, if you employ it well, you can purchase eternal happiness, but with all eternity you cannot purchase one moment of time!
ASPIRATION Most bountiful God and Lord! I am heartily sorry, that I have so carelessly employed the time which Thou bast given me for my salvation. In order to supply what I have neglected, as far as I am able, I offer to Thee all that I have done or suffered from the first use of my reason, as if I had really to do and suffer it still; and I offer it in union with all the works and sufferings of our Saviour, and beg fervently, that Thou wilt supply, through His infinite merits, my defects, and be pleased with all my actions and sufferings.
Be not drunk with wine, wherein is luxury!
[On the vice of drunkenness see the third Sunday after Pentecost Here we will speak only of those who make others drunk by encouragement.] The Persian King Assuerus expressly forbade that any one should be urged to drink at his great banquet. (Esth. I. 8.) This heathen who knew from the light of reason, that it is immoral to lead others to intemperance, will one day rise in judgment against those Christians who, enlightened by the light of faith, would not recognize and avoid this vice. Therefore the Prophet Isaias (V. 22.) pronounces woe to those who are mighty in drinking and know how to intoxicate others; and St. Augustine admonishes us, by no means to consider those as friends, who by their fellowship in drinking would make us enemies of God.
Nineth Sunday After PentecostGOSPEL (John IV. 46-53.) At that time, There was a certain ruler whose son was sick at Capharnaum. He having heard that Jesus was come from Judea into Galilee, went to him, and prayed him to come down, and heal his son; for he was at the point of death. Jesus therefore said to him: Unless you see signs and wonders, you believe not. The ruler with to him: Lord, come down before my son die. Jesus saith to him: Go thy way, thy son liveth. The man believed the word which Jesus said to him, and went his way. And as he was going down, his servants met him, and they brought word, saying that his son lived. He asked therefore of them the hour wherein he grew better. And they said to him: Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him. The father therefore, knew that it was at the same hour that Jesus said to him: Thy son liveth: and himself believed. and his whole house.

I.God permitted the son of the ruler to become sick that he might ask Christ for the health of his son, and thus obtain true faith and eternal happiness. In like manner, God generally seeks to lead sinners to Himself, inasmuch as He brings manifold evils and misfortunes either upon the sinner himself or on his children, property, etc. Hence David said: It is good for me that thou hast humbled me, that I may learn thy justifications, (Ps. CXVIII. 71.) and therefore he also asked God to fill the faces of sinners with shame, that they should seek His name. (Ps. LXXXII. 17.) This happened to those of whom David says: Their infirmities were multiplied: afterwards they hastened in returning to God. (Ps. XV. 4.) O would we only do the same! When God sends us failure of crops, inundations, hail-storms, dearth, war, etc., He wishes nothing else than that we abandon sin and return to Him. But what do we? Instead of hastening to God, we take refuge in superstition, or we murmur against Him, find fault with or even blaspheme His sacred regulations; instead of removing our sins by sincere penance, we continually commit new ones, by murmuring and impatience, by hatred and enmity, by rash judgments, as if the injustice and malice of others were the cause of our misfortune. What will become of us if neither the benefits nor the punishments of God make us better?
II. Christ said to this ruler: Unless you see signs and wonders, you believe not. This was a reprimand for his imperfect faith; for if he. had truly believed Christ to be the Son of God, he would not have asked Him to come to his house, but, like the centurion, would have believed Him able, though absent, to heal His son. (Matt. VIII.) Many Christians deserve the same rebuke from Christ, because they lose nearly all faith and confidence in God, when He does not immediately help them in their troubles, as they wish. He proves to us how displeasing such a want of confidence is to Him by withdrawing His assistance and protection from the fickle and distrustful. (Ecclus. II. 15.)
II. How much may not the example of the father of a family accomplish! This ruler had no sooner received the faith, than his whole household was converted and believed in Christ. Fathers and mothers by their good example, by their piety, frequent reception of the Sacraments, by their meekness, temperance, modesty and other virtues, may accomplish incalculable good among their children and domestics.

There was a certain ruler whose son was sick. (John IV. 16.)
As a consolation in sickness, you should consider that God sends you this affliction for the welfare of’ your soul, that you may know your sins; or if you be innocent, to practice patience, humility, charity, etc., and increase your merits. Therefore a holy father said to one of his companions, who complained, because he was sick: “My son! if you are gold, then you will be proved by sickness, but if you are mixed with dross, then you will be purified.” “Many are vicious in health,” says St. Augustine, “who would be virtuous in sickness;” and St. Bernard says: “It is better to arrive at salvation through sickness, than to have health and be damned.”
It is also a powerful means of consolation in sickness, to represent to ourselves the suffering Redeemer, who had no soundness from the top of His head to the sole of His foot, and contemplating whom St. Bonaventure used to cry out: “O Lord, I do not wish to live without sickness, since I see Thee wounded so much.”
When sick, we should carefully examine, whether we possess any ill-gotten goods, or have any other secret sin on our conscience; and if we are conscious of any, we should quickly free ourselves from it by a contrite, sincere confession, and by restoring the things belonging to others. Sins are very often the cause of disease, and God does not bless the medicine unless the sickness effects its object, that is, the sinners amendment. Still less can we expect help, but rather temporal and eternal misfortune, if we have recourse to superstition, and spells, as the King Ochozias experienced, who was punished with death, because in sickness he had recourse to the idol Beelzebub. (IV Kings I.)
PRAYER O Jesus, Thou true physician of souls, who dost wound and heal us, yea, dost even permit sorrows and adversities to visit us that our souls may have health, grant us the grace to use every bodily pain according to Thy merciful designs for the promotion of our salvation.
Come down before my son die. (John IV. 49.)
All who have the charge of sick persons, should be like this father, that is, they should first of all endeavor to call upon Jesus to come in the most holy Sacrament, before the sick person is unable to receive Him. The devil seeks to hinder nothing more than this. He excites the imagination of the sick person, making him believe that he can live longer, that he will certainly get well again, in order to ruin him easier afterwards, because he defers his conversion. Those contribute to this end who through fear of frightening the sick person or of annoying him, fail to call the priest at the right time. This is cruel love, which deprives the sick person of the salvation of his soul and eternal happiness, and brings with it a terrible responsibility. Where there is question of eternity, no carefulness can be too great. We should, therefore, choose the safest side, because the suffering may easily increase and finally make the sick person unable to attend to the affairs of his soul. We should, therefore, not conceal from him the danger in which he is, and if he has still the use of his reason, should call in the priest that he may receive the Last Sacraments. He will not die sooner on that account, but rather derive the greatest benefit therefrom, since his conscience will be cleansed from sin, which may be the cause of his sickness, and perhaps, he may regain his health, or at least be strengthened by the newly received grace of God, to bear his pains with greater patience and to die far easier, securer, and more consoled. We should also endeavor to encourage the sick person to resignation, and a childlike confidence in God, should pray with him to strengthen him against desponding thoughts, and the temptations of the devil; we should present him a crucifix to kiss; repeat the holy names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and other consolatory ejaculations, such as are found in prayer-books; should sign him with the sign of the cross; sprinkle him with holy water, and above all pray for a happy death. We should not weep and lament, by which death is only made harder for him, nor should we hold useless, idle and worldly conversations with him which will prevent him from thinking of God and the salvation of his soul, and from preparing himself for the last dangerous struggle. Finally, we should by no means suffer in his presence persons who have given him occasions of committing sin, because they would be obstacles to his sincere conversion.
There is truly no greater work of charity than to assist our neighbor to a happy death.