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Dear Supreme World Settlement Commander

By Anna Von Reitz

By addressing these issues to your attention we do not subject ourselves nor our country.  Please bear in mind that we can prove every fact and hear counsel regarding every concern:

1.  The so-called American Civil War was never declared and never ended by a formal Peace Treaty of any kind.  As a result, it must be considered an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores. 

2.  The so-called American Civil War commenced in April 1861 as the result of actions by Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, who was precluded from holding any public office in our government as of 1819.  

3. It follows that Lincoln’s actions had nothing to do with us. 

4.  Lincoln either: (a) unlawfully occupied the Office of the President of the United States of America under conditions of deceit, or (b) Lincoln occupied the similarly named Office of President of the United States and in either case, Lincoln violated our trust and committed constructive fraud and made war on our shores in violation of our actual Constitution which provides only for mutual defense of our geographically defined states.  

5. This Breach of Trust and fraud by an officer of HRM Victoria counts as one of the greatest crimes in history and it has continued to plague and confuse this nation and the world ever since. 

6. At the end of the war the perpetrators of these crimes pretended to abolish slavery, while in fact enshrining slavery as a permanent part their government. Please observe Amendments 13 and 14 made to their deceptively named corporate constitution published in 1868 as the Constitution of the United States of America.   By allowing enslavement of whomever they defined as criminals they allowed slavery to continue in fact and have allowed it to expand exponentially worldwide.  

7.  In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office and worked another calumny upon the American states and people, making false and undisclosed claims against them and their assets and miss-characterizing them as aliens in their own country and as “US citizens”.  These attempts to solidifying British usurpation simply led to more fraud and more crime against the American states and people. 

8.  And now we come to 2017, and the same crowd of blackguards hope to confuse the American states and people with the “United States” and their criminal corporations which have run rampant over us and over many other nations, murdering and pillaging as they went.  

9. The perpetrators of these crimes salted away their ill-gotten gains in accounts named after us.  They did this for two reasons.  If they got caught, they could claim that they were faithful servants and they did it all for us.  Secondly, they did this to implicate us in their crimes; in fact, we were kept ignorant and never told about all the slush funds, trust funds, life insurance policies, and other remunerations purportedly being set aside for us.  

10.  It was always their intention–clearly evident now— to seek bankruptcy protection for their lawless corporations and to blame us for their spending and criminality, and then, to come back in and claim our land and our assets as “abandoned property”— as they did with the gold that Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated from the American states and people.

11.  We have hard evidence in the public record of a vast, worldwide fraud scheme. 

12.  The self-evident purpose of this fraud scheme is to defraud and miss-characterize living people so as to strip them of their assets and material rights and deliver the benefits of this process to corporations —- mainly to banks, but also to governmental services such as the US NAVY and agencies such as BATFE and IRS.  

Now, for our questions. 

A.  Can a circumstance that begins with Breach of Trust and fraud and undeclared war and which proceeds with deceit and false claims ever since, be upheld as anything but more fraud, null and void from its beginning?  

B.  Can employees who have received their paychecks from our pockets for 150 years continue to mount an illegal insurrection against us and claim that we are their sureties against debt—and all without our knowing consent?    

C.  Can dead legal fictions be permitted to defraud, mis-characterize, rob, and murder living men?  

D.  We have suffered the longest and worst of this situation and our country and our countrymen have suffered endless predatory actions, deceits, racketeering, coercion, kidnapping, military tribunals acting under color of law as civilian courts, impersonation, press-ganging, unlawful conversion of our assets, inland piracy, and every kind of fraud—all washed down to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.  We claim to be the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of these verminous commercial corporations and we bring proof and cause against them. 

E.  As the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors we have mandated an end to the entire system of debt slavery worldwide and required the creation of a system based on credit instead.  We have also required the conversion of the central banks to a Universal B Corporation charter, so that they are compelled to benefit rather than destroy humanity.  And last, but not least, we have required the chastisement and re-education of the Bar Associations and their members to make these lawless purveyors of law compliant with the actual Public Law. 

F.  We have imposed an International Commercial Obligation Lien on the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association, their insurers, secondary liability holders, and expediters in the amount of $279 trillion actual dollars.  This is a realistic but only partial assessment of the damage these organizations have done to the American states and people and to other innocent Third Parties doing business in this country.  We have exercised the lien against the offending trademarks and patents which the guilty parties have used to orchestrate and automate their crimes, thus seeking to address the crime in practical terms while recouping the losses that the victims are owed.  

We would ask for your support and understanding and prompt action to indeed bring settlement of the criminality and injustices of the past. 

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Don’t Worry Unduly

By Anna Von Reitz

Just because I am being responsible and doing my estate planning doesn’t mean I am scared or going paranoid. It’s just a fact of life that a Great-Grandma doesn’t have unlimited time in the first place, and I am swimming with Big Sharks in the second.

Our entry into the international debate which has focused for over two years on how the rest of the world was going to divide up our assets and feast upon “America” —which has been widely and wrongly blamed for the criminality of the United States and its corporate government— is bound to excite a lot of consternation.

The seizure of the key patents and trademarks used to create and automate their Fraud Machine is bound to create a lot more.

Both the perpetrators of the Great Fraud and their employees have been sure that our states were long gone and our government ripe for overthrow for a very long time. That’s why they socked away all their ill-gotten gains in coffers belonging to us — (1) they needed an excuse for all their looting, so they put it all away in accounts in our NAMES so that they could pretend, if caught, that they were doing the right thing by us; (2) they counted on being able to make a “claim of abandonment” and come in and steal our assets because they had gotten away with doing that repeatedly before.

To quote PFC Gomer Pyle: “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

So the big hunk of Horse Hooey they counted on being able to drop into our soup has been dropped into theirs instead. We have to expect disgruntled dinner guests.

226 Pages

By Anna Von Reitz

We have completed work on the ABA Lien — the first bite at the whole criminal infrastructure upholding, orchestrating, and automating the Great Fraud.  It is a mammoth work. 

The work began more than three years ago when Coloradan Steve Curry began due process of an International Obligation Lien against the American Bar Association and International Bar Associations.  

This now-perfected lien worth $279 trillion dollars has been cured, a sovereign-level Bill of Lading has been brought in favor of The United States of America (Unincorporated) and a Writ of Execution has been issued. 

It is important to realize that a great deal of Due Process has gone into this and every effort was made to provide recourse and rebuttal opportunities and chances to cure in hundreds if not thousands of court cases all over America.  

The continued lawless operation of the private territorial and municipal courts acting in Bad Faith and Color of Law on our soil has resulted in vast damage to our states and our people— and a generation of smug lawyers who think that they can get away with murder on paper and no end of other paper terrorist activities without it ever coming home.  

Welcome to today, which is the beginning of tomorrow.  

Civilian Property Emblem – In the Case of Martial Law Intensifying

From Anna Von Reitz

Instruction to Safely Identify Your Home and Property in the Case of Martial Law Intensifying.
Take a rigid piece of material– wood, metal, foam core, etc. and make a sign — a rectangle 5 inches tall by ten inches wide.
Draw a diagonal line from the top right to the left bottom corner so that there now appear to be two triangles inscribed, one above the other.
Color the top triangle black and the bottom triangle white.
Firmly attach this emblem to your house, your gates, and display in the front and rear windows of your car, boat, etc., to warn the military that you are a civilian “vessel” and that they will be trespassing on civilian property if they enter in upon your land, auto, home, etc. and will be acting against international law.
Field Manual 27-10/1956
Section 4, 45 and 46

Here is the Emblem that prints out the right size:

Scanned Testament

Dear Paul, 

Please post this so that all my Readers have it and will have proof of what my Testament says.

A Testament can only be done by a living man or woman, not by any officer or Attorney.  It immediately outweighs and over-stands any settlements or probates or other claims that these False Actors might want to impose over the distribution of your estate and belongings.

So never allow a lawyer the option of preparing a “Will” for you— always insist on making your own Testament instead and leaving it with your most trusted friends.  The tradition is to leave at least one copy hand-printed in the flyleaf of your own Bible.  If all you want to do is deal with who-gets-what-after-I-am-gone, then it requires nothing more than something similar to what I have done as item “Twelve” of my Testament.  Name those you wish to benefit and establish who your Executor or Executive Officer will be.

That’s it.

Thank you, Paul, and don’t unduly worry.  It’s just a reality of the situation that many powers will be overturned and upset and many evil beings will be disappointed in their slavering and enslaving activities.  I trust to Our Father in all things and know that I will live until He says otherwise, so, be content whatever comes.


Scanned Testament Page One:

Scanned Testament Page Two:

My Testament For My Sons and Daughters

By Anna Von Reitz

I am still alive, by the Grace and Glory of God, this day in October in the year called 2017, and yet, realistically, I must take steps to prepare for death and the likelihood that I and my husband and perhaps many other innocent members of the Belle Chers will fall in the line of duty.  As I said in the beginning, we are Shepherds sent to guard the flock; we fight with wolves and lions.  

One of the most frustrating things about the condition of death is that you can no longer be heard by the living.  You can stand right next to them and shout as loud as you like, and they will just go on eating or typing or whatever else they are doing, totally oblivious.  

So to save myself that frustration later I am giving my messages now.  

First, and foremost, I love you all.  All.  Even the Bad Actors. Our Father has purposed that all will be saved and not one left behind.  Remember that.  Not one. 
Remember this, too— that love is the most important thing you can give, and I give it freely to each and every one of you reading this today.  

Second, Jim and I have done our duty by you.  Nobody can say that we failed to report or didn’t sound the alarm or didn’t make speed or didn’t do everything that we possibly could do to restore order and justice once we knew for sure what was going on.  At every step, like good soldiers, we have reported back to you all and acted to protect and preserve your lives and property. We shall continue to do so until our last drop is shed. 

Third, this Earth and its people are worth living for and worth dying for. If we are murdered for loving this country and its people, we have no regrets.  Let our blood cry out to Our Father and may He bring them to ruin who have sought to enslave those He created as Free Men. 

Fourth, don’t get hung up on the past and don’t wait for or expect kings to lead you.  Such kings exist and they will come forward, even as Jim has, but they are simply acting “for” you and the real point is that you become the kings and queens of your own lives.  So long as you love justice and mercy and truth, you are kings and queens, and as you live in this moment called “Now” in which both alpha and omega meet, choose this as your time to be and act, to undo the miseries of the past and let them go, to enjoy the day given you as a gift, and to choose a future of peace and joy for all Creation. 

There are Eight Trusts bequeathed to you in this country.  They are: 

Genesis 1:26-28
The Twenty-Third Psalm — pay attention to that line, “I shall not want.” 
The Lord’s Prayer
1620 Mayflower Compact
The Unanimous Declaration of Independence 
The Gettysburg Address
The New Deal
The Declaration of Flag 

The New Deal was a False Trust, a trust engineered to steal everything from you, and The Declaration of Flag has now returned everything to you.  Hold fast to it, and try to uphold the peace that it also declares.  

Fifth, the Belle Chers have stood for many centuries as the authors of justice at arms and mercy in peace.  It was from their lips that you heard for the first time that “might must be employed for right” — and it was from their hands that the Magna Carta sprang.  Now, then, let every good and honorable man come forward and embrace these principles and be accounted my son, and let every woman of courage and sound mind be my daughter.  Say with me that each one of us is sacred and each one of us is free. 

Sixth, the Ancient Romans said that courage is the first virtue, and they spoke rightly, for without courage no other virtue can be guaranteed; that said, mercy is greater than the courage that earns its exercise.  This world is by its nature deceptive.  Things are not what they seem.  The one who seems subordinate is often the greater, and the student is often the teacher, and the poor are among us so that we may have the opportunity to give and the guilty are here so that we may learn the benefits of mercy.   Look deeply and hone your mind to penetrate these secrets, so that you might know the truth and pass it on, even as I have. 

Seventh, perhaps, when we— my husband and I— are gone, and the members of our table are again scattered, you will feel the loss and remember when we were among you and you will think: what am I to do?  Where am I to go?  Who am I to trust?  It is at that moment that you must look deep within your heart and go outside and reconnect to the One Life that is our life and yours. Do not be deceived and think that we are ever far from you; indeed, we shall come to you with the swiftness of thought, even as Yeshuah is with you, so His Servants are, in spirit and in flesh. As He is with you always, so are we.  So whenever you feel you need it, just pause and think of us.  Feel the warm though unseen hug.  You are not alone and never will be. 

Eighth, know that I will miss being able to speak with you directly, but listen carefully to the quiet voice within, to the birches singing on the wind, to the odd coincidences and the things that bring you some thought or memory of us.  As Yeshuah asked you to remember Him whenever you break bread and drink wine (and not as some would say only in a church and only according to the rules they set up as a boundary) please think of us, His Servants, when you see a friendly dog, faithful and watchful to the end. 

Ninth, as I leave this world, I will be handing a torch on to you, a torch that was lit by Our Father long ago, a perpetual burning fire that burns in our hearts.  Let His Holy Spirit come to you and teach you.  Let His Grace and Mercy melt your hardness of heart.  Let all fear flee before you.  Let His Glory be incarnate in you. 

Tenth, I here record my Confession of many, many, many grievous sins and errors, many down-fallings, many failures.  I have no special, unusual, or particular excuses.  I have been as other women in all respects, and have committed by my count, one way or another, every sin.  Yet I rely firmly on the love and the grace and the kindness of Him that sent me, and know that He has already fore-given me.  To all those who try and all those who fail to live a righteous life, take heart. We are not here to triumph. We are here to be limited and to learn and to fail, to be humbled— and I certainly have been.  

Eleventh, as Solomon has written, to everything there is a season.  In this world we have our beginning, our middle, and our end, but just beyond the veil of this life, eternity stretches out in limitlessness, and Our Father remembers each one of us in the finest detail.  We can never be lost, never cease to exist, never be destroyed in any true sense.  Our bodies are like space suits that wear out, but our eternal being is safe from the ravages of age and disease and deception, thus remember the secret of Isaiah 57.  We return to rest, and that is no cause for sadness.  

Twelve— as for my worldly goods, let my name be found inscribed in the Book of Life known as The New Testament, which is the Ninth, and most personal trust I leave to you, whatever your religious beliefs may be.  Let my houses — and those other baubles that have belonged to me for a time, let them pass on to my son, Eric, and my husband, James Clinton, and my Executive Officer, Harold Heinze, according to our agreements, and to my beloved Sister, Em, and such other family and friends as I have left remembrance to. 

To all the people of the world I leave the Truth of their Divinity and their Mission to merit the gifts they have been given freely by Our Father, the One Life that exists in this One Time called Now, where all that ever was meets with all that ever will be. 

So it is said and done this ____ day of October 2017 while I am well in mind and body and competent to give this Testament.  

                                                                   Anna Maria Riezinger

*** An official signed copy will be posted for all to see. 

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By Anna Von Reitz

Somewhere between all the other work I have to do and sending boo-boo presents to my Great-Granddaughter who has sprained her ankle and is worried about not being able to go to the local Fall Festival in costume next week (I suggested that she go as a sick person, add some bandages, and use the crutches to good effect, right?) — I have to raise money for travel and filing fees this week. 

We are looking at what can only be described as the Mother of All Collateral  Claims and for some documents the filing fees are $50 a page, folks.  This isn’t cheap and Grandma’s Cupboard while not bare, is far from overflowing. 

And since you are all the “Poor Dogs” standing to gain not only bones but well-deserved beef roasts out of all this– please send what you can:

PayPal is and snail mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

There is important business to settle in the realm of banking, too. And, true to form, it is all coming to a head at the same time. 

Meantime I hear the bankers at the Bank of England have pushed all their desks into a circle and are hiding under them. The discovery of the 1802 Stamp Tax still being charged and used as the excuse to issue warrants against purported American “franchises” 215 years after that issue was supposedly settled for good is especially ripe. 

I have a very peculiar artifact in my possession.  It is a large Victorian sterling silver serving fork that has been altered so that fits like a wire headband with the handle appearing to enter on one side of the head and the fork end appearing to come out of the side. ( It once adorned a life-sized bust of Albert Einstein who was being lampooned for getting the Special Relativity Equations all wrong.) 

I think I should send it somewhere for a similar purpose right about now, but there are so many options to choose from, so many parties who have it all completely wrong, who have nonetheless been applauding each other and handing out Nobel Prizes to each other and drinking champagne and eating sweetmeats and being sanctimonious. 

Here are the headlines— Dear Pope Francis, Dear Queen Bess–Your Predecessors carried out an illegal commercial mercenary war on our shores in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract.  You have remained on our shores under conditions of deceit for 150 years and committed vicious war crimes against our states and people for no good reason other than to plunder and secretively profit yourselves under color of law– all the while pretending to be our very best friends and Allies and Treaty Partners. 

Care to explain this? Or would you like to wear the Einstein Fork for a week as penance? 

Donald Trump– please think before you rattle any sabers. We aren’t paying for any more wars for profit–not with blood and not with money. Read the contract. It says “mutual defense” not “mutual offense”. 

And as for all you beribboned prize bulls at the Pentagon, presently trying to trade and steal the assets of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust away from our Native Tribal Nations– shame on you. 

This behavior has got to stop. 

And it will stop, whether you want it to or not. 

You have been offered amnesty — provided you repent and clean up your acts, which includes stopping this kind of gross criminality and riding herd on the Bar Associations and these fake military tribunal courts you’ve been running and using to plunder the innocent American public. 

Take the offer. It’s the only one you will get. 

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