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Michael McKibben? —- American Intelligence? —- Hellloooo!

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been reading and listening to Michael McKibben’s reports from American Intelligence Media—and wondering: when are you guys going to connect the rest of the dots?  


The Federal United States Government that we are owed was moth-balled and has been “held in abeyance” since the 1860’s.  We were never taught this or told this, and so never provided the opportunity to correct it. 

Instead, the British-controlled Territorial United States substituted itself and its own “State of State” franchises for our States of America.  This is well-documented —through deliberately not well-known.  The Usurpers and Interlopers acting in Gross Breach of Trust did not intend that the American People should know. 

As a result, we’ve had a British cuckoo in our American eagle’s nest, exercising the Delegated Powers—- including running our United States Patent and Trademark Office and our United States Copyright Office, too. 

They have then promoted: (1) theft of intellectual property; (2) insider trading based on the theft and commandeering of intellectual property; (3) patenting of criminal processes; (4) allocation of roles and duties in criminal processes so as to compromise all players and assure a form of “mutually assured destruction” if any institution wishes to withdraw from these insidious systems; (5) control grids and parameters designed to control patents and trademarks and copyrights for the benefit of the vicious criminals who have master-minded these schemes. 

We have plenty of evidence of exactly how this has been done, who did it, when, why, and in their own words— how.  We have placed liens on thousands of these illegal, immoral, and unlawful patents and trademarks as a first step toward prosecution of the individuals and corporations responsible. 

So there you have the “connection” between Sir Geoffrey Pattie and SERCO and the role of the Privvy Council in this entire mess and the history behind it, too, all neatly rolled up, tied with a bow, and delivered to you.  Please do not wonder aloud anymore about “how” Britain is involved in our Patent Office, nor by what (purloined) authority it has insinuated itself, nor for how long.  

They’ve been sitting at the front desk of our Patent Office like Gringold’s Goblins for 150 years, cheating and secretively stealing and promoting institutionalized crime and using the American Patent Office to stage all this dirty work so that we would be blamed for their misdeeds.   

This is not the first time we have broken this story and explained the historical chicanery and Gross Breach of Trust giving rise to the phenomenon that you are also now covering.  Check out our UCC-1 Financing Statement and Lien, 2017-019295-1,  Recording District 500, October 24, 2017, in which we established international agricultural liens on 226 pages worth of these bogus criminal patents, trademarks, and copyrights that should have never been allowed. 

Those 226 pages establish claims against thousands of the worst patents, but it is still just a drop in the bucket compared to the clean up and clear out necessary.  The liens make it harder to transfer or profit from these ill-gotten and ill-conceived IP property assets, but what is necessary is a staged shut down of the US Patent and Trademark Office, with a new, clean American-controlled organization handling new patents and trademarks, while a forensic audit is conducted to clean up and weed out the vast bulk of existing patents and shut down the institutionalized crime syndicates that have been insured and promoted via the misuse and abuse of our USPTO and US Copyright Office.  

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Our Address For The Queen

From Anna Von Reitz

While it is wonderfully apparent that our lawful government has suffered Gross Breach of Trust at the hands of several generations of British Monarchs, ruthless mis-representation and mis-characterization, and deliberate theft and violation of international treaties and commercial contracts owed to us, the Queen of Great Britain must be notified and given all assistance and means to make correction— therefore our unstintingly polite correspondence:
Her Majesty The Queen June the Sixth of 2018 A.D.
Buckingham Palace
London SWIA 1AA
Your Majesty:
It has come to our attention that you have apparently lost our address and are therefore unable to correspond with our Sovereign and Unincorporated Government, The United States of America. We find it necessary in view of current affairs to remind you that our address has not changed in over 200 years and that our mail may still be received by sending to:
The United States of America
General Delivery
316 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[19106] The United States of America
Or more securely and directly to:
The United States of America
c/o Clinton Belcher
2848 South Sheridan Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[19148] The United States of America
No doubt this lapse in communication has resulted in the current circumstance in which we have not been informed of the “abeyance” of the Federal United States organization and the substitution of the Territorial United States as a Trustee and Secondary Beneficiary. No doubt, too, this has occasioned the failure to Notify us of the numerous bankruptcies of Territorial and Municipal United States corporations charged with providing our States and People with “essential government services”.
Any presumption on the part of Your Majesty or of Your Government or of the Government of Westminster that we “no longer exist” or that we have been “de-populated” or that we are inhabited by “disregarded entities” or that we no longer maintain our Post Office and our addresses in Philadelphia would indeed be a false presumption owing immediate correction. As we have informed the United Nations Secretary-General and the Vatican Chancery Court, we are alive and well and our Hereditary Head of State is similarly well-disposed, in full life, and enabled to competently administer our affairs—as we have been from September 9, 1776 to date.
Indeed, our earlier correspondences with Your Majesty would indicate that we have shared our closer regional office address with Your Majesty and invited Your Majesty to honor our reversionary trust interest in all soil and land assets naturally belonging to our States and People, despite the incapacity of our original federal subcontractors doing business as the States of America.
Here again for your reference and convenience:
James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska [99652]
Non-domestic – The United States of America
As our Estates have been subjected to probate in error and in apparent Breach of Trust, we request corrective action by Your Majesty, and note that by Operation of Law, all Delegated Powers have now returned to The United States of America owing to the incapacity of the Federal United States being held in abeyance, and the bankruptcies of both the Territorial and Municipal United States.
This circumstance, as unfortunate as it is, does occasion a form of emergency but conveys no granted emergency powers; pending return of our assets, including the misappropriated “Life Force Value Annuities” owed to six generations of Americans, we shall be continuing to work with Mr. Trump’s Administration to restore and rebuild our First Estate, to convene a Continental Congress to resolve unfinished business, and to resume exercise of our formerly delegated powers.
Yours truly,
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

Rat Legacy

By Anna Von Reitz

The rats set up a system for themselves that they patented via misuse of the US Patent and Trademark Office. 

Administration and oversight of the US Patent and Trademark Office is one of the duties that we delegated to the Federal United States.  

When the Federal United States was moth-balled after the Civil War, the Territorial United States began operating the US Patent and Trademark Office, with the result that foreign interests began manipulating our patent processes. 

They also took over the US Copyright Office and abused those delegated powers, too. 

Gradually, over time, the vermin incorporated virtually every government on Earth and established two levels of incorporated government — territorial and municipal. 

Thus we have the territorial government of Japan, Inc., and the municipal government of JAPAN, INC., and both have been chartered as franchises of the USA, Inc., and the UNITED STATES, INC., respectively.  

All around the world, wherever you go, you find China and CHINA,  Egypt and EGYPT,  Germany and GERMANY….. 

Not only have all these usurping governmental services corporations been chartered and franchised and controlled through the US Patent and Trademark Office and the US Copyright Office, but all these territorial and municipal franchise “governments” have gone on and chartered hundreds of thousands of other franchised corporations—- S Corps, C Corps, LLC’s, Cooperatives, Public Transmitting Utilities, Trusts, Foundations—- and on and on. 

Imagine a vast, interconnected spider’s web, with all these properties and assets being gathered together with the power over them being gradually consolidated into fewer and fewer hands. 

The rats planned it this way.  It was all going to be in the control of a few oligarchs, who were going to use the United Nations as their storefront.  

The plan required bankrupting the two main Holding Corporations — the USA, Inc., and the UNITED STATES, INC. both, so that all the thousands of franchises and all their assets would be “subsumed” into the bankruptcy of the parent corporations, and thereby become available as chattel that the banks behind all this could seize upon and claim as abandoned, uncollected property.  

When the dust settled, only a handful of people would own and control everything. The rest of us would be paupers and slaves, disposable as cattle. 

If there is any question about this, I have the patents these vermin wrote which explain their criminal intentions and the entire structure they set up to harvest the value of our labor and create such evils as “Life Force Value Annuities” and to take false title to our land and our homes and everything else.

We have it in their own words, black and white, with the names of the attorneys responsible and the business agents who signed off on all this rot.  We know how they split up the roles and the profits, how Deutsch Bank got saddled with the so-called “Derivatives” and how Bank of America got the land assets and how Merrill-Lynch did the title swaps to unlawfully convert ownership of our assets, how the Bank of New York Mellon was used as a clearinghouse for trading in slaves, how the Bank of Canada was used to pay kick-backs to the Territorial State of State Governors. 

It was all documented in their own words, patented as a “System” —- a totally criminal and immoral system— on public display at the US Patent and Trademark Office. 

So, that’s what the rats did to feather their own ratty nests at everyone else’s expense, and they were brazen about it and about their abuse of our Patent Office.  All this criminality was done “in our names” without our knowledge or permission, for the gross benefit of Third Parties — international banks and foreign governments, while we ourselves were primary targets and victims of the scheme. 

But something happened in the midst of all this backdoor trading and scheming.  

Against all odds, the Americans who had been slumbering for 150 years, woke up! 

Like Rip Van Winkle we came staggering out from under our rocks and demanded to know what was going on? 

The rest, as they say, is history.  The vermin went forward with their bogus bankruptcy plan.  We placed our claims against them. They vacated their own constitutional contracts.  The delegated powers reverted back to us.  We declined their assumption of contract.  

And now, instead of them being the owners of everything they schemed to steal— we are the Priority Creditors and Lawful Entitlement Holders and only sovereign government still standing and having rightful claim to all these corporations.  Every single one.  

The advantage for everyone is that we aren’t crooks and we don’t aim at world dominance or profit from war.  We are just the old Mom and Pop American Government cleaning house and taking out the trash.  So, it’s best for all concerned to get behind the effort and push.  

If you are American, come home to the land and soil of your birth, get your political status records straight, and boot up your county jural assembly.  

It doesn’t matter if you are in Okinawa or Fredericksburg.  If you want peace, if you want your stuff back, if you want to breathe free —- well, here’s your chance. Support the peaceful, lawful process we have initiated and help in any way you can. 

We are in need of donations to keep The Living Law Firm in the field.  We’ve had several medical issues and one death to deal with on top of unusual travel expenses and all the rest of day to day costs. This is a totally volunteer effort.  Nobody gets a salary, but we try to help the team with emergencies (the water heater explodes, the kid breaks their ankle) and with actual expenses that otherwise have to come out of their pockets— paper and ink, filing fees, travel expenses, and so on.  

If you have the good fortune to have some extra to spare, I am still Paymaster for the whole operation.  Send to my Paypal at: or via Snail Mail —- Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

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Gross Ignorance

By Anna Von Reitz

Pause and observe the ongoing debate of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Bill and wonder—-just how ignorant the Territorial United States Congress really is?

They have finally awakened enough to realize that they haven’t got any war-making powers, but they don’t know why.  

They know that they have no statutory authority to declare war on Iran.  That’s a blessing. 

They still think that it is POSSIBLE to have “statutory” war-making powers — and they are serious about all their discussions concerning this concept, too. That’s a real problem.

In truth and in fact, the only war-making powers they have ever had for the past 150 years is in the euphemistic sense of corporations going to “war” against other corporations.  

The Civil War….The Spanish-American War….World War I…..World War II….Korea…..Vietnam…..Iraq I…..Iraq II…..Libya…..Afghanistan….and all the many, many, many lesser conflicts, incursions, and “police actions” —- have all been illegal commercial mercenary “conflicts”. 

Why?  Because the Territorial United States Congress has no lawful ability to declare actual war, and statutory authority to declare war doesn’t exist by definition. 

This is why the Nixon Administration kept on calling it “the Vietnam Conflict” instead of “the Vietnam War”.   Tricky Dick was a lawyer and a sharp one.  He knew what he was mired in over in Southeast Asia.  He knew that calling it a “war” would obligate him to follow rules he didn’t want to follow.   

Same thing with changing McNamara’s title from “Secretary of War” to “Secretary of Defense”.   More weasel games.  More twisting.  More lawyer BS. 

All the protocols and conventions, all the diplomatic efforts, all the pomp and circumstance —- the Lieber Code, the Geneva Conventions, the Hague Conventions — all for naught, because none of these “conflicts” have actually been wars.  

Anyone who knew the truth about this was free to thumb their nose and skate, because there are no rules of war, no treaties, no civil conventions that apply to “private commercial security actions”—-and that is all we have been engaged in for longer than any of us can remember. 

Our honorable men, our soldiers-in-fact, have been used as gun fodder and as very ill-paid mercenaries in wars for profit for fifteen decades.  

Iraq doesn’t want to sell us their oil anymore?  We bomb them to smithereens and pollute their entire landscape with nuclear waste that we used to keep in salt mines in Nevada.  

Libya wants to lift the yoke off the necks of the people in Africa by using a gold-backed currency?  We invade this much smaller, virtually helpless country, and pound our chests and kill their leaders and pretend that it was something glorious.  

Well, no, it wasn’t.  It was thuggery of the very worst sort, being directed from Mayfair and Black Port, routed through Washington, DC.  

How dare those upstart Africans aspire to have their own money and live their own lives?  At some point, they might even aspire to use and have the benefit of their own natural resources, and that really would be inconvenient for certain European interests.  

The “American” Civil War was over bad British investments in Egyptian Cotton. The First World War was a squabble between Cousins over who could build the bigger navy.  The Second World War was another squabble between half-brothers, deliberately set up to fleece and then destroy the Jewish population in Continental Europe.  Things just got a little out of hand.  Korea?  Opium.  Vietnam?  Rubber plantations.   Iraq?  Oil.   Libya?  Gold currency.  Afghanistan?  More drugs. 

It’s not pretty.  It’s not patriotic.  It’s true.  

It’s also true that nobody in their right mind would volunteer to go risk their lives to promote robbery and self-interest and political thuggery in other countries, so there always has to be a cover-story, some reason however vaporous, that justifies all this senseless aggression and puts a nice, moral face on Commercial Feudalism. 

Just listen to the Musical Chairs propaganda as the vermin test the water, trying to find some excuse to go to war with somebody, because face it, we’ve been used as the source of mercenaries for the past 150 years. That’s how Washington, DC, makes its money — by selling our children into slavery at home and into mercenary service abroad. 

We replaced Landgrave Wilhelm von Hesse-Kassel as the supplier of mercenaries worldwide and as a result, we’ve been kept at constant war for 150 years, selling our young men just  like the Hessians all bought and paid for by George III to come over here and fight with the Colonists for eight Pounds Sterling. 

It’s like Spinning the Wheel of Fortune.  Where is the arrow going to land next?  Iraq?  Iran?  Afghanistan?  Turkey?  Spain?   How about Mali?   Lord knows that they tried to get some kind of civil war ginned up right here in the United States, working every angle of racial and economic divisiveness to do it.  

And meanwhile, painfully, blinking like moles come out into the sun, the members of the Territorial United States Congress begin to wake up and smell the java: we don’t have statutory authority to declare war…..uh….well, wait….is there such a thing as statutory authority to declare war?   Ever?  At all? 

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Mark Robinson Takes On Gun Rights

By Anna Von Reitz

Here is an absolutely wonderful rant on a subject that deserves a rant: gun rights owed to the law-abiding people everywhere.  Watch and learn if you have any questions about reality and the Second Amendment: 

And let me add my solution to the mix —- everyone who wants to disarm themselves after listening to this is certainly welcome to step right up and do so.  Neither Mark Robinson nor I will prevent anyone from voluntarily turning in their guns to the nearest police station.  

That said, the proven increase in crime that follows disarmament of a population has to be dealt with by — as Mark Robinson points out — police forces, and this increased reliance on police enforcement means more taxes.  So there is a direct correlation between increased taxes and the refusal to do one’s duty to keep and bear arms and uphold enforcement of the Public Law. 

As that is unarguably so, it is also only reasonable that those who abdicate the responsibility to defend themselves and others from criminals need to bear the burden of their choices by paying an Individual Disarmament Tax (IDT) to be assessed each year as a tax on a privilege — to not keep and bear arms. 

What do you say to an extra $3,000 per year—each? 

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British— Not Russian— Meddling

By Anna Von Reitz

As most of your know, in my opinion and experience, every dog pile on Earth rests solidly on a British-built Foundation:

South Africa?   British.
Middle East?  British.
Drug Trade?  British.
Wars, Wars, Wars?  All British.
Commodity Hoards?  British.
Dishonest Banks?  British.
Moth-balled Federal United States?  British.
IRS?  British.
Bar Associations?  British. 
Racial Caste Systems?  British. 
Human and Child Trafficking?  British.
Sexual Perversions?  British. 
“American” Civil War?  British made to look American.
Derivatives “Bubble”?  British made to look German.
Territorial United States?  British made to look American.
ISIS?  British made to look Muslim. 

You simply cannot underestimate the sheer criminality and destructive power of the British Raj.  You can’t comprehend the audacity, mendacity, diabolical guile, and ferocious appetite of the British Crown Complex.  And when it comes to meddling, nobody does it better.  

That is not to say that they haven’t needed and had a great many collaborators all around the world, helping them out to help themselves to everyone else’s everything.  They have been loyally assisted by friend and foe alike. 

The lure of unlimited gain and perversion without fear of punishment is a powerful inducement for deluded, soulless people everywhere, so you find them in Bangkok and you find them in Baton Rouge, and you find them in Cairo, all ticking along like a well-oiled clock, smirking and nodding in a self-satisfied and superior way, flicking their little hand signals and grappling around looking for a secret handshake. 

I take no pleasure in pointing the accusatory Flying Finger of Fate at the Brits. I understand how severe their own suffering has been at the hands of their government.  

Fleet Street and Westminster and Parliament are Equal Opportunity Abusers. They will cheat and enslave their own people as fast or faster than anyone else, and you have to admit that where it comes to stealing land and private property, the value of labor, and the freedom to enjoy life, they have ruthlessly drained their Home Islands with the same vacuous lust that is their hallmark elsewhere. 

So in this entire Circus surrounding the ridiculous, groundless, politically motivated “investigation” into President Trump and a purported Russian connection and Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election—-which has cost the American people enough to run the whole government — I didn’t have to think about it more than a nanosecond to know that, yes, the Brits were not only at the bottom of the investigation, but also most likely the ones meddling in our elections.  

The Pot always calls The Kettle black in their world.  Always.  Predictably.  

And here, drumroll…..a few miles outside of the Mainstream Media, but stalwartly reported just the same—– proof that it was the Brits, not the Russians, meddling in our elections:

How about it, Mr. Trump?  Shall we have an investigation into British Meddling — for the past 150 years?  

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Insurance Against Stupid People?

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, yes, I am being attacked.  I am being called everything but what I am.  I am being identified as one of the “Evil Catholics” and “Evil Papists” and even as —God forbid — one of the child molesting fiends from Hell that I simply lump together as “vermin”.  

Unfortunately, there is not now and never has been a cure for irresponsible, ignorant and just plain stupid people, and so far as I know, there is no insurance to be bought against their mistakes and gossip and misconceptions.  

In every single case, these people haven’t bothered to read a single word I have written.  They are parroting whatever they’ve heard through the grapevine, regardless of where the grapevine leads or where it came from.  Here’s a case in point: 

If these folks know as much about this “intel” as they “know” about me, I wouldn’t waste the time to listen.

There are two major groups that hate my guts — the British Tories who have gotten fat as slugs by secretively bleeding America dry and the misnamed Illuminati whose Empire is falling apart—-they blame me.  I guess I am complimented.  There is also a Dirty Faction in the US Military that doesn’t like me much.  The feeling is mutual. 

So far, nine would-be assassins have been turned to pillars of salt.  The long-term criminal activities and Breach of Trust inflicted on the Americans by the British and French Governments and the filth at the Vatican continues to be exposed. The actual Evil Empire continues to fall apart.  The Dirty Faction in the US Military has a lot more to worry about right now than an old lady in Alaska.  

I am content.  I’ll own my enemies as well as my friends.

My friends can assist by countering their BS and complaining to YouTube and Facebook and wherever else you see this crappola, but there really isn’t anything I can do about it except “consider the source”—-or lack thereof.  

Anyone who believes “Agents Around the World” probably needs Remedial Brain Fart Lessons and a brand new Shinola Sensor anyway. 

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